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Summary: Spencer Reid never joined the BAU, he couldn't. Now he's become the next victim in a line of murders by an insane man. Can the BAU find him in time? But help always will come from the oddest of places, especially in Las Vegas.


------------------Introducing Spencer Reid--------------------------


Three boys sat on the steps to the police station in a heated debate, go in or stay out? Two of the boys wanted to go in, they had something to report and it was worth getting yelled at if someone would listen right? The other was resolutely against the whole idea, it was a gang matter and the police wouldn't listen anyway.

A policeman walked out and saw the trio and yelled at them to get lost. The one against the idea crossed his arms, his point proven. The other two were more reluctant but got up and started down the steps. The policeman smirked, in his opinion the kids were nothing but trouble.

"Pence, Kail, its for the best. Once the number is over 50 we'll try again, okay?" The odd one out said, trying to see it from their point of view.

"Dane. By the time it gets to that number it'll be too late. Out of 146 kids on the street over a third will be gone and we can't risk getting numbers that low. The higher ups will pick us up and we'll be separated if we aren't dead yet." The younger of two said for going in said. He was rather tall, extremely thin, with long, dirty, white-blonde hair and expressive green eyes, he was Kail, one of the assumed oldest kids in the gang Whysper to which the whole trio belonged.

"Please. Just a couple more days, I swear. If the disappearances haven't stopped we'll report it to the police, I swear. Scouts honor." the other boy, Dane, replied giving his friends a mock salute. The youngest and biggest joker of the trio, he was often underestimated, and he liked it that way. He was rather small for his age, only about 5"3' at the age of seventeen, but he used it to his advantage often getting out of trouble because he was overlooked. His physical appearance didn't help deter the 'I'm-completely-innocent-why-are-you-staring-at-me' feeling he gave off. Wide cobalt blue eyes and long dirty-blonde hair he often used the kicked puppy look to his advantage.

The oldest, and tallest, was Pence. He was rather quiet, with dark brown hair and amber-ish eyes, a tall lanky form and hunched shoulders from trying not to be so tall, or reading while walking again. When the trio first met he had liked to ramble and spout off random statistics, but after a few months on the streets, he stopped.

"A couple more days." Pence agreed, "if we aren't dead by then we'll make the police listen to us."


Elle Greenaway sat in front of the board sipping coffee while trying to find the connection between the victims in the kidnapping/murder case in Las Vegas. The victims had no obvious connection to either each other or the killer. It was an odd array of victims at the very least; two recently unemployed men, and nine men with PhD's in a wide assortment of fields, from math to psychology to literature to criminal justice. All of the Dr.'s had been killed in order of descending age. It made no sense, and the team couldn't give an entirely accurate profile until the connection between the victims was discovered.

"Find anything interesting, Elle?" Elle whipped her head around to stare at Gideon who had walked into the room.

"Nope. There is absolutely no connection between the victims and the killer, or between the victims." Elle said. "I had Garcia run some backgrounds but she hasn't gotten back to me yet--"

The phone rang.

It was Garcia as expected; Gideon answered the phone "Do you have anything Garcia?"

"Do fish live in water? Yes I got something and you are going to like it!" Garcia exclaimed, typing away on her computer.

"Well?" Gideon asked impatiently.

"All of the victims went to the restaurant Icarus Flight within the two weeks of being murdered." Garcia said, "That restaurant is amazing, best waiters in the country, got the award to prove it. Amazing food and its all up in a tower that has four dining levels and three private rentable levels, a bar level, and a kids level. The waiting list to get into this place is miles long, but they are amazingly able to give up free seats to walk-ins. Its amazing, I went there once and, oh my god it was so good!" she squealed a bit at the end.

"Thanks Garcia." Elle said amused, reaching over to end the call. Gideon looked thoughtful for a minute before he went to find Hotch to tell the rest of the team about the new lead.


"So," Hotch began, "we were given a lead about a high class restaurant called Icarus Flight. The unsub could possibly work there, see the victim, and stalk them home."

"Unlikely, all the employees are given extensive background checks before they're hired." JJ said pulling out a small file, "I went through the database to find out more about it. The only complaints that the place has ever been given was about an employee being rough with a drunk on the bar level and people being kicked out at an hour after sunrise."

"Can we scope the place out? See if we can find anything suspicious?" Morgan asked, "Maybe find out why the employee was rough with the drunk? As a bartender he must've been used to it."

"Yes, well, the counter argument was made that the drunk was… harassing the bartender and several of the other patrons, but nothing to extensive." JJ read out of the report. A knock sounded on the door, and Detective Irving, the lead detective on the case, stuck her head in.

"The hospital just called in. Two employees from Icarus Flight were just admitted, their injuries match the unsub's M.O."


AN: Being mean. Left it there. Preintiss is on the team during this time, because Reid never joined so there was an empty slot that she took. It may be easy to guess who the victims are!