Is This Love

By Squirrelmaster

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Death Note or else Mello would still be alive.

"Near," Mello growled under his breath. "That damned albino robot." Near had been acting much differently as of late and it was beginning to piss off Wammy's resident second best. "Who the hell does he think he is? Inviting me to play with his stupid little toys? And in front of everyone!" Mello paced through his best friend's room. The room's videogame loving occupant, Matt, merely sighed and continued to listen to Mello's rantings. Mello barked with laughter. "Well, let's see him think about humiliating me like that again!" That's when Matt finally spoke up.

"You were too harsh with him. He was only trying to be friendly with you. He's probably sick of the little feud you two have going." 'Just like I am,' Matt thought to himself.

"Don't be stupid, Matt!" Mello all but screamed. "Near, being friendly? Never. And what do you mean he's sick of our feud? He's the cause!" Matt just shook his head. "Oi! Don't shake your head at me! I'm right!"

"Of course, Mels," Matt said. "Like always. But you know," He began again. "Perhaps you should apologize to him."

"I have nothing to apologize for!" With that, Matt set down his DS and looked straight at his friend.

"You screamed insults at him and broke his favorite Transformer. A normal child would have cried their eyes out because of you." Mello hesitated with his response.

"Well, Near's not a normal kid, is he? He didn't react at all! He just picked up the pieces and left."

"That's not the point, Mello.," Matt said, raising his voice slightly. "Just because he doesn't show emotions doesn't mean that he doesn't feel them. You're closer to Near than anyone else at Wammy's, you should at least know that." Mello was suprized at Matt's change in attitude. He calmed slightly and lowered his voice.

"What do you mean I'm closer to him?" Matt smirked.

"Don't be stupid, Mello," he said, mocking his friend. Mello's eye twitched, silently telling Matt to continue. "I can't believe you haven't noticed."

"Just tell me what the hell you're talking about!" Matt got serious again.

"For as long as Near has been here, have you ever seen him talk to the other kids?" Mello thought back and relized he couldn't recall Near ever conversing with anyone. "You're always so angry that you never notice the little things about him. The only people Near ever talks to are Roger, Watari, L, you , and myself." Mello remained skeptical.

"How am I so special if he talks to you as well?" Matt sighed.

'Doesn't he get it?' "The only time Near ever talks to me is when I'm with you. When are you going to get it? You are the only person that matters to Near and you just destroyed him in front of everyone. I wouldn't be surprised if he really is crying right now," Matt finished his statement by looking off in the direction of Near's room.

Mello felt himself freeze. Near, crying? The idea just didn't sit right with him. 'Looks like he finally gets it,' Matt thought. Mello couldn't get the image of a weaping Near out of his head. He crossed his arms in mock annoyance and made a fake huff.

"Whatever, Matt," He said, pretending to be unaffected. "I'm sick of talking to you. I'll see you later." Mello waved lamely at Matt before leaving the room. After shutting the door he leaned back on it and sighed. He closed his eyes, only to quickly open them again. "Damn it," he sighed. Pushing himself off the door, he began to make his way to a certain white-haired boy's room. 'Just to make sure he's not crying,' he thought to himself.

When he got to Near's door he hesitated. 'What am I doing? What am I supposed to say to him? How will I explain why I'm here?" A million questions ran though Mello's head, then Matt's voice suddenly appeared, 'Apologize.' 'That's right,' Mello thought. 'All I need to do is say sorry and get out.' With that, he didn't bother knocking on Near's door and just walked in. Mello wasn't prepared for what he saw.