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The Colour Green
By: Nuit Songeur

Green is, supposedly, the color most pleasing to the human eye. Though, it doesn't necessarily have to be a favorite- it's the one that doesn't give off negative connotations.

Or, so they say. Whoever they were. Mana wasn't entirely sure. She'd read the simple fact in a health magazine promoting an emerald necklace while waiting for her grandmother's doctor's appointment to be finished. According to this mysterious they, emeralds were suppose to have been the most prized possession of the famous Cleopatra, because of their green color.

Mana wasn't fully informed on the subject; she was just happy to have green eyes. The good green kind- not the green that could be mistaken for blue or was so light that it was blue. No, this green was a deeper, more richer green. The color of pure emeralds. And she was happy to have pretty eyes- ones that shone with a natural curiosity and intuition. It made a lot of people think she was smart, book smart to say the least. Even though, in reality, she struggled a lot with simple common sense.

Her hair, however, was another story entirely. An ugly, dusky brown with no luster, impossibly frizzy, and unmanageable to the extreme. Just simply, terrible. She supposed that her hair made her look smart as well, if you judged by the typical nerdy girl look, the ones with frizzy hair, thick rimmed glasses, and bad acne. Thankfully, Mana didn't have any of that. With the exception of the hair, of course. To the very minimum, she could say she had pretty clear, pale skin and eyesight good enough that wasn't in need of extraneous glasses to hide her eyes, her shiny green eyes.

Though, of course, when she had moved into the city of Domino and attended the local high school, she was unsure of which of these traits of hers seemed to call upon the attention of four certain people. Four people with the kind faces Mana needed on her first day there. They were extremely nice to her and treated Mana as if she was one of their own. But then, a word was brought into the conversation: card. Then, they started getting into this animated talk about this new card game everyone was into lately. Duel Monsters, Mana thought it was called.

The shortest- and possibly youngest- of the boys gave her an extremely curious gaze and she returned the favor, cocking her head to the side and arching an eyebrow. This boy, who Mana thought his name was Lugi, had funny-colored hair. Blond bangs and black, spiky hair with red tips. Mana thought it was… what's the word for it? Cool? He also had pretty eyes as well. So purple, like amethyst. It was unfair that he got pretty eyes and nice hair…

"You look a lot like someone we know," he noted. She smiled at him.

"I get that a lot. I think it's because of all my stupid-looking hair-" Lugi frowned at her.

"I don't think it's stupid," he protested quietly. Mana laughed, waving a hand off.

"Don't be silly, Lugi-"

"My name's Yugi," the boy said. Though he didn't say it in the kind of jerky way that made people totally embarrassed with even making such a slip-up. Nevertheless, Mana reddened at her mistake.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she gasped. "My grandma says I talk way too much sometimes and then don't even hear what people say to me. Though, I think she's just saying that because she's old and everything because I don't think I talk that much. But then there are times when I feel like I do talk too much and start rambling on about something that had nothing to-"

Mana stopped herself, her apologetic smile disappearing. There she was- rambling again. Her grandmother had been right after all.

"Anyway, I'm sorry about the thing with your name." Yugi gave a small chuckle, amethyst eyes gleaming with amusement.

"It's fine."

"So, you said I look like some you know?" The only girl of the group of four spoke up, a friendly smile seemingly permanently stuck on her face, as if with dried Play-Doh. It made Mana feel welcomed.

"Yeah," she said. "Do you know anything about ancient Egypt?" The girl- whose name escaped Mana's memory- had the eyes of sapphires, deep blue. Often a rival for the favorite of eye color. Plus she had that nice, lustrous brunette hair that laid down flat when suppose to. Mana envied this girl's hair.

But, at the girl's words, Mana frowned. Ancient Egypt? She hated history and it was quite often difficult to maintain a passing grade in there; every history teacher she had put her to sleep. Why would she know anything about ancient Egypt? She barely knew the history of where she got her favorite lip gloss…

"Erm, well," Mana hesitated, unwilling to admit her stupidity to her newfound friends. "To tell you the truth, not really. It's not that I don't find the Leaning Tower of Pizza interesting, it's just that history-" Mana stopped herself again, catching the confused gazes of the four around her. She felt her face growing red with embarrassment once more. "Did I say something stupid again?" she asked.

"Well," the sapphire girl hesitated, as though unwilling to hurt her feelings. "The Leaning Tower of Pizza is in Italy. Egypt was famous for the pyramids." Mana forced a smile, laughing at her self and unable to rid the blush on her face.

"Pizza, Pyramids- that's what I meant. It's easy to get them confused considering they both start with the same letter." The girl smiled down at her- Mana also envied the girl for her height- and gave a laugh as well.

With this introduction of Egypt, all four started delving into a hard-to-follow conversation about how they somehow went back in time to see ancient Egypt to help some pharaoh who was locked in a pyramid-shape piece of jewelry that Yugi wore around his neck but wasn't currently wearing after it had been destroyed in some sort of card game. Or, something to that nature. Mana was finding it very hard to follow and understand the magical things they were explaining. With all the villains, jewelry, ancient spirits, and monsters they were describing, Mana found herself lost in a myriad web of confusion.

"So, basically," Yugi said, his eyes aglow with his interest in the topic, "When we were in ancient Egypt, we met someone who is almost exactly like you. Even her name was Mana!" he exclaimed when they had reached the end of their tale.

"That's…" Mana started, unsure of whether she should accept this truth of magic or admit to herself that her new friends belonged to a loony house. "That's kind of amazing," she said slowly. "I've never heard of anything like that before."

