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-Illegal is Always Faster-


Morgan and Elle tore after Dane as he made his way through various alleys and backstreets, over fences, up a fire escape, across the roof, across a board serving as a bridge 7 stories up, down another fire escape, through more alleys, over more fences, and down more backstreets before they finally lost him. Elle staggered to a stop and doubled over as Morgan leant against the wall, both were breathing heavily. "Did you keep track of how we got here?" Elle panted, looking around at the unfamiliar area.

"I thought you were. I only remember going over the roof." Morgan replied breathlessly.

"Damnit. Now how are we gonna get back?" Elle gasped out.

"That won't be a problem. You shall be escorted off our grounds and are reminded to stay off. We don't like your kind here." Came the rather dark reply from above them. "Aeris, Leon, Reno, Cloud. Get them out of here. And don't get lost!" Four shadows detached themselves from the walls and came up surrounding Elle and Morgan.

"Yes Angeal!" The four chorused, the blonde one put on a small devise on his collar then tucked it deep into his shirt. Morgan was able to see a blinking red light on it before it was hidden by the material.

Elle paused slightly confused by the kids' names "I thought that those were a characters in some kind of game?"

"They are. We named ourselves mostly by appearance. The names fit yo." The four burst out laughing at what was obviously some kind of inside joke. They led Morgan and Elle through a different set of alleys and back streets before reaching one of the main streets. The red head who had spoken earlier stopped in the mouth of the alley to the main road. "This is as far as we go, yo. Don't come back, Whysper ain't meant to be messed with." And the four vanished back into the darkening alley.

Morgan took out his phone and called Garcia "Baby girl, I need everything you have on Dane, Zai Reed, whatever his name is. He vanished after an incident with a woman outside Icarus Flight."


It was about an hour later when Garcia called back. Morgan and Elle had made their way back to Icarus Flight and we waiting with the team as they went through what little evidence they had. Morgan picked up his cell as soon as it started ringing.

"What's up baby girl?"

Garcia hesitated, "You might want to put this on speaker phone." Morgan shrugged but did so as the others crowded around. "So I looked up the kids names right? And I got a bunch of dead ends at first. All three have criminal records all for theft and shoplifting. I was able to connect Pence, or Will Reed to a Spencer Reid. He's a genius apparently, and get this, tried out for the FBI predestined to the BAU, but was kicked out for undisclosed reasons."

Hotch cleared his throat, "That sounds suspicious. Anything else Garcia?"

"Well, yes. Dane, the boy who was with you, is actually part of the Witness Protection Program. He was Zaidane Maren, one of a pair of twin sons of Alek Maren."

"The politician from California, right? Had his kids kidnapped and held for ransom a while ago." Emily said.

"Yeah that one. He was the one who survived captivity. The last kid I only found traces of in the foster system up until about seven years ago when the Romino family adopted him. He showed up again about two years ago when he earned a PhD at the age of 17."

This time it was Morgan who broke in. "The Romino family is well known in certain circles for human trafficking. Who would let any kid live with them?"

"Apparently the foster system was that desperate for a family for him. He found his on the streets though, it seems. On a brighter note I was able to hack into the tracking bracelets they invented. A large group is in a warehouse at the northern edge of the city, another group is in an abandoned apartment complex still in Northern Vegas, and there is a pair being driven by one that barely shows up on the way out of town to the south. I think that's the pair you're looking for. The largest concentration is a couple blocks away near the construction site." Garcia finished happily leaning back in her chair back at Quantico.

"Thanks Baby Girl." Morgan said before he hung up. "So now what are we gonna do?"


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