The Company We Lovingly Keep, The Family We Blessedly Make

Dean heard the clicking of Aurora's heels before he saw her, and if that hadn't given it away, the gasp from the nurse checking Sam's vitals would have given her away. Turning in the half-broken hospital chair, Dean laughed for the first time in a day and a half. "Really, Ror?"

"I left as soon as you called," Rubbing the goosebumps out of her arms, Aurora crossed the room, wrapping her arms around Dean for a tight squeeze before reaching down to stroke Sam's flushed cheek with a gentle hand. "Are the doctors still saying he's going to be fine?"

"Yep, he's just sleeping off the fever," Dean answered, and he sagged, Aurora twisting quickly to catch him under the arms.

"You haven't slept," she stated. "Or had anything to eat, or probably remembered to breathe for that matter."

"Says the girl in the leopard print corset and hot pants."

"Lady in hot pants, Dean, and don't you forget it," Aurora bantered back. "I swear, somehow the CIA manages to find every damn mafia-run Gentleman's Club in the freaking country." Dean laughed, shrugging off his jacket and wrapping it around her shoulders.

"Not that I mind the view, but you look freezing."

"Dude, stop looking at my girlfriend while she's wearing hot pants," Sam rasped out. Aurora would later tease Dean there had been genuine honest-to-God glee in his voice when he jumped up from the chair to exclaim, "Hiya Sammy," and Dean would shoot back that he would describe Aurora hugging Sam as both exuberant and a pounce.

"Sam, c'mon, you know hitting on Ror would be like hitting on you," Dean said with a smirk. "Only she's much much better looking, of course."

"Did I mention I never ever wanted a big brother?" Aurora laughed, whapping the back of Dean's head before kissing his cheek.

"I've created a monster," Sam groaned, his eyes twinkling.

"How are you feeling?" Aurora and Dean said at once, and Sam rolled his eyes.

"Thirsty, hungry, and a little sore," Sam admitted, and as Dean reached over to grab him a glass of water, Aurora leaned over and kissed Sam's lips.

"Mmm, much better," Sam grinned, gently tugging her hair to pull her back down again. He broke the kiss only to take a sip of water from the glass Dean was holding.

"Dean needs sleep," Aurora said matter-of-factly, and Dean glared at her.

"Aurora needs pants!"Dean said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Excuse me, visiting hours are ov-" A nurse said from the doorway. Aurora and Dean whipped around, their combined glares sending the woman scurrying from the room.

"Scooth over," Dean said, plopping onto the side of the hospital bed. "Days of Our Lives is on."

"You can't see it from the chair?" Sam teased, moving as far as the IV tube would allow him.

"You know the view's always better from the bed, hon," Aurora said, poking Dean in the side as she crawled over him, stretching out and curling her head into Sam's shoulder.

When the nurse crept in later, she found the TV running some late-night talk show, the flickering glow illuminating Dean asleep, one arm around Aurora's shoulders, one resting on Sam's hair, Aurora asleep vwith one leg strewn over Dean's and her head on Sam's chest, and Sam, wide awake, arms protectively encircling his brother and his love.

Great job Bec!! Im so excited seeing you getting into the OC Challenge. :)