Heyy so basciallyy i recently got addicted to survivors, andd whenn i get addicted to shows i always read fanfic, and i decided to write a shuffle story for tom and i put my ipod on shuffle and use the song to write a short story ( mine are usually under 100 words ahahaha) because of how short mine are im putting up a few chapters please rate and review thanx :) xxx

Tom and Anya shuffle story

Resistance- Muse

As Anya fell asleep in toms arms, tom looked around him checking to see if their secret was safe tonight. The world as they knew it had tumbled down around them, but their love for each other had began to rebuild that world up a little. At least for them. The others didn't know about them yet but it was only a matter of time before they guessed. Abby had an instinct like that. But for now their love was private, and it would be their resistance against the virus, it might not always win, but it would always be there to help and support.