Miranda fell to the ground the rifle in her hands bent and covered in demon blood. She ran out of shots a while ago and began fighting the demons with the blunt end of the gun. She had done ok she thought to herself, but her body couldn't fight anymore. Exhaustion washed over, her she hadn't been wounded, a fact she was pretty proud of, except a minor scratch or two and she had managed to fight well enough and fiercely enough to make the demons cautious before attacking her. But she could do no more not even lift her rifle. "God let me faint before they come for me. I don't want to be awake for this." She thought to herself as she fell back and her vision darkened. The last thing she saw as she closed her eyes was the demons begin to move in on her, then a flash of silver and white and the glint of steel, then… liquid amber? Darkness…

Sesshomaru landed in between Miranda and the approaching demons. They were pretty bloodied up and 3 were dead with a fourth bleeding profusely from its chest. They halted from surprise at a Demon Lord landing before them. He didn't give them time for the surprise to wear off. Using Tokijen he dispatched the remaining demons and turned to look down at the fallen girl. Her eyes widened a slight bit before falling closed. He knelt beside her and checked her for injuries. Only a few minor scratches and a bruise or two but she was fine, exhausted but fine. Taking her up into his arms he took to the air and sailed back the direction he had come. He would need to find her horse but if he was right the animal had been following him back to his master.

Miranda came slowly awake. Her head was pounding and she needed a drink. Still being groggy she realized two things. Someone was holding her and she felt like she was flying… The demon that had taken her was holding her very gently almost protectively. Odd… weren't they trying to kill her? Steeling herself she slowly opened her eyes to see what had ahold of her. She was nestled against a red and white warrior's kimono… Realization slapped her in the face. Sesshomaru had come for her! Filled with joy and every happy emotion under the sun Miranda sat up in Sesshomaru's arms wrapped hers around his neck and planted her lips against his. Fear gripped her for a second as she wasn't sure he would return the kiss. The fear was wiped away as he held her tight against him and deepened the kiss. She felt them land lightly on the ground. Not breaking the kiss he gently set her on her feet and cupped her face in his hands. He pulled back to look down at her and she met his gaze head on. A single tear rolled down her cheek and he wiped it away with his thumb. "Thank you…" Miranda whispered. "Don't leave me again…" He replied, pulling her into his arms to hold her and feel her heart beat against his chest. Miranda was safe. She knew that now and would fight against all odds to keep this feeling.

A surprising sound interrupted their moment. The clump of tired hooves and a grumbling whinny made Miranda turn in Sesshomaru's arms to watch an exhausted Sen, stumble towards them. Miranda choked back a happy sob and ran over to her beloved horse and threw her hands around his neck.

Sesshomaru faltered for a step as Miranda's lips touched his. Raw passion flowed through him as he wrapped his arms around her and deepened the kiss. Now he was truly his father's son, and he didn't care. She was fascinating to him and she filled a void he didn't know he had. He never wanted to let her go. He lit on the ground and held her face in his hands letting all the feelings coursing through his body to shine from his eyes. "Don't leave me again.." He had told her. And he had meant it.

He smiled inwardly as he watched her reunion with her beloved steed. The horse looked like he needed a couple days rest, Miranda too. "We'll camp here for the night." Miranda smiled in gratitude and began to un-tack Sen. "I will hunt for something to eat. I will not be far." He turned and left the small clearing to find wild game they could cook and eat. It would do Miranda good to have a full meal and a good sleep. He would make sure she had both. At the thought he shook his head at the weakness he had for the human woman. He had tried very hard to be everything his father wasn't, now look at him. Was he in love with a human girl? Sesshomaru gave an out of character snort at the idea. Did he know what love was? All he knew is he would protect her and keep her happy at any cost. If that was love then so be it!

Miranda finished un-tacking Sen and rubbing him down. She gathered some wood and made a small cooking fire for when Sesshomaru returned. It wasn't long before he returned with a small deer already gutted. Miranda set about skinning it while Sesshomaru made a spit for over the fire. They settled down beside each other in an easy silence listening to the crackling of the fire. Still exhausted Miranda dozed off against Sesshomaru's shoulder. He put a protective arm around her and let her sleep until the deer was done.

While they ate they discussed what they would do in the morning. They would meet up with Inuyasha and his group and travel with them till they found Naraku. Although Sesshomaru's pride stung greatly he had to admit to himself that he could not protect Rin and Miranda as well if he was alone. And he couldn't let anything happen to either of them. After the plan was set and they had eaten their fill Miranda stretched out against Sesshomaru's chest and fell fast asleep. He remained on guard all night. He was Sesshomaru and he didn't need to sleep every night.

Rested and refreshed Miranda packed her horse and mounted. She offered Sesshomaru to ride with her but he declined. They moved off at a low easy lope that sesshomaru kept up to effortlessly and Sen had no problems keeping. They camped for 2 more nights before catching up to Inuyasha late the third afternoon.

"So you made it in time huh Sesshomaru." Inuyasha snickered. The gloating didn't last long before a feminine voice shouted "SIT BOY!" with a cry Inuyasha face planted into the ground. Kagome gave him an angry glare then looked at Miranda and smiled "I'm so glad you're back! We've really missed you. Especially Little Rin." All of a sudden Miranda was hit by a small hurtling red Kimono that wrapped its arms around her waist. "Oh Miranda! I'm so glad to see you! I knew you would bring her back my Lord! I just knew it!" Miranda laughed and picked the girl up and squeezed her into a fierce hug that Rin returned. While they all said their hello's Miranda watched as Sesshomaru walked a ways away from the group and seemed to be in deep conversation. Battle plans? She wondered. Must be important cuz they never get along that well. She would ask Sesshomaru later. For now she would just be happy she was back….