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What the... oh, my head...

Samus mentally groaned. Her head was blazing. Everything felt foggy and strange. She couldn't even feel the rest of her body. What happened? What's going on...

Slowly, he began to gain control of her senses again. Her ears started working, and she heard something snoring in her ear. Another voice brought her back to the land of the living.

"Yoo-hoo, Samus?" a familer voice said. "Are you awake?"

Samus slowly opened her eyes and stared into the eyes of Mario, he smiled in relief. "Thank goodness," he said. "You're awake. How are you feeling?"

Samus felt wasted and very confused. She answered, "I'm fine."

Mario gave a breath of relief. "Thank goodness. You lost-a lotta blood in that fight. Thankfully, I managed to stitch-a you up before you, well, died."

The memory struck Samus like a bullet. The party, the fight with SA-X, Sonic nearly losing it. Everything came back so fast it felt like mental whiplash. "Oh, man," she muttered, laying on the bed in the mansion's infirmary, wearing a hospital gown. "How long have I been out?"

"Since last night," Mario answered. "Not too long. I kept you under so I could stitch your wounds."

"Oh." Samus shook her head and turned. Sonic was sitting on a wheelchair, snoring. The hedgehog's right leg was in a caste, and he was leaning on her bed.

Mario chuckled. "He refused to leave you, so I had to-a stich him up right there. He's loyal, if-a nothing else."

Samus gave a small smile to the sleeping hedgehog. "He sure is," she confirmed. "He protected me, you know. Even when everything was going wrong, he stood with me." She shook her head. "Almost nobody's ever done that before," she said, more to herself than Mario. "He stood up to SA-X when I couldn't..." A thought shot into her brain. "Mario," she said. "Where's SA-X?"

Mario looked away. "She's in another room in the infirmary," he answered.

Samus' eyes widened. She bolted out of bed, only to have Mario block her path. "What are you-a doing?" he asked. "Sit back down, I need to run some tests on how you feel."

"I'm fine!" she snapped. "Let me go!"

"Samus, you know I can't do that," Mario replied. "Now sit and calm down."

"Are you insane?" Samus asked. "She's here! She could get loose at any time and you think I should calm down?"

Sonic snorted, surprised at the noise that had shaken him out of his sleep. "Huh-what... Oh, Samus, you're awake!" he said, grinning. "Thank God you're in one piece!"

Samus turned to Sonic. "Sonic," she said. "SA-X is here, in the mansion!"

Sonic nodded. "I know."

Samus blinked. "What?" she asked, dreading the answer.

Sonic sighed. "I know she's here, because I'm the one who told Falcon and Meta to bring her with us."

The pin dropped.

Samus stared at the hedgehog, blinking. "What?" she whispered, not in the mood to yell.

Sensing awkwardness coming, Mario wisely decided to leave the two alone.

Samus stared. "Sonic, why?" she asked. "She killed people just to get here. She escaped from a high security facility in my universe. Why would you save her if she wants to kill us."

Sonic looked away. "I... I couldn't leave her Samus... I just couldn't... She hurt you, she hurt me, and she scared the heck out of everyone else... But I couldn't leave her to die, all alone."

Samus sat back in her bed. "So, you saved her," she said. "Why do you have to be so damn noble?" she said, angrily.

Sonic sighed. "Well, what if we did leave her? What if she had crawled away and survived? She would have come back to kill you again. The we'd be in another pickle like this one."

Samus stared at him, and he continued. "I'm sorry I went behind your back on this, but you were kinda dying of blood loss at the time. What was I supposed to do? Leave her to die? Besides," he added, "I did kinda beat the snot out of her."

Samus nodded, her bad mood slightly melted away. "That you did," she said. "For me. Thank you."

Sonic chuckled. "Isn't the girl supposed to be mad when the guy loses his temper and beats people up?"

Samus gave him a dry smile. "Well, I would have done the same thing," she said, though inside she was still feeling uneasy about SA-X being in the mansion.

