Chuck versus the World VI

By PaBurke

Summary: Chuck's world is ending. He's too busy running to think. He has to know who his friends are to survive.

Crossover: SG1 and Chuck

Pairing: a background SC/JO

Spoilers: Season 8ish for SG1 and Season One for Chuck.

Disclaimer: So not mine

Word Count: Yeah, I stopped limiting myself and just finished the chapter.


General O'Neill –seriously, just call me Jack- ushered Chuck into a ranch house just outside of DC with all the bodyguard intensity Chuck was used to receiving from Sarah and Casey. A pretty blonde woman was sitting at the kitchen table, typing at her keyboard.

Chuck got quite the flash when he looked at her: she was super smart, probably smarter than his dad and in tons of fields. Her name was Colonel (Doctor) Samantha Carter, USAF.

"Do I have to make introductions?" Jack asked.

"It's polite," Carter chided him.

"So is looking at the person talking…" Carter looked up at him but her fingers still flew over the keyboard. Jack merely smirked. "You're supposed to pay attention to people and not your geek… stuff."

"I'm activating the security system, sir," she said primly.

Jack frowned. "What's wrong with my current system?"

"I upgraded it."



Chuck settled at the kitchen table and enjoyed watched the conversation bounce back and forth.

Jack huffed and Chuck realized that when he was comfortable, the general expressed every emotion. "Very well, Charles Bartowski this is the smartest woman you'll ever meet, Doctor Colonel Sam Carter. Carter, this is the Intersect, Agent Chuck Bartowski."

Sam reached across the table. "It's very nice to meet you, Chuck. Please call me Sam."

"Yes'm. Good to meet you too."

"So," Jack brought three beers to the table. "Where are we hiding Chuck and for how long?"

"The Mountain," Carter said and Chuck could hear the capitalization in her tone.

Chuck hadn't gotten a flash yet, but he knew that wherever he was going, it was going to drool worthy. Morgan would approve. Ellie would… "What about my sister? When can I call her and tell her that I'm safe?"

"Soon," O'Neill promised. He exchanged a look with Carter. "Though, with all the people trying to either kill or capture you, you'll have to stay in the Mountain. Mohammad will have to come to the Mountain. You'll have to sign the non-discloser agreements. Carter, do you…"

Carter handed Chuck a stack of papers.

"A step ahead of me, as usual." O'Neill sound amused, bemused and not at all angry. "You sign and when your sister comes to visit, you can't breathe a word about what's happening at the Mountain. She… and her fiancé are good enough to be recruited, but that means staying in Colorado and leaving California for a long time, if not for good."

Chuck bounced a little. "After she's recruited, can I tell her everything?"

"After," O'Neill promised. "But you have to recruit her without breathing a word about everything."

Chuck nodded gleefully. "Awesome. When can we start?"

O'Neill tapped the pile of papers. "Read, sign and then we'll talk."

Chuck had never been so enthused about boring paperwork in his life. The sooner he got down, the sooner his real life could start.