"Can you hear me, Rundas?" a muffled voice uttered.

"We have consciousness. Standing by..." another hushed one said.

An annoying sound was beeping loudly in my ears. I stirred on something that was... soft... I didn't recall anything comforting after that concussive blast....

Wait, now I remember... On Norion... That, black suited Samus... She hit Gandrayda, Ghor, the real Samus, and I with a bright blue shock. It was exhilaratingly painful. Yes, now I recall.

And then there was blackness.

I moaned hoarsely, forcing myself to slowly open my eyes. Blinding light pounded at my sight, causing me to blink furiously. I couldn't feel the rest of my body.

"It's all right, Rundas, you're safe. You've been fully healed, too," the first voice said as my vision adjusted quickly, I finding myself laying down on some sort of hospital bed, computer monitors with pictures of my alien body and brain waves all over them. The obnoxious beeping I had heard was the beats of my heart.

"Where am I?" My tone was cracky; a little dry. I turned my head around the large room, where I could plainly see out of a few windows the black, star glittered space and a pale planet far below.

"Why you're on the Galactic Federation Starship Olympus, in one of our infirmary wings. You and the other bounty hunters successfully saved Norion from the Leviathan Seed, but got attacked by Dark Samus, causing you all to fall into a coma for about a month," a friendly, male voice said calmly. I flicked my eyes in bafflement over to a small human man in scrubs, his face gentle and his dark eyes kind.

"A month? It's been that long?" I spoke in disbelief. Had the strike been that powerful? I was unable to comprehend how she had taken me out so easily. Me! Rundas! Phrygisians (such as I) were not conquered with a simple concentrated blast.

I was furious. "How? I am undefeatable!" I sat upright, anger pulsing through me. I glared at the man. "Dark Samus isn't powerful enough to even phase me!" I shouted, the doctor taking a few steps back as he ordered another male human to fetch something on a desk far away.

I swung my legs off the bench, not noticing anything different. Out of my pure rage, I fired large chunks of jagged ice at the doctor, his eyes widening at their mass. I manipulated them thick, yet there was something else about them that made them larger than usual.

I stood now to my full towering height, about seven heads taller than the man.

The shards were rocketing towards his small figure when I suddenly felt excruciating pain. I cried out and clutched my chest with my hands, sinking to my knees with an audible clunk against the hard metal floor.

The ice bodies I had flung at the doctor were now puddles of brightly glowing water on the ground. The room went still except for my harsh breathing.

I looked to the doctor, heavy with effort. "What happened to me?" I gasped.

He approached me cautiously, saying in a low voice. "If you calm down, I will tell you." I nodded. "Get in the chair," I obeyed.