Chuck versus the World

By PaBurke

Summary: Chuck has someone important in his corner. Neither of them knew it before now.

Crossover: SG1 and Chuck

Disclaimer: So not mine

Chuck had flashed on some interesting people since becoming the Intersect. Most of them had been very dangerous. The old guy flirting with the younger blonde wasn't. He was the general in charge of Homeworld Security, which made Chuck smirk a bit.

Sarah was waiting patiently for him to tell her whom he saw in his head. Chuck almost opened his mouth when two handwritten letters flashed across his brain. Two different doctors had protested the general absconding with their human subjects of experimentation. The detachment from the humans made Chuck shiver. From what Chuck knew the general never gave back the humans. The scientists were very mad about it. They would be madder if they saw the driver licenses and white picket fence that their subjects now owned.

Sometimes, he had a feeling that Sarah and Casey considered him more Intersect than human. He wondered if their orders included killing him rather than handing him over to unauthorized personnel, like anyone from FULCRUM. He was a computer nerd; he knew how fast computers were outdated. He wondered when he was going to become obsolete. What would the government do with him then?

Chuck made a decision. At any point that it looked like his handlers were under orders to dispose of him, Chuck would run for General Jonathan O'Neill.

"What do you see?" Sarah asked.

"A good guy."