Mario knocked on the door and poked his head in. "Um, you have a few-a visitors. Should I send them in?"

Samus and Sonic nodded. "Sure."

Amy burst in past Mario and siezed Sonic in the mother of all hugs. "Sonic!" she screamed. "Oh, thank goodness you're alright! What were you thinking, pulling a stunt like that?"

Sonic grinned sheepishly. "Uh, I was thinking about stopping the woman who was trying to kill us all?"

Amy slapped her arm. "Don't kid around! This is serious! I thought I lost you!"

Sonic sighed. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to scare you, Ames."

Amy turned away. "Well you did," she huffed.

As Mario left to check up on another patient, Falco and Zelda followed Amy inside shortly. Falco's side was covered in fresh gauze, and Zelda's nose was red and runny, but they were both alive and well, thankfully.

"Glad to see you're awake," Falco said.

"Glad to see you're awake too," Sonic said. "You too, Zel."

Zelda gave a curt bow. "Thank you both so much. If it hadn't been for you, that monster would have escaped and wrecked havoc again."

"Aw, shuck," Sonic said. "You all would have done the same."

Zelda blushed, and sniffled. "That maybe, but we didn't. We owe you our lives."

Samus raised her hand. "Relax," she said. "No big deal. You're welcome. So, how's everyone else?"

"Well, Peach has been in the kitchen all day," said Zelda. "Cooking and baking helps her calm down after a big panic, apparently. She'll drop by later with cake. Lots of cake."

"Not to mention Fox chewed me out for an hour and a half for steeling his Arwing," Falco said. "Snake and Lucario are in bed with colds, which is where Zelda should be, by the way, and everyone else is getting ready for a make-up party."

Sonic grinned. "Awesome," he said. "Maybe this time we can have it without any interruptions. Can't say I'll be on the dance floor though," he said, glancing down at his leg.

Amy sighed. "Oh, Sonic!" she said. "Your leg..."

Sonic groaned. "Don't remind me," he said. "Another couple months of doing nothing," he complained.

Falco snickered. "I'll get Master Hand to move a TV into your room again," he said. "Looks like someone's not running for a little while."

Zelda giggled and Samus chuckled. Amy looked at Sonic, surprise and worry on her face. "You? Live without running?"

Sonic groaned. "Not again..."

Everyone struggled not to burst out laughing. This would be hard for Sonic, and he needed their support. They all promised to sign his cast, when they could.

Mario chose that time to walk in, rubbing his nose. "Hey, everyone," he said. "I'm back."

Samus raised an eyebrow. "What happened?"

Mario frowned. "I was trying to check on your clone's bandages, and she kicked me."

"Ouch," said Sonic, wincing.

Mario nodded. "Well, she all-a checks out, so Master Hand is-a sending her to a special cell down in the basement. He's getting her-a therepy, apparently."

Samus blinked. "Therepy?"

Mario shrugged. "You know Master Hand," he said.

Samus felt a feeling of suspiscion rising in her gut. Master Hand wouldn't dare think of making SA-X a Smasher... Would he? He had made Ganondorf a Smasher... What if SA-X was made into a Smasher? Samus winced. Master Hand did like to make things interesting. An evil clone would be very interesting.

She pushed the thought aside and let Mario check her stitchs as the others continued to talk with each other, happy to be free from their ordeals.

"Okedokie," Mario said. "You're good to go Samus. Come back in about two weeks and I'll remove the stitches."

Samus stood up. "Thanks," she said.

"Where you goin'?" asked Sonic.

"To think," Samus said. "See you around."

"You need someone to think with?" asked Sonic.

Samus shook her head, walking away. "I'm good."

The blonde dissapeared, leaving the others in the room. Sonic sighed. "I'm never gonna figure her out," he admitted.

Zelda shrugged, standing up. "Probably not," she said.

"Where are you going off to?" asked Falco.

"I'm going to see Pit," she said simply.

