Author's Note: The sequel to 'The Nightmare Continues' is underway. I was going to have the police call Dave and tell him that Leonard was running loose again and have Leonard abduct Alvin from the house, but I changed my mind. I think what you're about to read will be a little more dramatic (I'm a drama person when it comes to stories).

Also, all the stories I have written for the Chipmunks so far are not movie-based. They are cartoon-based. I may change my pen name too, so if you see a different pen name, it's still the same author.

It took a while, but Alvin was finally getting back to his old self. He was running around the house and breaking things again. Dave didn't have to yell at him this time. It was music to his ears. Alvin was all caught up in school and had started going back. He still had a few nightmares about Dave's abusive brother, Leonard, but they weren't as numerous. Dave was just glad to see Alvin happy again.

Today, Dave was preparing supper while the boys played basketball outside. Dave looked out the window and smiled. It felt so good to see Alvin smiling and laughing again. Leonard wouldn't bother them anymore. Would he?

At an asylum on the other side of town, sirens sounded and shots rang out. Someone had escaped. We all probably know who.

Leonard had successfully dodged every bullet and made it over the fence. He then found a bush to hide behind.

The police stopped firing.

"You can run but you can't hide, Seville!" the chief called out.

Alvin's eyes popped open and he sat straight up. Sweat ran down his face and his breathing was heavy, but once he saw his brothers sleeping in their beds he began to calm down. Alvin let out a deep breath. He threw off his blanket and climbed out of bed. Then he made his way out of the room.

Dave woke up to a small knock on his bedroom door. He climbed out of bed and answered the door, finding Alvin on the other side, hugging himself.

"Hey buddy, what's the matter?" Dave asked softly.

Alvin stared up at him.

Dave knew that look. "Another nightmare, huh?" he asked, his voice still soft.

Alvin nodded.

Dave gathered Alvin in his arms. "Would you like to sleep with me for awhile?" he asked.

Alvin nodded again.

Dave carried Alvin back into his room and both went back to sleep.

At around midnight, Dave carried Alvin, who was sleeping peacefully, back to own room. Dave quietly entered the boys' room, careful not to wake Simon and Theodore, and walked over to Alvin's bed. Supporting Alvin's head and back, Dave carefully placed Alvin in bed and pulled the covers up. Then he placed a kiss on the child's forehead.

Alvin stirred a little, but he was too deep in dreamland to know what was going on.

Dave gently brushed Alvin's hair back and quietly left the room.

What Dave didn't know was that Leonard was watching them, just a few feet away from their house.

"Just you wait, David. I'll have my revenge. Your son will pay for what he's done to me" Leonard said to himself. He then walked off into the night.

"Hurry, boys! You'll be late for school!" Dave called from the kitchen.

"Coming Dave!" the boys called from their room. They finished getting dressed and made their way out of their room and downstairs.

The boys entered the kitchen. Dave had just finished making their lunches.

"Looks like you boys will have to eat breakfast at school today. Do you have enough money?" Dave asked as he handed them their lunches.

"I'll pay. I have enough money for all three of us" said Simon.

"All right. Hurry along" said Dave.

The boys left for school.

At lunchtime, the Chipmunks sat in their usual seats next to their friends, the Chipettes.

"Looks like you got a good night's sleep" Brittany said to Alvin.

"What do you mean?" Alvin asked.

"We haven't seen you this refreshed in a long time" said Eleanor.

"Even Mrs. Bruno was surprised. You didn't fall asleep in class like last time" Jeanette said.

"By the way, did you have any nightmares last night?" asked Brittany.

"I had one last night, but they're not as numerous" said Alvin.

After school. the Chipmunks had invited the girls to their house. As they were walking, Alvin noticed his shoe was untied.

"You guys go ahead. I'll catch up" said Alvin.

Simon and the others continued on while Alvin bent down to tie his shoe. Afterward he stood up, smoothed out his jacket, and continued on himself.

At the same time, a car slowly pulled up behind.

Alvin stopped and turned around. The car just sat there.

What the heck? Alvin thought. He began walking again and the car accelerated behind him.

Alvin stopped again and turned around. It seemed the car had moved from it's original spot. Was Alvin being followed?

Alvin continued walking and the car followed him.

This time, Alvin didn't stop and turn around. Instead, he began to run. There were just a few more blocks before he arrived safely at home.

As soon as Alvin began to run, the car behind him started going faster too. Once they reached the curb, the car swerved in front of Alvin, who stopped in his tracks to avoid getting hit. But now, Alvin was too scared to move. Who was this and what did they want with him?

Alvin was about to get his answer when the car door slowly opened.