She paused, unsure of how to continue this conversation of which she had no knowledge of. After a moment, she decided to pull her infamous change-the-subject-technique-when-one-was-confused maneuver. It worked eighty-nine percent of the time. The number, of course, was not an actual statistic but rather randomly chosen for the sake of Mana sounding smart to herself.

"So… tell me your names again? I only remember Yugi's and I'm really bad when it comes to names." Thankfully, they accepted this topic switch with good grace.

The girl's name was Téa, spelled like the beverage "tea" with the exception of the strange little marking on top of the e. There was another male, named Tristan, who had eyes and hair the color of chocolate. His hair was quite a thing to behold, styled meticulously into a single point. As Mana gazed at it, she couldn't help but wonder how long it took him to fix it that way in the mornings. She resisted the urge in asking, not wanting to seem rude. The final boy was tall, lanky, and held a strange dialect. His enormously shaggy hair was blond and his eyes were the color of amber. He had the name of Joey. And Joey reminded her an awful lot of a golden retriever. So much, that she had suppress the compelling impulse to reach up and pet him.

"Well, it's nice to meet you," Mana said brightly. "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't invited me over to your lunch table. I'd probably be still wandering around, trying to find a place to sit."

"You're welcome," said Tristan, the one with the pointy hair. It was at that moment that the bell, signaling for the next class, rang. With this harbinger, Mana's smile disappeared again and she suddenly began digging in her bag, looking for her schedule and map of the school.

"Oh no," she mumbled to herself, audible to the rest of them. "Oh no, I hate it when this happens. I'm going to be late. I have no idea where anything is-"

"Maybe we can help," Téa offered, hovering over her. "What class do you have next?"

"I think it's Geometry," Mana said, finally able to extract her schedule. "Whoops! My mistake, Geometry was my last class. Now I have World History." Mana gave an internal groan.

"Well, the World History is classroom next to my English Literature class," Joey said. "I can show you the way, if you want." Mana beamed at him, grateful she wouldn't spend the next thirty minutes walking in aimless circles.

"That would be great!" Mana exclaimed. "Thanks!" Joey gave her an amused smile and turned to lead the way.

"See you later, Mana," Yugi said. Mana glanced behind to wave goodbye to him and Téa.

"See you!" she called before hurrying after Joey.

Joey led her out of the school's cafeteria and through the many halls interspersed throughout the school. While she was keeping as close as she could to Joey, Mana couldn't help but wonder how she managed to find the cafeteria in the first place without winding up on the other side of the school.

Eventually, they made it to a separate adjoining hallway that held only a few select classrooms. Joey turned to her and pointed to the one at the farthest end of the hall.

"That one, right there, is your World History class. Mine's just right there." The pointing of his finger transferred from her classroom to his own, which happened to be two doors closer than hers. Mana nodded taking this.

"So, thank-" Mana began, expressing her gratitude. She was, however, cut off by a more cold, emotionless voice.

"Look who it is," that icy voice chided from behind her. "Does someone not know where their classroom is?" Mana guessed that the voice was suppose to be condescending but the end result only made them sound bored, as if dealing with a petulant child. Joey's face turned visibly red with anger as he balled his hands into tight fists.

"Butt out, Kaiba," he said in a hard voice, full of contempt and anger compared to the emotionless Kaiba person. Mana turned to see just who this Kaiba person was. And what she saw… amazed her.

Kaiba was tall. Gigantic, especially when compared to her own shortness. But, as far as any normal height standards went, he was pretty tall. And, in her own opinion, pretty attractive with his chestnut brown hair and icy blue eyes. And, the school uniform did nothing to hide the muscularity of his chest. Heck, even the ugly uniform managed to look slightly less repulsive than it did on other male students of the general student body.

His face hardened, which only made him more breathtakingly handsome, in Mana's opinion.

"Calm down Wheeler," he said with what one could only assume was forced patience. "I was just wanting to inform you that you're in my way." Kaiba paused, gaze shifting from Joey's angry form and down to Mana's wide-eyed curious gaze. "And who is this, your girlfriend?" Mana couldn't help but feel her face flush with red indignation.

"No!" Joey snapped defensively. "She's new here and I was jus' helping her out-"

"That's nice," Kaiba said, cutting across his words and rolling his eyes as if what Joey said wasn't nice at all. "But the fact stands that you're still in my way." Joey seemed to be audibly growling his irritation at what was the inconsiderate jerk and, with a stiff movement, side-stepped out of the way. Mana, on the other hand- attempting her default method at flirting with innocence, allowed a wide smile to light her face as she eagerly hopped to the side.

"I'm sorry," she said, smile still on her face. Kaiba only allowed her a single, eyebrow-arched glance that could have been mistaken for a glare before acting as though she didn't exist or as if she was merely paint on the wall. His cold countenance didn't dampen her spirits, however, it only enthralled her to extremity as she stared, unblinking, at his swiftly disappearing back as he swept into the World History classroom Joey had pointed out.

"Who was that?" Mana asked incredulously to Joey who seemed unable to escape his bad temperament.

"Seto Kaiba," he hissed to her under his breath. "Mr. Fancy Pants CEO of Kaiba Corp. Thinks he's better than everyone else."

"I can't blame him," Mana said, gaze still locked on the space where Kaiba had previously been. "Did you see the way he wears that uniform?" Joey remained silent so Mana was forced to look up at him and saw his eyebrow that was arched like Kaiba's.

"Well, you just saw Kaiba go into the World History room," Joey said awkwardly, clearly uncomfortable to be in close proximity with someone who fell instantaneously for Kaiba's physical appearance. "See you later," he said, turning around to walk to his own class.

"Bye!" Mana called to him before eagerly skipping to her classroom, thrilled at the idea of having a class with Seto Kaiba.

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