Author's Note:

I had to rewrite this. I hate the Bella character I created with her weird mood swings and I don't like my writing style from middle school and early high school.

But I especially do not like how my story didn't quite make sense, and therefore I am fixing it.

I will make it so all the necessary information to understanding this story is within the plot itself. If something seems like a mistake, ask me and I shall explain. There is a lot of information in this first chapter, and I want everyone to understand it. If you don't like the new version I am really sorry, I couldn't stand rereading it.

If I lose readers to this, I am sorry. I appreciate any and all people who stay, and any and all reviews. This will be geared towards a bit older of an audience than before, as the emotional depth will be much more realistic.

Also, I am a college student. I am somewhat strapped for time but I shall update when I can.

Faithfully yours,

The new surfgirl1