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Ranma Rebooted

Chapter Three: Nabiki

Nabiki opened her eyes as her alarm sounded showing that it was now five in the morning. She set up in her bed and stretched and yawned loudly. Reaching over she hit the off button turning the alarm off.

Nabiki rubbed her eyes and lowered her legs over the side of the bed.

'It's about time for…' she was thinking when she heard commotion down the hall 'yep its time'.

She stood up out of the bed and grabbed the hand bag with all her bath stuff and a change of clothes that she prepared the night before. She also grabbed her school bag with all of her school books, pens, and paper that she would need for the day. She took both bags and opened her bed room door and waited a few seconds and listened. After not hearing anything in the hall she entered the hall and made her way to the stairs. Without any problems she made it out of the house and started walking toward the public baths.

"psst" came a voice from a alley way not far from the bath house.

Nabikit stopped and turned to look down the alley. She squinted but saw no one or nothing. So she started to walk away.

"Hey" came the voice again.

Nabiki stopped again and nervously looked down the alley to see Hopposi. She sighed "What do you want?"

"I will promise not to enter the baths till you leave if you will answer a question for me" he said with a slight grin on his face.

"What would that be?"

"Is the hot water still off at the dojo?"

Nabiki smirked "Yes it is, it was your fault was it not?"

Hopposi got an evil grin on his face "You better get your bath before the others get here" . He then steeped back into the shadows and disappeared.

Nabiki shrugged and made her way toward the bath House. Nothing strange happened as she bathed and dried herself off. She was a bit worried how empty the place was at this time of the day. But after her bath she decided to waste some time at the video arcade before the bell.

Again she had an uneventful trip to the arcade. She thought about it for a second 'Seams odd that nothing has happened yet'.

She spends the next hour walking around the arcade playing random games till she got to the back and saw it.

"I always wanted to try this" she said out loud. She then steeped up to the platform and rubbed her hands together with anticipation. She reached out and grabbed the guitar shaped controller with the number one carved on it.

Nabiki reached into her purse and pulled out a few coins and inserted them into the machine, she licked her lips as the machine came to life welcoming her to the world of Guitar hero. She chose her character and the song she wanted to play.

Before the first note was played someone came busting through the arcade door. Nabiki blinked and turned her head toward the door. When her eyes adjusted to the light she saw Ranma standing at the front door breathing heaving and slowing making his way down the aisle looking around.

She heard ranma say "What is a Pac Man and how could it be useful".

She just shook her head and waved at him 'He never comes to the arcade, what could he be doing here'.

"Ranma what brings you here" she said still holding the controller she thought to herself 'he will pay me back the money for this'.

"Being Chassed" is all she heard him say.

At that instant loud voices could be heard outside and one loud voice could be heard saying "There you are".

A bright light could be seen coming through the door and the silhouette of ranma flying toward her. He landed on her with the controller firmly pressed between them.

The last thing she heard before the explosion was:

"I am Iron Man!
Has he lost his mind?
Can he see or is he blind?
Can he walk at all
Or if he moves will he fall?"

Nabiki came back to her senses while humming Iron Man. She realized that Ranma has just took a sharp left turn and she was about to run strait into a wall.

"gasp" said Nibiki as she came to a complete stop inches from the wall. She looked to her left and could see Ranma still running down the hall way.

'Stop your day dreaming and pull yourself together' she scolded herself as she turned and made her way after Ranma. 'We don't know where we are and Ranma is the only protection you have so don't loss him' the little voice in Nabiki's head told her.

Elsewhere in the principal office.

Bob and Matrix walked into the hanger.

"Hmm, this is the hanger that Dot told us to met her?" bob said as he turned to Matrix.

Matrix just shrugged "Yea sis said this hanger"

A loud grinding noise was heard as the giant doors to the hanger started to close. Both Bob and Matrix turned and looked with wide eyes and the hanger doors shut behind them.

"IT'S A TRAP" yelled Matrix.

"Glitch Jaws of life" state bob as he flinched from matrix yelling in his ear.

The gear shot off of glitch and morphed into a large set of pliers but harmlessly bounced off the closed doors.

"Glitch return"

Matrix walked up to the door and tried to pry them open with his bare hands when a loud voice could be heard coming from the loud speakers in the hanger bay. "Welcome to your new prison my little sprites, bwaa haa ha"

"I really hate that virus"

"Yea I know Matrix, I know.

Still Elsewhere.

"Dot what do we do"

"I don't know Mouse, the communication system does not work and I can't give the general evacuation order." Dot said as she lowered her head as Two Figures ran past them down the adjacent hallway.