Shifting Warriors: Book I: Chamber of Secrets

Chapter 13: Christmas Break Part 2

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The next morning Kai was up just as early as he usually was, he put on some warmer clothes and was heading out to do his morning exercises. He was greeted by Ginny; she was also dressed in warm workout clothes.

"Good morning m'lady," Kai smiled.

Ginny smiled, it was bright and once more full of life this time away from the school was doing her a lot of good. She blushed slightly and looked down.

"I was wondering if you would let me go with you?" Ginny was hoping he would say yes.

Kai smiled, "Of course you can."

Ginny smiled brightly and nodded her head, "Okay."

The two friends then went out into the cool morning air. Kai showed her the routine he usually did making sure he stayed next to her so she wasn't left by herself. The two of them chit chatted as they ran.

Ginny found herself telling Kai everything about her black outs and her holes in her memory. She couldn't stop herself and she felt a huge relief when she did.

Kai listened carefully to everything she had to say, the more she said the more he thought she was being possessed by something though he didn't know what or how.

"Well Ginny if you ever have one of those black outs come find me after you wake up okay?" Kai was very worried about his friend.

Ginny nodded her red hair bouncing.

The two finished their work out and got cleaned up.

Soon everyone was gathered in the living room of Kai's house and they all managed to get piled into a couple cars and they were off to the zoo.

The zoo they had decided to go to was the one where Cassie worked. The zoo was technically closed for the holiday but Cassie had made specials arrangements for the group of them to go and see the animals. It was also a time for Jake to take Kai and get him a few more fighting morphs.

Kai and his father were a little behinds the group who were all looking at the animals in awe, especially Ginny who had not seen many muggle animals.

"When you pick an attack morph you have to think carefully about it, you are going to connect with it in a way none of your other morphs could even come close," Jake smiled at his son.

He had taken Kai to the side one day and seen how his morphing had been coming. Jake had been impressed with Kai's knowledge of how his animals could be used and how they could function.

"Have you thought of an animal that you would like to be your attack morph?" Jake asked his son.

"Not really I think I want to try a large variety of them before I find one only," Kai replied he had done a lot of searching.

"That is pretty good we will get a few samples that you can mess around with," Jake stated.

Kai nodded, he and Jake then excused them to go to the bathroom. Kai made sure that he told his mom to tell Ginny everything she knew about the animals she saw. To make her feel included and because the more he thought about it the more he thought he would give Ginny the power to do what he can do.

"So where are we going first?" Jake smiled, "we will get you about three different animals to work with this next term."

Kai smiled, "First I was thinking something with strength, what about an Anaconda?"

Jake was surprised, "Have you been watching Most Extreme from Animal Planet?"

Kai smiled and nodded his head.

"Okay then to the reptile complex," Jake smirked; his son was such a studious one.

The two made it to the Reptile house. It was cool and dark in there it didn't take long for Kai and his father to find the Anaconda pen.

"Lucky these are not that aggressive in the zoo so you should be fine," Jake opened up the cage with the key he borrowed from his wife.

Kai walked in and saw the large snake laying there it raised its head and flicked its tongue not really caring. He was large for his species one of the biggest on the island.

"I just want to burrow your strength," Kai stated as he laid his hand on the tail of the large snake. He focused and the snake went into a kind of trance.

"Very good, what else were you looking for?" Jake smiled as his son left the Anaconda pen.

"Hyena," Kai smiled.

Jake nodded as they made their way around the zoo collecting some other morphs by the end of the day Kai had added the morphs of Anaconda, Hyena, Baboon and an Elephant Seal.

"Interesting choices," Jake went over Kai's choices one for strength, one for piracy, one for leadership, and one that was a killer.

Kai just smiled as he nodded his head to his father.

After the exciting day at the zoo the group decided it was time to head back.

The rest of Christmas was spent with presents and great company. Each friend was able to get the others something minor so there were plenty of presents going around for the ten year olds.

Finally it was time for all of them to return to school and Ginny seemed to be a brand new girl once more.

Kai knew that when she went back it would end up like before, he needed to figure out how to end the possession he felt that she was under.


Yay more exotic animals then what we have seen!

So Kai has figured out for the most part what the problem is he just doesn't know where it is originating from will he figure out what it is and save her?

Morph Update:

Kai: Mouse, Clydesdale, Bull, Bernease Mountain Dog, Red-Tailed Hawk, Rooster, Flesh-Eating Slug, Andalite, Anaconda, Hyena, Elephant Seal, Baboon

Fayth: Clydesdale, Cow, German Shepard, Guinea Pig, Red-Tailed Hawk, Grizzly Bear, African Elephant

Andy: Andalite, Human, Flesh-Eating Slug, Mouse, Red-Tailed Hawk