"Oh, okay," Sonic said. "Have fun!"

Zelda walked away. "I'll try."

Sonic turned to Falco, grinning. "Well, might as well get that TV and some chili dogs. I hear a marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is on today!"

"'Have fun'," Zelda repeated to herself as she walked into Pit's room. The angel was lying on a mat, his body covered in gauze and bandages, and his face covered in bruises. "Yes, right..." she muttered sadly, as she gazed upon the battered guard.

Zelda's insides hurt. Not the kind of pain taht makes you scream in anguish or cry, but the kind of pain that just made you very quiet, and made you feel very alone.

Pit's confession had struck her. Hard. She didn't know why the angel had accepted her request in the first place. She would rather be rejected first hand than learn that it was all a lie. Her hopes for a relationship were feeling crushed.

Pit was in a dismal state. He was worse off then Sonic and Samus put together. He was even worse off then SA-X. Bruises covered his skin, along with a multitude of gauze and stitches. Despite that, he looked peaceful and relaxed. Like he knew his ward was now safe and sound. Like his duty had been done. It was as if he had died peacefully.

Zelda shook that thought away. Pit was still alive, so there was no need to be so morbid.

"Seeing how your friend is doing, Princess Zelda?"

Palutena waked into the room, a large piece of gauze wrapped around her forehead. Zelda curtsied politely. "Spirit Palutena," she said, politely.

Palutena raised her hand. "Please, don't. I don't need any bows from you Princess. I've heard about you from Pit." The green haired woman smiled warmly."I apoligize that he could not escort you at your party. We had a little... trouble."

Zelda nodded. "I know," she said. "The woman... I mean, SA-X, is in a cell downstairs."

Palutena nodded, looking down at the battered Pit. "Thank goodness," she said.

"Yes," Zelda replied, quietly. "His suffering wasn't in vain. We're all safe now."

Palutena nodded. "If he hadn't come along, I would have died there. He saved me. He's saved me so many times before." She gently ruffled the young man's hair. "I owe him so much more than being a guard."

"I need a glass of water," Zelda said, turning around and heading for the door. But before she turned the knob, she froze. "Spirit Palutena." The words slipped from her lips before she could stop them. "Pit doesn't love me. He's in love with you."

Palutena didn't reply. She smiply stared at the fallen hero. Zelda, seeing that she had said her piece, left the room, the door clicking behind her.

The moment SA-X became conscious and found herself in a cell, she threw herself at the door, trying to break out, only stopping when the pain from her wounds forced her to. After that, she tried to find an air vent to sneak through. Then, she tried to break through the energy field that covered the viewing area, where people could keep an eye on her. After all her failed escape attempts, the clone gave a scream of agony, and then huddled in a corner alone. Her face buried in her knees, motionless, soundless, and loveless. However, as secure as the cell was, Master Hand was not taking chances with the clone. A black collar was around her neck, designed to give her a stunning bolt of electricity if she tried to escape or attack, though he hoped they would not have to use it. SA-X may have alien autonomy that healed faster than a human, but there was only much even she could take.

Samus sighed as she observed the clone, sitting out in the viewing area. SA-X had made her feel something awful while they were fighting. Something Samus hated: guilt. A feeling of self-loathing was bubbling in her gut as she watched the clone through the field.

"Here to keep an eye on the prisoner, Ms. Aran?" asked a familier robotic voice.

Samus turned and smiled tiredly as R.O.B. rolled over to her, his head attached to a new body. "Heya R.O.B.," she said, getting of her chair. "How you feeling?"

"I am one-hundred percent operational," the robot informed her. "And how are you? Master Hand said you took quite a bit of stitching up."

"Yeah," Samus said. "She cut me up, that's for sure. I feel worse for Sonic though," she added.

"Another broken leg?"

"You guessed it," Samus replied. "Master Hand said he'll have to screw around with the Tourney Schedule so that we can fit him back in. It'll take a while, but he'll be back in the ring before you know it."

