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Summary: Spock and Uhura are planning their wedding but Spock has a few questions that only Bones can answer.

While I am not a fan of the Spock/Uhura pairing (that is the only thing I didn't like about the ST09) I thought I would touch on the wedding of the new pair. I just got this idea when I was trying to explain certain 'Human' customs to my son at dinner tonight, tho he looks more like a Kirk than Spock, but anyway…

Although we don't know if Gaila lived, it's my story so the little green girl lived. And OF COURSE it has to have a lot of Bones because he is Dr. Love!!!

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Nyota's Wish is Spock's Command

When two life forms of consenting age have reached a point in their relationship where it would be beneficial to join their lives indefinitely as a couple they may choose to be married. There are several customs that dictate how this may occur, the culture of the 'bride' is usually chosen when between two individuals from heterozygous cultures. However the couple may chose a total opposite form of expression with the marriage contract. If they are Star Fleet Personnel the captain of one of the pair's current vessel may preside over the union. The Federation has no set standard for unions and only requires approved personnel to issue marriage certificates, either before or after the said ceremony. Star Fleet will then justly allow for the couples' dual assignments.

That was the only briefing in the Star Fleet manual for the guidelines of marriage between a couple from different worlds. Needless to say the information left several areas in the 'gray'. While a marriage had already been decided as the most logical course of action for Spock and Nyota, there were still several questions that Spock had. Although he was half human, he was not sure of the traditions that Nyota would want to be represented at the ceremony. While consulting PADD after PADD and downloading countless holos about marriage, Spock really needed to talk with someone who had first hand knowledge. Jim was his best friend but Jim had never been married. Dr. McCoy was his next best friend and he had been married once before, but Spock was hesitant. He and McCoy did not talk about such personal things. However, Spock did not want to resort to asking advice from Nyota. She was already upset that he did not understand the need for such in-depth preparations for a ceremony that would last no longer than half an hour. As McCoy would say he was on 'thin ice.' So he decided that he must ask McCoy the questions to get the answers he desperately needed.

Spock knew the best time to talk with Dr. McCoy was after Alpha shift on a quiet day with no away missions or Engineering accidents. Today happened to be such a day. After he was relieved for duty, he made his was down to the Med Bay, trepidation in his step. He had prepared several questions for Dr. McCoy and had put them in order of most relevance in case McCoy and he were interrupted before all questions could be answered. He knew there was no reason for the bubble of Human fear in his stomach to grow with each meter closer to Med Bay he came, but he would look over this emotion just this once, because it might prove to be beneficial. He needed to remember to tread lightly on this subject, McCoy's marriage was still a raw spot. However, this conversation was something that Spock could no longer put off, it had to be done so that he could better understand his soon-to-be wife. And when it came to Nyota, Spock needed all the Human insight that was currently available even if it meant approaching Dr. McCoy about a personal matter.

After taking the longest way to get from the bridge to the Med Bay, Spock was finally standing at the door. Pausing to adjust the blank mask back over his face, Spock entered Med Bay quickly making his way to McCoy's office before Nurse Chappell saw him. Not that he was avoiding the woman, but Spock was beginning to think the woman did not quite understand that he and Nyota would be married next week the way she kept up her Human flirting. Spock stepped into the office without having been caught by Christine Chappell, a small favor from Scotty, who had noticed Spock, was on a bio bed keeping her facing him. Dr. McCoy was bent over a PADD in intense study. Spock was hesitant to interrupt another scientist deep in research, but he really needed some help before Nyota was finished with her planning session with Gaila. "Dr. McCoy, I have come to ask a few questions, if you have the time." He stood with his hands clasped behind his back and waited to be acknowledged.

McCoy had been reading the newest publication of his Medical Journal when Spock had entered. He motioned for the Vulcan to take a seat as he put the PADD away. If Spock had come to ask him a few questions it was no doubt worth his time, he could read the article later. "Have a seat Spock and tell me what's on your mind." McCoy leaned back in his chair rubbing his tired neck.

Spock sat as McCoy had requested. After all the time he had spent preparing himself for this conversation he suddenly find himself drawing a blank on how to begin. "Dr. McCoy, I would like to ask your knowledge of Terran Wedding customs. Nyota has made several comments about the different things that will happen and I have no knowledge of which she refers. I have come to you for advice because you are a formerly married Terran." Spock noticed that a small amount of emotion had crept into his voice the more words he had managed to say. He was worried, he could admit that. Worried that Nyota would find him lacking and which to have a mate that had more in common with her.

McCoy leaned forward and searched Spock's face. There had been uncertainty in his voice and there was worry in his eyes. "Spock, my friend, I am a formerly married Terran, but I am not the one you need to be asking advise from." He held up his hand to stop Spock from arguing. "I am not talking about Jim, for God sakes he would tell you that sex solves everything." McCoy laughed and Spock relaxed just a fraction. "You need to ask Nyota. I know you think she will be upset because you don't know her customs, but I think you will find out that the opposite is true. If you ask her to explain, and not in scientific jargon you use with me, she will know that you are sincere and that you really want to understand what she wants. You need to let her know that you want her to be happy and you will do what ever it takes so that she is happy. Human women are like that, you know, they want their mate to be attentive to their every need." McCoy watched as Spock seemed to take his words to heart.

Spock thought for a moment. "So, if I ask her to explain instead of thinking that I am not fully intent on accepting her customs, she will understand that I truly am only wanting to gain further knowledge on her heritage." McCoy nodded and Spock continued. "I have already made her mad by asking why there must be so much preparation for a ceremony that will take no longer than half a standard hour to complete. I have learned not to take that approach." Spock's lips turned up just a fraction.

McCoy beamed at Spock's joke. "Emotional and highly damn illogical is the way of life for a married Human female no matter how they acted while you were dating. A lot of things are going to change between you two, Spock, and you need to have open communication so that things don't get lost in translation. She knows you are Vulcan and can't possibly understand 'something old, something new, and something borrowed, something blue'." A light went off in Spock's eyes when McCoy said that and Bones knew he was on the right track. "I'm human, I know that." He shrugged not willing to give any information to Spock that Nyota was more than happy to provide if he asked nicely. "You however my dear pointy-ears, are going to have to ask the Queen herself to teach it to you. And trust me the rewarded you will get from the resident hottie on board the Enterprise will be worth you lowering your standards to learn the truth." McCoy belly laughed at the green flush to Spock's cheeks.

Spock was truly amazed by how insightful McCoy was. The tension, that Spock did not even know he had, was relieved. He was able to 'stop sweating the small stuff' and look at the big picture. He was about to marry the woman he loved. "Thank you. I was rather hesitant to ask you for advice, but I am truly thankful I made such a wise decision in confiding in you." Spock looked McCoy straight in the eye as he gave his heart-felt thanks. McCoy nodded and smiled once more as Spock made his way to his cabin. Nyota would be finished with her meeting in approximately ten minutes and Spock had several things that needed to be done before she got back to their cabin.

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