The Wolf in the Dark Part 4


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This is the fourth chapter in my Wolf in the Dark Series. This is Sirius/Remus and a slight hint in earlier chapters of Percy/Oliver slash. In earlier chapters Sirius told Harry about his relationship with Remus. When Harry, Sirius, Hermione and Ron go to Remus' house after Voldemort's visit, they find him in wolf form despite the fact that it is broad daylight outside. They take him back to Hogwarts where they look into the pensieve for a cure. After looking into his memories, they have to call in a werewolf to bite him again. This werewolf just happens to be the daughter of Richard Evans, and was raised by Remus since she was bitten as a child.

Rating: R for violence. Slash warning but nothing sexually explicit.

"She's here!" Ron yelled. He was anxiously looking out the window of the infirmary while Hermione, Harry and Sirius kept vigil at Lupin's side. It was almost amusing to see three people on the verge of tears, standing around a bed inhabited by a heavily sedated wolf.

On hearing of Jasmine's arrival, Hermione looked relieved, but the two with her seemed to become even more nervous than before. So much rested on what that girl would say or do.

"What does she look like?" Harry asked his best friend.

"It's too dark to tell. Lucky thing she's here now. We only have until sunset tomorrow before the spell's permanent.

Hermione sighed. Walking to the boy she had a crush on despite his occasional stupidity, she whispered, "I don't think they needed to hear that." Ron had the grace to look abashed.

There was a commotion outside Remus' room before the door opened widely. Madame Pomfrey strode in, followed by Dumbledore who was holding the hand of a young girl. She stopped in the doorway at seeing the wolf. "Oh, no…"

"I know it's hard," Sirius said, moving toward her. He was nervous, but he couldn't have held back. To see those eyes, in that face- she was so like Lily. Harry's mother had had a similar expression when she saw Remus after his transformations.

"You know nothing!" Jamie shouted. "You can't know what it's like unless you are one of us. It's our worst nightmare… to be a monster when the sun is shining."

"It's not shining," Ron stated the obvious. That had its desired result; everyone just looked at him quietly. "Look, just think of it as a full moon when you're not transformed."

"Well, what am I supposed to do?" she asked.

"We think you need to repeat the curse," Dumbledore answered gently.

"No!" she screamed. "I can't do that! You can't ask me to. To give someone the curse… that's unforgivable. Especially if one is aware. I won't do that.

"But he's not an innocent. He's cursed, and the curse you'll give him is much better than the curse he has now."

"How do you know that? Is there any way to ask him? He is probably unaware. There's so much bad in this world, can you say for certain he wants to be human 29 days of the month?"

"Tell me what you would want."

She looked at her shoes, knowing she had lost the argument. "What do I do? I'm not a werewolf now."

"No, which is why I had to send my potions teacher to get something to help you tonight. If this doesn't work, nothing will."

"Way to put some pressure on me, dude," she mumbled. She had one of those accents that alternated between American and British. That was a legacy of a childhood spent shunted between the two countries.

"Why don't you all get acquainted while I see if Snape is here yet?" Dumbledore and Madame Pomfrey left the room.

Harry was the first to break the silence. "I'm Harry Potter; these are my friends Ron and Hermione and my godfather Sirius Black."

"I'm Jamie. It's a pleasure to meet all of you," she answered stiffly. Sirius couldn't help wincing at seeing the distance between the cousins. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be. Damn you, Wormtail!

"So, do you go to a Muggle school?" Ron asked the question that had been bothering him for a while. He had never met anyone who had gotten further in a Muggle school than Hermione and Harry, and he had lots of questions.

"No, I'm home-schooled. Some arrangement Professor Dumbledore made with the local Muggle authorities. Professor McGonagall sends Dad my school work and he teaches me at home." At the mention of her father, her face fell and the last words were almost a mumble. Her journey had been exhausting and her emotions were getting the better of her.

"My dear," Sirius said heavily. He hated to see children cry, but he was shocked to see the effect of his words. Without the slightest bit of reserve, Jamie flung her arms around him and buried her face in his stomach, where she wept for a few minutes while everyone stared at her.

When she was a little more composed, she stepped back from Sirius and the hand that had been patting her head mechanically. Looking at their faces, she laughed. "I know you all have never met me, but I've been hearing stories about you for a while. I suppose I seemed somewhat reserved at first but it's strange to see people who've only been pictures or parts of your father's past before. But I know all about the invisibility cloak, the Marauders, the Weasley family and some great conversations my Dad has heard between Ron and Hermione. I've also gotten play-by-play recitations of Harry's Quidditch games. Most of all, I know that you're the only person Dad has ever loved. I hated you for that until a little over a year ago. Since then, you and Dad have been the center of a few romantic visions I've had of the future. I guess I've known you all for a lot longer than you've known me."