"Good," R.O.B. said, turning to stare at SA-X. "Master Hand says that Ms. X will be staying with us for some time now. So we can give her the help that she needs."

Samus shuddered. The thought that SA-X would be getting therapy here bothered her, and yet she actually wanted it to happen. A feeling of confusion joined the guilt in her gut.

"Master Hand has uploaded a few therapy programs into my software," R.O.B. informed her. "If that does not work, then we shall seek help from another therapist. He seems confident that I can do it, but I feel uncertain. I cannot truly understand human emotions, and he expects me to talk to her about them." The robot gave a metallic sigh. "I hope I can give her the help she needs."

"I hope so too," Samus said.

"You seem nervous," R.O.B. said. "Are you feeling uncertain about SA-X's treatment here?"

Samus decided to let it all out. "Of course I am!" she said. "R.O.B., she tried to kill me, kill the rest of the Smashers, and she shot you. She's done awful things and hurt dozens of people, and we're letting her sleep in our basement and eat our food." She sighed. "I don't know... What if she gets out? What if she tries to finish the job? Could we stop her again?"

"She has no weapons, no ship, and no help," R.O.B. said. "If she escapes, the security system will stop her. We have her under control."

"But what if..." Samus began. "Oh forget it," she muttered, before walking off.

"Ms. Aran," R.O.B. said, stopping her from walking off. "Ms. X is a danger, but please think about it."

"I am thinking about it," Samus retorted. "She is dangerous! She tried to kill me! She tried to kill Sonic! She tried to...!"

"Samus, please." R.O.B. floated over to her. "SA-X is not a monster. The X were animals; they hurt people and killed them to benefit their kind. But SA-X isn't an animal; she's human now. She was trying to kill you because she was scared, angry and alone. She doesn't know what she is doing is wrong. She may be evil, but the majority of us aren't. It's our duty to try and give her help when she needs it, and maybe one day we can look at her in a different, and maybe she can look at us differently as well."

Samus was silent.

"You do not need to visit her if you want, and you do not have to speak to her if you don't wish to." R.O.B. began to float off.

"R.O.B., wait," Samus said, halting the robot. "I guess you're right. If Master Hand and you want to help SA-X, then it's your choice. If she accepts your help, then it's none of my business."

"Thank you," R.O.B. said.

"And R.O.B.?" Samus added. "Those psychology programs are working fine."

"I'll take your word for it," the robot said."Oh, and by the way, Sonic has something special for you. You might wish to see him for it."

He floated off, leaving Samus to stare at her clone, who hadn't moved at all, while her mind swirled, wondering what Sonic had gotten her. However, her mind was still wrapped around SA-X. She sighed. Maybe R.O.B. is right...

"Hello, Samus," a cheery voice said.

Samus didn't even turn to speak to Peach as she walked by her, a tray of muffins in her hands. "Where are you going?" she asked.

"I'm giving the prisoner her first meal in the mansion!" Peach replied, still smiling. "Master Hand asked me to. We don't need her going hungry!"

Samus did a double take. "EXCUSE me?"

It took an immense amount of self-control for SA-X to not scream and rant like a lunatic. After all her preperations, all her plans, she had failed. Her hopes, prayers and dreams were crushed. She was back from where she started: a prisoner, and doubtlessly, a soon to be test subject. Her stomach flipped at the thought of being cut up and examined like a bug again. She snarled and gazed at her arm. It was wrapped in a thick bandage, along with her waist, forehead, and legs. Thankfully, the rodent smashing her around didn't break anything. Killing someone slowly had its perks for the victem after all.

"Hello? Are you awake?"

SA-X looked up from the her her knees and glared at the intruder. Princess Peach, a Smasher, and a friend of Samus Aran who had met her during the last Tournament. A brat who had power over so many, and yet never did anything of use for her country. But why was she here? She wasn't a torturer, or a scientist. However, she had a feeling she was a gloater. "Come to kick the monster while's down?" she asked. "Come to make fun of me when I'm at your mercy? Make no mistake. I am getting out of here. Leave now, and... you'll be the last one I kill."

