Broken Dreams and Shattered Memories

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I always thought back to that day. It's all I can remember up to. My memory is shattered. It shattered into little piece so tiny they were lost. I can't remember anything. The things I do remember are worse than any nightmare you could have. I fear them more than anything else. I never want to look back on that day.

I thought I lost everything that day. It was the memory that stuck out most to me. Even when I beyblade I still think of it. When I do I can't help but feel betrayed.

I was ten then. I was happy and young. I was stupid and naïve. I let that man get to me and fill my mind with worthless dreams. But the man gave me life.

He fed my mind dreams of sugar and sweets since a tender young age. He gave me hope then; I never wanted him to leave. But you can't always get want you want.

He was a stupid idiotic man. His mind wasn't in the right set and he gave up everything he worked for. He gave up his power. He gave up his family. And worst of all, he gave up me.

It was the last day I saw him. He was called into my grandfather's office. My grandfather found out that he wasn't working, but instead he was teaching me, teaching me to beyblade. My grandfather was not happy and ordered him to go back to work. He refused giving a silly excuse that he wanted to see children smile. But what about me? What was I then? A grown up? Ten years old. Is that not a child? I couldn't understand his reasoning. Then she came. Would he give up her too? Would he leave us? She didn't voice any opinion on the matter.

It burnt into my skull, his back as he walked away from me.

Those damn toys stole him away from me. Those stupid things called beyblades. But I couldn't give them up either. I wanted to destroy them all, but I couldn't destroy mine. It was the last thing that reminded me of him. Maybe I didn't want to forget him? Either way he was always with me, no matter how much I hated him.

Sometimes I wanted to go back to that time, when I was happy. But I knew that was stupid, I knew I never really wanted that. To be so gullible, so naïve. Never. Never again will I be tricked by that man or those stupid emotions.

Though he was right. I couldn't never give up beyblading. It had become a part of me. It was something I enjoyed now, just like that man. Just like… My father.