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Stages of Life

By islandOFchocolate (a.k.a. infidelityONcrank)

Chapter 5

Maka gaped. That was all that she could do. She was utterly surprised that the woman before her would be able to pick up on something like that so quickly.

Viola nodded, understanding, before she spoke.

"Soul would only come to me if it was something of great importance." she said through tight lips. The edges seemed to twitch up into a suppressed smile. "He has always been rather independent, and that makes him quite predictable."

She stood up and smoothed her dress.

"Follow me."

Maka stood and did as she was told. Viola piloted her to the glass door that led out to the balcony. The blonde had been lucky to receive such a pleasant, and rather romantic, setting. The balcony over looked the garden, now graced with the silver light of the moon. Little, golden lights swayed in an elegant dance in the night.

"He doesn't bring home many girls, you know." Viola said, gazing down at the blonde. "It is quite obvious to me that he cares deeply about you and wants you to have the best in life. He figures that if he shows you off to me, and if he begs and pleads and tells me that you two had a little… slip-up in the bedroom that he will be able to convince me to help you."

The green-eyed young woman waited for her to continue. It became quite apparent what the silver-haired beauty wanted.

"Would you, please, help us?" Maka asked quietly. "Soul… he's prideful and I doubt that he would ever beg you to do so with me around. So, I'm asking you, as the woman whom your son loves, will you help us?"

Viola sat, thinking for several minutes, a thoughtful expression gracing her face. She tapped her foot in the air, a nervous habit that Maka recognized that Soul had when he was thinking over something pleasant.

"Alight." she said, breaking the silence and startling the blonde. She patted the young woman's knee and bid her pleasant dreams.

Maka sat there, gazing out into the night. She could hear the crickets and the dribbling of a fountain somewhere, and she could hear a subtle melody on a piano.

Soul allowed his fingers to glide over the piano keys in a dark, yet hauntingly beautiful song he had written a year or so ago. He had titled it "Light in G." It reminded him of Maka's soul wavelength. Of course, it hadn't been done purposefully. AT least, he didn't think so.

He was startled out of the trance by a hand on his shoulder. He turned, arm transformed, and stopped. He was rather relieved to see that the person who snuck up on his was only his mother. In the blink of an eye, his arm was flesh and blood again.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Tell me, Soul Eater, why are you here?" Viola asked.

He looked at her, hesitating to tell her the truth. She waited passively, a cool expression gazed down at him.

"Maka and I want to get married." he said. It was true, they did want to wed one another.

"You're lying." she clucked.

"How do you know?"

"I am your mother, Soul."

He muttered a few curses under his breath that he knew the woman next to him disapproved of. Completely unintentional.

"She's pregnant."

"And I suppose that you want mine and your father's help? Soul Eater, you know what we said when you decided to leave." she said quietly.

He looked down at his feet. He knew what he had been told. Once he left, the Evans family would no longer support him. But still… he had hope. And that hope was slipping like sand through his fingers.

"However, you are my son and I am willing to forgive the past. We will hold the wedding here in two months time."

Their eyes met and all of his thanks were said in that moment.

It was official. He and Maka were to wed and they would raise the child with the help of his family.

I was listening to "Vltava" by Bedrich Smetana as I was writing this whole chapter. I don't really know why, but I felt drawn to it. "Light in G" wasn't based on it, just a part (try over five minutes it, only darker).

"Vltava" is a beautiful piece of music that you should all listen to. It's based on a river, Die Moldau. Smetana wrote it on a boat journey down Die Moldau. It's starts with a gently trickling stream to the river, followed by a wedding, then a night dance by nymphs, before it goes back to the river and down again to the stream. These music cues are rather prominent and easy to distinguish. It's hard to miss them.

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