Shaking her head, Peach unwrapped a parcel that was in her hands, revealing a tray of muffins. "I heard that you're going to be staying a while, so I thought I'd make you something to eat," she said. "No need to get snappy. I think, if we try really hard, we can get along just fine."

Idiot, thought SA-X. Being a princess must have some sort of negative effect on one's brain. If there was any brain in there, that is. Besides, despite her stomach begging for nourishment, the food could be drugged. SA-X didn't want to wake up strapped to a table.

"I didn't put anything awful in them," Peach said, after recieving no reply. "Honestly, they're safe. If you're hungry, you can-"

"Get out!" SA-X snapped, glaring at the startled princess.

Peach blinked and tried to come up with something to say. "But... Your muffins..."

"Go away!" SA-X shouted. She stood up and glared at the blonde. "If I'm going to die in this cell, I want to die without a useless, waste of life and effort like you in my presense! Get out or I swear to God I'll rip you limb from limb!" She stepped foward. Peach held the tray of muffins to her chest like they would protect her. "I'll kill you! I'll kill all of-!"

A electric volt ran through SA-X. With a startled, and pained, scream, she fell to the ground. Peach dropped the muffins and made hasty retreat from the cell.

SA-X gave a gasp of pain as she rose off the ground. She turned to the viewport, only to see the Murderer, comforting/chewing out Peach. The bounty hunter's hand was positioned over the button on the control panel, the button that had shocked her.

SA-X's lower lip trembled with rage. "I'm a toy," she whispered. "I'm her little plaything now."

She stumbled towards the window, clutching her injured side. She threw herself at the window, her hands and face leaning against the energized field. She glared at Samus, and slapped the field, getting the bounty hunter and the princess' attention.

Samus glared at her and switched the mic on. "What are you trying to prove?" she growled.

SA-X glared right back. "I'm going to prove that I can kill you," she said coldly. "You can't run. You can't hide. I will get out of here. And I'll kill you. Then your friends. Everything you love will die."

"You know what?" Samus asked. "You want to know something?"

"Why not?" asked SA-X. "You have me at your mercy, don't you? For now, anyway."

"I hated you," Samus said, the coldness in her voice surprising Peach. "I wanted to kill you, and all of your kind. You were monster." She looked away. "Killing you... would be pointless."

SA-X blinked.

Samus continued. "I thought Sonic was crazy to save you. Why would anyone save you? After all you've done. After what you just tried to do to us. But... He doesn't hate you. He pitied you. And do you know what? I don't hate you either! I pity you." She turned away. "Life had dealt you a bad hand, an unfair fate, and you've snapped. Maybe if things had been different. You'd be happy, and you'd have your family." She turned back to SA-X. "But so many other people would have been miserable. And then, someone would try something like what you did! That's the way life works, SA-X! Winners and losers! Reaction and counter-reaction!" She turned away. "I'm done. We're done. I don't want to ever fight you again." She began to walk away. "See you around. Come on, Peach."

SA-X's nostrils flared. "Where are you going?" she screamed. "What are you waiting for! Kill me! Kill me! That's what you want, isn't it!"

Samus raised and eyebrow. "I said I was done," she said again. "I have nothing left to say to you or do to you. Enjoy your stay," she said, as she and Peach walked off.

"Get back here!" SA-X screamed. "I'm not finished with you! Get back here!" she screeched, pounding the enegy field. "I hate you!"

SA-X's screams faded away the moment she heard the basement door slam shut. The clone stared out from her cell, sorrow, agony, and hatred written on her face. The murderer had killed her family, ruined her life, and ruined her plan to kill her, and now, she was saying she wanted nothing to do with her. The host had rejected her. The host would rather let her rot in a cell, then kill her.

Ever her arch enemy didn't want her!

