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Rachel let out a cry as she watched Puck fall to the ground.

"Wow, Berry. I wasn't expecting to see him here," spoke a voice from the shadows.

"Dav…Dave," she gasped, trying to find him in the dark. Suddenly the living room light switched on. There he was leaning against the wall, looking down at Puck. "Hmmm. Puckerman must really like you…Go figure."

His tone very casual and friendly, almost as though he was discussing homework. Rachel flicked her eyes to Noah, relieved to see his chest moving. "Dave, um…Is there something I can help you with?" She asked nervously, wanting to draw his attention away from Puck.

He turned towards her; she was frightened by the expression in his eyes. They looked dead, completely devoid of emotion.

"I want you Berry. You know…" He took a step forwards and she discreetly moved back a step, wanting to draw him as far away from Puck as possible. "Up until last year, I thought you a freak like everyone else. I mean, you make those stupid my space videos, you're loud, and you dress worse than my eighty year old grandmother. Although tonight…" He trailed off, licking his lips as his gaze raked over her chest. Rachel cringed, repulsed by the hungry look on his face.

She looked over to Noah, still laying flat on the floor but she thought his eyelashes flickered slightly.

"Anyway," Dave continued on, "Then last year someone, probably Puckerman threw a slushy on you. Nothing unusual except this time he missed your face. Most of it landed on your top. It clung to you, outlining your breasts. You were wearing a red bra, "He closed his eyes at the memory.

While he was distracted, Rachel reached slowly around to her back pocket. She was hoping to reach her cell and somehow send out a message for help. He must have sensed her movement though because then he was in her face, roughly grabbing her shoulders.

"Do anything stupid and I will kick his skull in." He gritted out, his voice cold.

Rachel felt her heart freeze at his statement, fear filling her for Puck more than for herself.

"Ok, I won't." She said softly, hoping to sooth him. "You were talking about last year?" Hoping to refocus his attention back to talking and away from Noah.

"Ever since then, I knew I had to have you." He answered his grip still strong but less tight. "I didn't think it would be hard. I mean who else would want you, but you didn't take me up on my offer. You didn't realize that you're nothing but a freak, who should be grateful that I would even consider touching."

He shook her slightly as sudden anger burned in his eyes. "I don't get told no, Berry. Especially from someone like you, then Puckerman comes along and you're all over him. Acting as though he is a much better choice, well guess what Berry? You don't have a choice, you never did."

Puck groaned silently, his head pounding worse than any hangover. He slowly opened his eyes realizing that he was laying face down on Rachel's carpet. Rachel, he thought frantically forcing his eyes to focus.

He finally saw her backed up against the wall. Billings was in front of her holding onto her shoulders. He ignored the pounding in his head and as quietly as he could, began creeping up behind them.

Rachel looked over Dave's shoulder to see Puck making his way up off the floor.

"Why didn't you just ask me out last year?" She asked quickly, hoping to buy some time.

"Ask you out? You just don't get it Berry." He sneered, "Guys like me don't date girls like you. You're only good for one thing and I'm about to find out…" But before he could finish Puck tackled him from behind.

Puck grabbed him, throwing him down to ground, "You son of a bitch" he growled, throwing his fist into his face. He was able to land a few blows but Billing's soon rolled out from underneath with a knee to the stomach, getting a few hits in on him.

Rachel frantically dialed nine-one-one, as Noah desperately tried to keep Dave at bay. She could tell he was still feeling dazed from the hit to the head and she was scared that Dave would seriously hurt him before help arrived. As soon as the dispatcher assured her that the police were on there way, Rachel sent out a text to Finn and the rest of the guys, praying they were still in the neighborhood.

She cried out as she saw Dave standing over an injured Puck, her dad's baseball bat in his hand. Without thinking she leapt forward, jumping on his back. She grabbed his hair, yanking his head back. He yelled, slamming his elbow backwards into her rib cage, and then throwing her to the ground.

Puck saw red as Rachel fell holding onto her side in pain. He rolled off the floor and slammed his foot into Billing's groin, drawing back his fist he started slamming into him all his rage exploding out, he just kept hitting him before he was suddenly yanked backwards. Feeling like a caged animal he snarled, drawing his fist back to whoever had just grabbed him.

"Puck! Puck, it's me. It's Finn!" He heard the familiar voice breaking through the haze of rage. His vision cleared, there was Finn holding onto his arms, anger and concerned etched on his face. "Its ok, Puck. I'll take care of Billings until the police arrive. You better check on Rachel."

