Our Time Has Come; Tom And Mariel

( a story about Tom and Mariel, on there wedding day and night more on there wedding night Later) Enjoy.

(Starting at Mariel's hotel room) It was a beautiful Florida morning Mariel just woke up, rolling over with a big sigh. She couldn't believe that she was finale going to be Mrs. Underlay, well the Second Mrs. Underlay. Just 6 years ago she first met Tom after his Plane crash losing his wife Grace. She was stricken by his charming looks and his will to survive. She had been unhappy for a long time and when she met him it made her world better then ever. Through out the next 6 years she has gone through a Divorce and a Custody battle. "Today is my day" she said to her self as she hoped out of bed. Looking out the window she saw the calming tides of the ocean and she felt so relaxed, and then just as she turned around someone was at the door of her Hotel room. She opened the door and there was Tom's 16 year old daughter Kira, with Mariel's 6 year old daughter Rose with a smile on her face, " Good morning my beautiful step- mother to be" Kira said, "Good morning to you to" Mariel replied. Kira had brought Mariel's wedding dress up for her to get ready for the wedding just 2 hours away.

(Cutting to Tom's Room) Tom has been up for a few hours just having all these flashbacks of his first wife, and through the years with Mariel and was so happy to be marrying her. Then he started to thinking about the proposal to her. It was a rainy night and he surprised her with dinner, she had been divorced from Russell for about 4 months now and he new that it was the night to propose they were just having a great time laughing and then when dinner was almost over he got down on one knee and said "Mariel, I never thought I would feel this happy again after Grace's death but you have gave that to me and now I want you to feel happy to. Will you marry me". ( as we all know she said yes). Jesse walked in Mariel's son wherein his suit an asked to if he was ready to go Tom couldn't beleve that 2 hours have passed already he turned around to Jesse and said "Yep, lets go son" Jesse smiled, and the both of them walked to the car that was going to take them to the church.

( At the wedding) A couple minutes' later people were Filing into the church and waiting. Tom walked on to Alter waiting for his bride, then little Rose walked down the Aisle with a pink dress on and following her was Jesse and Kira she smiled at her father. Then everyone stood and the song that everyone knows started to play and Mariel walked down the Aisle with her father and smiles came from the crowd as they continued to walk. The ceremony began and the tears started to flow as the two families where going to be combined as one (Russell wasn't happy of that thought be he also has been remarried to so). The ceremony was over and the real party began and people were dancing having fun Jesse and Kira have danced all night and Tom and Mariel couldn't believe that that they were getting along so well,

(Skipping to there wedding night) Tom and Mariel decided not to go anywhere for there honeymoon but instead to go home well to there new home. As the approached the door Tom picks up and says "welcome home Mrs. Underlay" and carried her over the threshold and to the bedroom they went. Mariel dressed into her white Lingerie as Tom poured the wine and was think about only one thing, then she walked over to her husband and kissed him passionately then they both fell on to the bed smiling both of them new what was to come, then Tom brushed his hands down Mariel's chest… ******* Part 2 coming soon****** (This is my first story so bare with me, I know it's not that good but give me some Advice if you have any, Good or bad please.)