SA-X collapsed onto her mat with a moan of total dispair. She buried her face into her pillow. Being a lab test would be better than rotting in a cell. Being dead would be better than this...

SA-X's mind was blank. She didn't know what to do. She was a prisoner. She had nothing to live for.

"NO!" she shouted. "I do have something... I have something..."

She looked down. "All I have..." She shook her head. "Is... Revenge... Revenge that I failed to accomplish..." She buried her head in her pillow again. "Ugh..."

Everything felt dismal. She was locked away again, and her revenge had failed. She would have rather Samus kill her than have to live like this. All she had left was her dream of revenge.

Out of the corner of her empty eyes, she saw the princess' muffins, lying on the floor. She stared at one for a second, before grabbing it and biting it. It certainly wasn't healthy, but it tasted good, and it gave her energy. Energy she would need.

"This isn't over!" she whispered. "This isn't over by a long shot! I hate you, Samus Aran! And I hate you too, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Her only reply was silence. With a snarl, SA-X reached for the light switch, and shut it off.

Darkness enveloped the room. Just the way she liked it.

Night had fallen upon the Mansion. Stars shone in the sky and they were soon joined by flashes of color and loud neon explosions as the fireworks show continued. Smashers, and their guests, watched happily as the bright flashes of color filled the sky. Master Hand had made up for the pool party failure.

Sighing, Sonic watched the display from his window. He had told Amy that he would join her later, but first, he had wanted a little alone time. Yesterday had been pretty hectic, and he had some thinking to do. He leaned against the back of his chair, fooling around with one of his crutches as he watched the explosions. Hard to believe something as chaotic as a massive fireball could be so relaxing. He grinned. Explosions were relaxing now. Of course, he had had his fair share of explosive encounters back home with Robotnick.

There was a knock on the door. "Enter," he said, in a dramatic voice.

Samus opened the door, shaking her head. "Welcome to Castle Sonic," she said.

Sonic chuckled as she sat down on his bed. "If only, if only. Imagine the fun we could have with a moat."

"Imagine that," Samus replied. "So," she said, changing the subject, "R.O.B.- who has been all fixed up, as I'm sure you know - said you had something for me."

Sonic blinked. His heart almost stopped beating. "He did?" he asked.

"Yeah. Care to share it?"

Sonic slowly nodded. "Uh... I guess so..." he said. "Close your eyes," he ordered.

Samus complied. "And no peeking!" Sonic said, as he opened his drawer, dug around, and found what he was looking for.

He placed something rectangular in Samus' hand. "Okay," he said. "You can open your eyes now."

Laying in Samus' hands was a rectangular box, the kind used for jewelry. She slowly flipped it open, after a moment of hesitation.

Lying inside, was a necklace. Black lace tied in a circle. However, the only decoritive feature on it was a small shard of silvery metal. "Sonic," she breathed. "What is it?"

"It's a necklace," Sonic said. "It's made from... Well..." He hesitated, and then said, "Um, I got it from your universe," he said. "It's... A piece of SR388. Your old home."

Samus blinked in surprise. "Really?" she asked. "Honestly?"

Sonic nodded. "Master Hand wasn't too keen on the idea, but I promised to mow the lawns for the rest of the summer if he did, so he conjured me up some spacey stuff and sent me to where you home was. I found that little piece, and strung in to some string." He paused. "Do you like it?"

"I love it," Samus said, honestly. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it," Sonic said, rubbing the back of his head. "I wanted it to be from the heart; you know, special."

"It is special," Samus said with a nod. "I don't think... No one's given me something like this before... Thank you so much..." The blonde looked at him with a smile.

Sonic grinned sheepishly. "It's not that big a deal..."

"It is to me," Samus said. "You do so much for me, and it makes me feel... very happy..." She paused. "Why do you do it?"

Sonic looked away. "To tell the truth," he started.

"Yeah?" Samus said, leaning her face closer to the hedgehog's.