"Rachel" He cried, turning to see Kurt and Mercedes crowding around her as she lay on the floor. He pushed his way over, grabbing her face in his hands, "Are you ok? Did he hurt you?" He demanded his voice frantic wondering what the bastard had done to her while he was unconscious.

She shook her head throwing herself into his arms, sobs shaking her body.

"Noah, I was so scared. I thought he was going…" She couldn't finish, she was crying so hard unable to speak.

"Its ok, you're safe now."

"No, "She cried, lifting her head away from his chest. "I thought he was going to hurt you. I was sure he had killed you when I saw him hit you on the back of the head. Then when I saw the bat…" Fresh sobs ripping out of her.

"Shhh," He whispered, rubbing her back. It wasn't long before the police came and arrested Dave who was still unconscious from Pucks attack.

Puck gave his statement but refused to have the paramedics check on his head until they checked Rachel's ribs.

While waiting, Finn explained that he was on the way home when he got Rachel's text saying that Billing's had broken in and attacked you. He quickly called the others and then came right over. He gave a slight grin, "I had to do a whole superman move and kick the door down."

Puck and Rachel just rolled their eyes but grateful that he had come otherwise they both knew Puck wouldn't have been able to stop. He probably would have killed him.

The paramedics cleared Rachel, saying her ribs were just bruised but not broken. After checking the lump on Puck's head they told him that he was probably fine but he should have a Cat Scan just in case.

He gathered Rachel up in his arms. Holding her tight feeling the trembles still running through her body.

"It's ok, baby." He whispered.

She nodded, "Yeah, I know but still… I love you, Noah." She blurted out looking up into his stunned expression.

"I realized it when I saw him holding the bat over you. That I would rather be hurt than have anything happened to you. I love you." She whispered.

He kissed her, his kiss rough and desperate. He clung to her feeling all his fear and tension leave him as he lost himself in her arms.

"I love you too." He muttered against her lips. She smiled before recapturing his lips. Not even caring that they were being watched and that the first time they had said I love you was in front of all of the police and paramedics after an attack.

As they pulled apart everyone started clapping and cheering. Puck just grinned before picking up around the waist, spinning her around.

Now six months later and they were still going strong. Dave had been convicted for two years of prison and a lot psychological therapy.

It had taken everyone a long time to accept that Noah Puckerman was dating Rachel Berry but people quickly quit commenting on it after the first few ended by being treated by the nurse. Plus once the video aired of Puck begging Rachel to take him back, helped convince everyone that it wasn't a joke.

Rachel laughed as she walked into glee, seeing Puck sitting on the drums playing with Finn.

He smiled, coming over to kiss her hello. "Hey, Babe. Where have you been?"

"Shopping." She told him with a sly grin.

He raised his eyebrow, "you skipped school to go shopping? Are you sick?" He cried, putting his hand to her forehead.

She swatted his hand away, "No. It's just that tomorrow is you're birthday and I wanted get you your gift."

"Oh, yeah. What is it?" He asked, his expression like that of a six year boy.

"Look and see for you're self, I know in the beginning you wanted me to wear different type of clothing so I got something special to wear just for you."

He frowned, taking the bag. "Rach, you know that's not important to me anymore. I could care less if you wore a paper bag on you're…"He trailed off as he looked inside. He gulped, his eyes shooting to hers.

She grinned, "Happy Birthday, Noah"

He shot out of his seat, grabbing her hand. "Sorry, Mr. Shue. Rachel's sick, gotta go!" He yelled yanking her out the door.

She laughed as he dragged her to his truck. "Technically you're birthday is not till tomorrow." She teased.

"I'll change the date on my birth certificate, all I know is that I'm getting you home right now." He growled pinning her up against the car door. She melted as his lips touched hers.

"Love you" He whispered.

"I love-AHH!" She yelled, taken by surprise as he picker her up bridal style and threw her into the truck.


He laughed, "It's you're own fault. If you didn't want me acting all cave-man, you shouldn't have bought something that would make a lingerie model blush.

She scooted closer and placing her hand on his thigh, "hmmm. Maybe I should have told you that its also you're birthday cake. Since its all edible."

He just looked at her before stepping down harder on the gas. Once he pulled into the drive, she wrapped her arm around his neck, capturing his lips, "I love you"

"I love you more." He told her brushing his hand along her cheek.

She grinned before replying cheekily "Wanna bet"

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