I awoke after what seemed a lifetime, my senses honed. The Bryyo sky was clear, not a single cloud. I sat upright, without any pain or exhaustion, remorse or thought.

I stood, knowing what I had to do by simple orders that were given inside my head. By a voice that was not Aurora Unit 242's: "Find Samus."

"I will," I said, taking flight on a path of ice, gliding through the air and onto a cliff top that was towering above the crashed Galactic Federation Starship Theseus.

Below, coming out of the ship, was Samus.

Her suit had the same appearance, but it wasn't as bright colors. The helmet and chest area were still dull red, with a small Galactic Federation Insignia on her breastplate. Her shoulder pads were gray, with three circles protruding out each of them. The armor on her arms, legs and torso was dull orange, with plating that abled her to move freely. The weapon on her right arm was the same and gray colored shoes covered her feet.

I watched her for a few moments, but then she saw me. Her head turned up to me in relief, glad to know that I was okay. When she raised her free hand to wave, I turned away and flew out of the area, leaving her slightly perplexed.


I was standing on a high perch in a Fuel Gel pump room, Samus finishing up her battle with several Reptilicus. She started scanning around the area, things that were of interest or important to her. She scanned some sheen ice coating the ledge I was standing on. Then she noticed my feet, tilting her head upward to see me.

After a few seconds of her scanning my corrupt body, I turned and walked away through a door, not allowing her screenings to finish.

A Space Pirate vessel flies past my head several hundred feet above.

Samus spots them too, rushing out of the room in her hurry to catch them when they land. She takes a quick glance to me over her shoulders as she opens a door and disappears.

"Follow her!" The voice commands.

I obey and begin the pursuit.

I arrive at a large arena, where the ancient Bryyonians hosted and watched battles to the death. That's what I planned to do.

I was hidden, Samus not knowing I was present. She walked into the chamber, where a pool of Fuel Gel sat below, iron grating allowing her to walk over it. She looked around as the Space Pirates hovered over in their ugly Boarding Pod spacecraft, opening some hatches on the sides. Two Space Pirates jumped out, surrounding the bounty hunter on either side.

One pulled out a large sword, leaping into the air to slice Samus. But she was faster, shooting it good in the chest as soon as it jumped. The other one aimed its gun at her, she shot it too.

Another pair of Space Pirates approached her, I lifting up my hand and sending a large icicle to block their path, I was inside it. They were startled, turning and fleeing as fast as they could.

I sent out paths of ice that chased the retreating Pirates, freezing each and every one in a foolish running position.

Samus turned to the giant icicle I was incased in. I split it into three spires, standing before the bounty hunter as she scanned me.

When she was finished, she approached.


I thrust my arm towards her, a miniature trail of ice stalagmites shooting in her direction. She backflipped to the side, landing in a crouched position then standing up, aiming her weapon at me. She couldn't escape, I had frozen the door.

Samus stared at the ice I had just created, then she looked to me, confused.

I was hunched over, breathing heavily. After a second, she looked taken aback, shocked almost. The ice roads were cracking around me.

I rose up out of my spires, without touching any hard surface. Giant pillars of steel hard ice formed at random intervals inside the arena as I raised my hands up. A perch of ice rose below me.

The battle began.

I forged ice armor around myself, I felt Samus's scanning me again. I leapt off my perch, it shattering as soon as I touched the ground. I faced Samus as she charged her gun.

She shot me with a beam. It hurt, but I didn't care. I sent out three freezing blasts, her dodging to the sides and hiding partially behind an ice pillar. She kept on firing at me, even as I manipulated ice beneath my feet and took off into the air.

I glided in between the frozen columns, Samus's beam fire flying in all directions as she tried to lock onto me. Just to trick her, I zoomed above her head and behind her.

I landed, shooting two frozen blasts at her, hoping to encase her in ice. She dove behind an ice pier, evading my attacks.