"Well, that truth is," Sonc breathed, "that I think I might lov-!"

"Hey, Sonic do you know where-?" Falco began, opening the door, only to freeze when he saw the two Smashers, their faces so close to each other. "Uh..."

Angrily, Sonic picked up the box he had Samus' necklace in and tossed it at the pilot. "Damn it, Falco!" he shouted.

Falco slammed the door shut. "I'll just, uh, go," he said, snickering.

Sonic groaned. "Dang..." he muttered. "I was just about to..."

Samus' lips cut him off. Sonic blinked.

Samus Aran was kissing him. Right on the lips.

The only thing Sonic could do was kiss her back. For about five seconds they sat there, just the two of them. When they finally seperated, Sonic said, "I love you."

Samus hugged him. "I love you too," she said, the words feeling foreign on her lips.

Sonic grinned. "I wanted to tell you back when we were at the party, but you know, interruptions..."

"So do I," Sonic said, grabbing his crutches. "Whaddya say we go see those fireworks. Call it our second date?"

Samus put the necklace around her neck. "I'd love to," she said, holding his hand.

The duo left the room, as a couple.

Augh... My wings...

A pair of eyes opened, greeted by a darkened room. Only a small light lit it, and it was very faint.

"Wha... What happened?"

Pit tried to rise from his mat, but was held back by fatigue and pain. He winced and lay back, sighing. Well, at least he could recognize that he was back at the Mansion. He sighed is relief. He was safe... but was...?

His eyes widened and he looked to his side. Sitting on a chair, next to his bed, was a bandaged up Palutena. The spirit was fast asleep, leaning against her chair, her green locks of hair spilling all over the place. "Spirit Palutena?" he whispered, struggling to shake her.

Her beautiful eyes snapped open. "Pit?" she muttered. "Pit! Oh, thank goodness!" the spirit gushed. She sighed happily. "You're alright. I'm glad."

Pit nodded. "Thank you, Milady," he said.

Palutena shook her head. "No, Pit, please! Thank you. I've done nothing for you, and you've nearly given your life for me." She bowed her head. "I cannot thank you enough."

Pit shook his head. "You're my leader," he said, sitting up. "It was my duty."

Palutena sighed. "I know. But all those years ago, when we were younger, you still saved me. Even when it wasn't your duty, you did it. I owe you my life three times over now."

Pit could see there was no use arguing. "Thank you..." he stuttered. "That means a lot to me, milady."

Palutena nodded. "Zelda came by earlier," she said.

Pit winced.

Palutena continued. "She told me something... Something that I've been thinking about..." She took a deep breath. "Pit... Do you... Love me?"

Pit paled. Zelda had heard him? "Uh... You see..."

Palutena placed a hand on his shoulder. "Please, be honest with me."

Pit swallowed. "Yes, milady. I do. I fell in love with you, after I had saved you. All the time I spent with you... getting to know you... I fell in love... I couldn't help it."

Palutena looked away. "This... complicates things," she said. She stood up. "It is... not usual, for a guard to fall for his queen..." she said.

Pit hung his head. "I understand," he muttered.

"However," Palutena said, turning back to him. "I owe you my life three times over now. I do not know if we will work together but..." She smiled. "It is only fair, that I give you a chance."

Pit's eyes were filled with wonder. "R...really?" he asked.

Palutena nodded. "We can work on a date later," she said. "Until then," she turned, and opened the window, showing the magnificent fireworks outside. "Let us simply enjoy the show."

Pit beamed. "Yes, milady."

Smiling as the cracks of fire and color filled the air, Samus leaned against the tree she, Sonic and Amy were sitting under. The fireworks show was reaching its finale, leaving the sparks in the sky to fade away.

Smashers and their guests began to walk away, going to sleep after a long day. Soon, Sonic, Samus, and Amy joined the others. No one noticed Sonic and Samus holding hands.

When the time to sleep came, the two hugged, shared one last (incredibly awkward) kiss.

Ah, young love.

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