Today, Master Aro asked me, "What was the best thing that ever happened to you, dearest Jane?" He was smiling, obviously unaware of what I was thinking, what my answer would be.

"The moment the burning stopped."

"Alec? Where are you?" I was giggling, trying to find him.

He walked around the corner and grinned. "Right here, Sister."

He pulled me into a big hug, as I squirmed in his arms. "Alec! Can't. Breathe!"

He chuckled and set me down. "How've you been today?"

I frowned, not really wanting to tell him. "Well, that girl..... She..... She called me a witch again today....... I'm not a witch........" I could feel the tears filling up in my eyes. I was sick and tired of being called a witch. I wasn't. And neither was my mom, or my brother. My dear brother Alec. It was a stupid rumor, started because of that one time........ The time I caused that girl pain........ It's my fault no one liked our family. I loved my mommy and my brother so much, I couldn't stand for them to go through this.

His teeth were gritted, fists curled up into tight balls. "That girl is just a-"

"Alec!" I giggled slightly through my tears. "Don't say that word!"

He grinned and said, "I knew that you'd stop me."

I frowned and went back to thinking. "Alec....... I'm not a witch....... Am I?" My voice broke at the end, and I started sobbing, leaning my head in his chest. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I cause you and Mommy to go through all this pain! I'm sorry! It's all my fault! If I wasn't born, you all wouldn't have to go through this......." I trailed off, sobbing until there weren't any tears left in my system.

"No, you're not a witch. Never EVER think that. I don't give a da- a darn what anyone else says. And I'm GLAD you were born. Without you, Jane, I'd be nothing." He hugged me closer to his chest, as I saw those people. "Alec?....... Who are they?" I pointed a weak finger in the direction of the people, marching to our house.

***************************End of flashback*************************************************************************************************

I needed to stop thinking about that awful time. I stood up, and walked down the long corridors, until I arrived at my dear brother Alec's room. I knocked twice before stepping in, forgetting for those brief moments what I was thinking about. "Hello, Brother." I smiled, walking over to where he was sitting on his bed.

"Sister! So lovely of you to drop by!" He chuckled. "I mean, we haven't seen eachother in what?.... Two, maybe three? hours?" He laughed and hugged me lightly.

I laughed. My brother always brightened my days. "I actually just got back from a hunt."

"Sounds good."


"Would you like to do something, Jane?"

"Like what, Brother?"

"Maybe...... See if there are any assignments we can do together?"

I beamed, eager for a new assignment. "Of course!" And that, when I was happiest the most, was when I started thinking.

"I don't know.......... Let's go get Mom." He rushed us into the door of our small house, to find the people already there, tieing our mother up.

"Mommy!" I shrieked, drawing attention to my brother and I.

She was crying. "Jane, Alec, I love you all more than the world. More than anyone else. Please, run! Run!" She sobbed more, as I broke down crying on the floor, followed by my brother.

"Oh, Mommy! Please! Don't leave us! Please!" Alec cried, as the people began tieing us up.

"I'm sorry, Alec! I'm sorry, Jane!"

It was then, that I watched my mother burn at the stake, as I screamed and cried. Then they set me on fire.......... Then my brother........ I was slipping into the darkness as I saw them...... My saviors...... My fathers....... The Volturi.

*********************End of flashback*******************************************************************************************************

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