Okay, I 'm sad to announce that this will be the final chapter of the Wedding! I'm gonna miss writing this, but I have this awesome story idea I've had for some time now, And I don't want to forget it!

I hope you enjoy the last chapter of this story!


Cause together, we can

Overcome all the odds,

It's never as hard as it-


Mephiles slammed the alarm clock with his fist. "IBLIS!!!!!!! I HATE THAT FREAKIN SONG!!!!!!!!!"


"That's okay babycakes," Mephiles chirped. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Today's the Wedding! Yay!" The Dark proceeded to skip happily around the room, while the phone rang.



Mr. Dark, we have a change in the time of the wedding. It will be in 10 minutes. Thank you!


"Nooooooooo! Could this day get any worse! The wedding's in five minutes! Ahhhhhhhh! Now we have to call the others and and and and andna dnand and and –"


"Right, I'll just shut up now........" The Dark whimpered.

The monster rolled her eyes.


Five minutes later.....

When Iblis and Mephiles had finished calling everybody, they went to get dressed.


With Iblis......

Iblis was struggling to put the dress on. The monster was getting more and more irritated by the second. Those damn seams.

Finally, Iblis got so annoyed, she ripped all seams from the pretty white dress.

The fire monster put the gown on comfortably. This would be the perfect day!


With Mephiles........

The dark was hopelessly struggling to choose which tie to wear: The one that said All Hail Shad- wait! How the heck does Mephiles even have that tie anyway!? Well whatever. It's my story and I rule bit*hes!

Anyway, the other tie read: "I'm a Sexy Beast!" in bright yellow letters with a neon green back ground.

"Perfect!" Mephiles smirked.


With Rouge and Shadow.......

"I..... can't..... get.... this.... damn..... shoe...... on........" The Ultimate Lifeform grunted as he struggled to put his black dress shoes on. It was even a miracle that Rouge was even able to get his hoverskates off.

"I'll come relieve you," The bat groaned as she stuffed the shoe on the black hedgehog's foot. "Now that wasn't so hard, now was it?!"

"Well, look at you. You're wearing your G.U.N. uniform!"

"Because I'm the security guard, Shaddie." Rouge smiled at him as he tried to put on his other shoe.

"Screw this! I'm wearing my hoverskates!"


At the church......

Iblis and Mephiles stepped out of the limo in front of the church.

"Finally! The damn place is open!" Mephiles cheered as he raced into the church's open doors, the fire monster close behind him.

Many of the guests were already there, sitting bored in their seats.

Shadow was standing where he was assigned to, as was Rouge and the Rest of Sonic and Co.

"Alright, let's begin," Silver announced. He hissed to the pianist, "Cue the music!" he hissed.

Here comes the bride, big, fat, and wide!

Here comes the groom, as skinny as a broom!

Mephiles took his place as Cream hobbled down the aisle, stopped at the dark, and dumped the entire basket of flowers at his feet, including the basket.

"Please rise for the bride," Silver commanded. Everyone rose.

Iblis looked weird in her ripped up dress. But still, the veil was over her head as she trudged down the aisle way.

When the monster took her place in front of the preacher, Silver began to read:

"We are all gathered here today, to- blah blah blah, blah, blah, blah, and blah, blah blah! Can I have the rings, please?

"Ummmmmmmmmm......." Mephiles sweat-dropped.

"Hisssssssssssssssssssssss?!" Iblis grunted at him.

Amy sighed and snapped the golden power rings off of Shadow' wrists. Or at least, tried to. Shadow smacked her hand and shouted like a two year old, "MINE! NOBODY TOUCHES MY RINGIES! MADE FOR ME BY MY VERY PRECIOUS MARIA!" The Ultimate Lifeform tripped all the way down the aisle, and landed outside in some random dog's crap.

I am defiantly feeling evil today.

"Oh Whatever! Just kiss the damn bride!" Silver threw up his hands.

Mephiles swished the veil away and...............


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