~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Two years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Deidara, now seventeen years old, sat on the edge of the mesa that doubled as the Akatsuki base, wearing his cloak and his headband, which now had a large cross through the Iwagakure symbol. The blonde artist was staring at the beautiful orange and red sunset, thinking about his life. It was almost hard for him to believe that only two years ago, he'd been a ninja in Iwagakure, and had been spirited away by two rouge ninja so that he could join an S-rank criminal organization, where he made new allies and friends.

"It feels nice to be accepted, un." Deidara whispered to himself, looking down at his left hand mouth. "Back in Iwa, I was just a tool; a weapon used to destroy and kill enemies at that the will of the Tsuchikage and our allies, even though they really didn't care about me." Deidara looked back at the sunset. "But here...in this place...I'm with people who care for me, and want to be near me, un. People who like me, and don't think of me as a weapon, but as an ally...as a friend...as a person."

"Hey, Deidara-chan." Deidara turned around to see Sasori standing behind him. "It's time to back inside. It's going get dark soon." The puppet master continued Deidara nodded, stood up and followed his master. "It's been two years since you came here, hasn't it Deidara?" Sasori asked.

"Yeah," Deidara responded, "And you know what, Sasori-no-Danna?" Sasori turned to his partner, puzzled. "It's been the best two years of my life, un." he added, smiling brightly. Sasori couldn't help but grin. And with that, the two rouge ninja walked down from the top of the mesa, leaving the beautiful sunset behind them.