I finally got sick of her hiding from me, so I plowed through a pillar opposite her, ice chunks raining to the ground with a crash. As soon as I was in Samus's range, she shot me with a charged beam. I threw my arm forward, sharp with ice, thinking she was in front of me.

She fired another blast. Instead of attacking her, I started running as quick as I could in the opposite direction.

Another one of Samus's beams smacked into me. I was stunned. "Ow!" I cried, standing and swaying in a daze. Something latched onto my shoulder yanked fiercely, ripping my armor off. I twisted to the side, watching Samus enter Hyper Mode.

She fired Phazon at me, but I reacted with a counterattack, freezing her with several shots of ice blasts. She was incased twice, fighting inside the ice to break free.

I took off down the arena, jumping upward and on top of a flat ice pillar. As Samus shot me with Phazon, I raised my left arm above my head, my right arm slightly below my chest. Cold surrounded my hands, forging four large chunks of ice that hovered in the air.

Samus destroyed two, the others catapulting themselves towards her. She didn't have enough time to demolish them.

She continued to fire at me, I creating three more ice chunks and hurling them at her. She didn't even touch the latest ones. I created more ice armor, and Samus attacked some more, this time the Phazon hurt enough to stun me.

"Ow!" I cried again, she Grappled onto my chest, yanking me downward and off the pillar. "Augh!" I grabbed my head and fell to my knees and on the ground, crying out once more, "Ow!" as Samus tugged off my ice armor.

I sent out bursts of ice, freezing Samus only once. She was still in Hyper Mode, and fired Phazon beams at me as I ran through the pillars.

She followed me, as soon as I saw her, I shot out more ice, freezing her again. I forged more ice armor around me, Samus's Hyper Mode wearing off as she ran low on Phazon.

She fired regular weapon blasts at me. I leaped up onto an ice pillar, feeling suddenly weak as Samus continued to pound me with charged energy.

"Use your own Hyper Mode!" The voice inside ordered, and I activated my PED Suit.

Samus tried scanning me, but I soared off my perch and behind her, destroying a column that sent out a shock wave and ice chunks.

She twisted around to face me, I pumping out ice that she dodged with ease. She launched a wave of orange beams that stunned me. "Ow!" I shrieked again, Samus tearing my ice armor off for the last time.

I jerked away and ran wildly, desperate to avoid Samus's attacks. She converted to Hyper Mode, blasting me with Phazon repeatedly.

In a frantic effort to save myself, I shot her with ice, freezing her once. She broke free with hardly any effort, and fired one final Phazon beam at me.

I was thrust backward by the blow, rolling roughly several times, and skidding onto my back. I was choking, gasping, and in major pain as Phazon erupted from my damaged suit in bolts. I reached for my chest, growing weak and dropping my hand, lolling my head back.

I attempted to sit up, my conquerer approaching me. It felt as if a huge weight was lifted from me, and I barely whispered, "I am sorry, Samus." I wasn't sure she'd heard.

Suddenly the sparking stopped, I turning my head from side to side in confusion.

Ice formed beneath me, without my controlling. A huge, sharp icicle shot up and through my left shoulder. "Augh!" Then another, this time stabbing through my right shoulder. "Auuggh!!" One more shooting up through my lower back and out my chest. "Ahh-" I was cut off by the final, thickest shard slicing through my entire body and protruding out of my face. "AAAUUGGGHH!!!!" I screamed. It had happened so fast.

Out of my dying senses, I froze over, impaled four times by my own ice. A hollow buzzing sounded from the area, my suit shattering along with the ice skewered through me.

I was suspended in midair, my limbs hanging limp and cold groundward, blood endlessly gushing out of my wounds. A ghostly black shape left my body and hovered behind me, my broken, bleeding face seeing its darkness.

My body felt as if it were being ripped slowly apart, small particles of my being diffusing and becoming absorbed inside the mysterious life form.

The process kept eating me away until I was nothing more, disappearing from the world and Samus's vision.

I was forever swallowed in shadow. I never saw any light, ever, again.

Hunter Rundas: