By PaBurke

Summary: It's the geeks you have to watch out for . . . the opposite of Moonlighting.

Distribution: TtH

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, no infringement intended. Just play and more play.

Spoilers: HL and NCIS season three.

Rating: for language

AN: I just couldn't get the idea out of my head. My beta and I were discussing who else could be an Immortal.


Timothy McGee sighed in the elevator. He'd been trying to shake this depression for days. In the last hundred years, he had been successful at dodging Immortals after his head. Time after time, he had managed to not kill and to not be killed.

He had thought that he had been doing so good. Then in one fell swoop all his good work disappeared. Because not only did he kill a mortal, he killed a good mortal cop who was trying to arrest someone wicked. He had killed his share of wicked Immortals before accidentally killing the pacifist Immortal.

His mind shied away from those memories.

Don't go there, Timothy. You were tricked and Adriana's personality changed you for all time.

But what excuse did he have this time?

He killed a mortal.

Another accident. Timothy had a feeling that it would be centuries before he would forget the cop's eyes, so dull in the moonlight.

The elevator doors slid open and with a sigh, Timothy exited his memories and entered the present.

Abby lifted her head up from her workstation with a comforting smile. Timothy smiled back. He really liked this mortal. He liked her character, her sense of humor . . . her body. He yearned to tell her his history and hoped that they could have a relationship. He was pretty sure Abby could handle it.

"Hey McGee. Doing better?"

"Yeah," Timothy was surprised to hear himself reply truthfully. "I am." Brooding would not make his life shorter or longer. It most certainly would not make his life more enjoyable.

"Good." Abby waved her left hand. "Come help."

Timothy spied something familiar and his mind swiftly changed gears. He stepped next to his favorite mortal and with seeming nonchalance, unsnapped the black leather bracelet. He smiled. Well that answered one question. "New tat?" he asked.

Emotions flittered across Abby's face. Surprise, suspicion, confirmation, humor. "Yeah. You like?"

Timothy shook his head. "Odd design. I gotta get back upstairs but have Joe pass on my regards to Duncan, would you?" Timothy strolled back to the elevator whistling.

Things were definitely looking up.