Post-epilogue (don't forget to read the epilogue!)

Appendix A

Everyone's children, who they marry (including the age differences), and a timeline of their births.

(Just for kicks, I wanted to have some closure with what happened after the story ended.)

In the End:

George and Angelina's Children:

Edaline Weasley—Benjamin Johnson (Lee Johnson's son, same year at Hogwarts)

Jemma Weasley—Carmichael Brand (nephew of Heidelberg Harriers captain Rudolf Brand, a year ahead of her at Hogwarts)

Dayton Weasley—Jon MacMillan (son of Ernie MacMillan and Susan Bones, same year at Hogwarts)

Crispin Weasley—Mary Ollerton (great-granddaughter of Bob Ollerton, cofounder of Cleansweep Broom Company, two years below him at Hogwarts)

Rex Weasley—Elise Davies (daughter of Roger Davies, one year below him at Hogwarts)

Kendra Weasley—Amos Jenkins (grandson of Joey Jenkins, Chudley Cannons Beater, same year)

Emmett Weasley—Amelia Longbottom (Neville and Hannah's fourth child, a year below him at Hogwarts)

Fred and Hermione's Children:

Clara—Arnie Longbottom (same year)

Serafina—Cormac Finnegan (same year)

Grayson—Joceyln Potter (one year ahead of him)

Thomas—Alice Perks (daughter of Sally-Anne Perks, two years below him)

Norah—Henry Smith (son of Zacharias Smith, same year)

Maggie—Dom Potter (same year)

Ron & Luna's Children:

Landri —Billy Flinch-Fletchley (Justin Flinch-Fletchley's son, a year ahead of her)

Saxen—Mallory Wood (daughter of Oliver Wood, same year)

Paul—Breeda Lynch (granddaughter of Aidan Lynch, Irish seeker, a year below him)

Harry & Katie's Children:

Josephine Potter—Winston Thomas (son of Dean Thomas, same year)

Jocelyn—Grayson Weasley

Felix—Emma Boot (daughter of Terry Boot, same age)

Dominic—Maggie Weasley


August 1997 – Fred notices Hermione at Bill & Fleur's wedding

July 1998 – George & Angelina wed

March 1999 – Harry & Katie wed

May 2000 – Ron & Luna wed

November 2000 – Fred proposes to Hermione

May 2001 – Battle of Hogwarts/Ginny's Death

June 2001 – Neville & Hannah marry

January 2002 – Molly Weasley dies (broken heart)

August 2002 – Aldis Longbottom born

September 2003 – Corby Longbottom born

February 2004 – Carmichael Brand born

December 2004 – Hermione and Fred begin dating again

January 2005 – Edaline & Jemma Weasley are born

March 2005 – Benjamin Johnson born

July 2005 – Harry's party, Ron makes amends, Fred proposes

September 2005 – Bill Flinch-Fletchley born

January 2006 – Hermione and Fred wed

March 2006 – Arnie Longbottom born

June 2006 – Josephine Potter born

September 2006 – Clara Weasley, Jon MacMillan born

November 2006 – Landri & Dayton Weasley born

December 2006 – Winston Thomas born

August 2007 – Cormac Finnegan born

October 2007 – Serafina Weasley born

February 2008 – Saxen Weasley born

March 2008 – Crispin Weasley, Mallory Wood born

May 2008 – Jocelyn Potter born

March 2009 – Grayson Weasley born

April 2009 – Rex Weasley & Emma Boot born

June 2009 – Felix Potter born

February 2010 – Thomas & Paul Weasley born

March 2010 – Amos Jenkins born

May 2010 – Elise Davies & Mary Ollerton born

July 2010 – Kendra Weasley born

December 2010 – Dominic Potter born

January 2011 – Norah & Maggie Weasley born

May 2011 – Breeda Lynch born

April 2011 – Henry Smith born

September 2011 – Emmett Weasley born

March 2012 – Alice Perks born

June 2011 – Amelia Longbottom born