Alone with Everybody

By Butterflygirl

Gohan had gone back into the room after asking Bulma to do the wishes as soon as Krillin arrived. He couldn't do it himself, he couldn't leave Will. The chair was uncomfortable, but nothing compared to the pain on her face. The single hand he held tightly in his own was clasping his in a death- grip, and he could feel the tendons straining. If she squeezed much harder, she would break the bones in her own hand.

"Guess… I chose the right guy whose hand to squeeze," Will managed, grinning despite the pain. "At least I know I won't hurt the strongest guy in the world by squeezing too hard!" Small cries of pain made it through the gaps between her words, though she tried to keep them in.


Finally, she began to let the pain out in verbal form, even as her skin paled with blood loss, more so even than in the winter, in the cold. Gohan only recognised a few of the words, but the inflection said it all. Will was swearing in every language she knew- and the nurses were staring in horrified shock as these words tumbled from the mouth of such an innocent- looking girl.

"What… what language was that?" one of the younger women asked, eyes wide as she listened to her contemporary swear with such violence. "I know the rest of them…"

"It's damn Elvish!" Will screamed at the top of her voice, filled with fury. Gohan knew that she was only trying to hold onto her anger- as long as she could stay this enraged, she could ignore the pain. But she had just given an all-important clue to the doctors as to why they had no record of her blood-type…

# Not so, dearheart, # Will's mind-voice whispered in his head, and he jumped. How could she do that through the block on the bond?

# Point 1- 'Elvish' was created by a man named J.R.R. Tolkien from Great Britain, # Will replied, not a shred of pain seeping through her tight control. # Secondly, it's a one-way block. #

Gohan stared at her in worry. Though it was hidden from her, he could see the amount of blood she was losing, and it was bad. It was very bad- both her and the baby could quite easily die, though he kept this information from her. But still, her voice was raised in anger, as she fobbed off the almost inevitable, if Krillin didn't get there soon.

"I REFUSE to die!"


Krillin landed on the grass outside to be assailed by a frantic Bulma.

"WHY WERE YOU SO SLOW?!" she screamed, towering over the shorter fighter. "Will's dying!"

Quickly, she grabbed the dragonballs and invoked the dragon, smiling as the long, sinuous shape of Shenron filled the sky as it became black as night.

"I wish that my cousin Will gives birth now and is healed!"

The dragons eyes glowed red for a moment, and the bone-deep words returned, "IT IS DONE."

"And for my second wish," Bulma grinned in exhilaration, "I wish that we be taken to the planet of the Nameks!"


The tiny baby girl lay calmly on her mother's chest, listening to the familiar, steady heartbeat as a lot of people who looked a little like her crowded around. She saw the friendly faces through misty eyes and vaguely, as far as a baby could, she wondered why they were here, and why the blue- haired one had put that thing on her head.

Gohan hugged Will around the shoulders as the elf sighed in relief at the cessation of her pain, and they watched in delight as their child blinked those extraordinarily green eyes, along with the cute curl of hair, silky and black as a raven's feather which protruded from the hem of the hat Bulma had given them. It had been Trunks', and the little ears on top were adorable.

Son Mikumi Sansai yawned widely and stretched her little arms, then snuggled down into the warm blanket, sheltered by her family and fell asleep, her grandfather watching proudly with his hand on Chichi's shoulder and a quiet smile on his lips, while Will dozed off in exhaustion. Then they turned and left the room, softly closing the door, to leave her, Gohan and Mikumi alone. Gohan sat down by the two sleeping forms, content to watch, and love.


1.1 Mikumi- set of three

1.2 Sansai- the three powers of heaven