Ashley Magnus: juggling through the ages.

Age three: Throwing balls at Henry.

"Look, Henry! I'm juggling!" She squealed, hitting him in the face.

Age five: Throwing balls up in the air, but they fail to come down.

"Mom, I got another ball stuck on my ceiling fan!"

Age seven: Throwing balls up, which promptly land on her head.

"Ouch! Aw man, I think I got a concussion!"

"They're made of foam, Ashley."

"…….......Foam hurts."

Age thirteen: Throwing balls……she thinks she has upgraded from foam balls, but she's not.

"Ow, ow! Go easy!"

"Ya, know Ashley, you should really stick to the foam balls."

Age seventeen: She progresses….maybe.

"You should be fine, Ashley."

"Seriously, Ashley, how do you get a concussion juggling?"

Age twenty-five: Evasive maneuver number twenty-three.

"I think I'm gonna try juggling again."

"No! Henry- Evasive maneuver number twenty-three!"

Henry gasped as he hurtled the coffee table in an attempt to reach Ashley before she could toss a ball.

Age twenty-seven: Will learns a lesson.

"Wow, Will, you're really good at juggling."

"Thanks, Ashley. You wanna try?"

"Sure." She grabs the balls from him, and Henry comes shooting around the corner.

"EVASIVE MANEUVERS!!!!!!!!!" He yelled into a walkie-talkie, and the SWAT team swooped in and grabbed the balls.

"What was that about?"

"Impending doom, Will, impending doom."