"Romantic visions?" Sirius asked faintly. What do 12 year-olds think about sex now?

"Eeew! No, not that. I mean, you know, a family. A couple of dads; the fun and irresponsible one being you and the fun but responsible one being dad. And then a brother-" this was said with a shy look at Harry, "- a couple of close family friends and me."

"I think," Harry said slowly, "I like that."

Ron and Hermione looked at each other, feeling a little uncomfortable at being in what had become a family conversation. Perhaps she sensed that, because Jamie chose that moment to quip, "Of course, half the family has to disappear at the full moon to turn into hairy beasts, but then every family has its oddities."

Laughing, Sirius agreed.

Then Snape walked in, holding a box that was rumbling and shaking wildly. He stopped, stunned, at seeing the girl with Lily's face. While the Evans girl had been little more than a thorn in his flesh, it was disconcerting to see a face from his childhood in front of him. Lost in his memories, he was startled when Dumbledore spoke.

"We don't have time. I would ask that you leave the room, but that would be unfair since most of you have been involved in this adventure since the beginning."

"What's in the box, Professor?" Sirius asked as the rumbling became louder.

"A Boggart."

"Brilliant!" Hermione yelled. Ignoring Dumbledore's thanking her for acknowledging his brilliance, she pointed out what was happening to her denser friends. "We need to simulate the moon to allow her to bite him like a werewolf. What happens when you see the Boggart, Harry?"

"I see the Dementors, and then I hear my parents…" Harry couldn't continue. Somehow, Sirius' hand found its way to his shoulder.

Hermione quickly continued. "But it can't Kiss you. So Jamie won't really turn into a werewolf, but she will be affected enough for her bite to spread the curse if she bites hard enough and allows the Boggart to come close to her."

"Five points for Gryffindor, Ms. Granger," Dumbledore smiled at her. "I must ask everyone to step far back. Please remember that we will not know if the operation was successful or not until sunrise tomorrow at which time the transformation should take place. Child, take the Box and when I tell you, release the Boggart."

She did as he said, and when he gave the word, opened the box. As soon as it came out of the box, it took the form of a full moon. Jamie's breathing deepened, and her face became pale.

"Are you sure this won't hurt her?" Sirius asked the Headmaster quietly.

"Wait, Sirius. She is strong, like her father."

"Which one?"

"The father who raised her, of course. Richard was a good man, but hardly strong."

They watched for a few minutes in silence, and then suddenly things began to happen. Jamie's hair rose off her skin to crackle and curl in the wind that formed in a room with closed doors and windows. Her head bent back, and Harry realized her eyes had become more silver than green. As they watched, she howled and they could see her incisors grow. She wasn't transforming, but prolonged exposure even to a Boggart full moon was stimulating her wolfish instincts. Then, she grabbed Lupin's arm and bit into it, hard.

Madame Pomfrey rushed forward and pulled Jamie away from her father. Harry said the spell to change the Boggart back to its original form and Snape bundled it away. When Harry turned back to Ron and Hermione he saw them staring quietly at his cousin. She was sobbing in Sirius arms, but that wasn't what fascinated them. Her mouth was full of blood that had spilled down her chin and onto her neck and clothes. When Madame Pomfrey tried to wipe it off, she shrank away and hid deeper in Sirius' clothes. Harry's godfather was powerless to do anything but hold her. "It's fine, my dear. It's fine."


Remus opened his eyes slowly. Comforting white ceiling with that same bloody crack in the paint right above his head, shuffling sound of the nurse's soft shoes, soft murmuring of sickroom voices… yes, he was back in the infirmary. He wasn't surprised at all to see Sirius watching the painting of the Nurse in some prehistoric war from a chair by his bed. His sight was still bleary enough for him to forget for one minute that he was no longer a student, and he half expected James and Peter to come banging through the door asking-

"Is he awake yet?" Harry asked as he slammed the door against the wall. His resemblance to his father in appearance as well as entrance was enough to make Remus speechless, but Sirius, although suddenly grieving, found it within himself to be remonstrative.

"Well, if he wasn't before I'm sure he is now." His voice was caustic enough to bring a flush of shame to his godson's face.

"I was before," Remus whispered hoarsely as his memories came crashing back. He needed to see them, touch them, but he was so ashamed… He cringed away when Sirius tried to take his hand.

But Sirius had never borne his I'm-a-beast-treat-me-like-one act, as Peter had so aptly named it, for long. He sighed impatiently and signed for Harry to come closer too as he leaned over and grasped both of Remus' hands. When his godson stood over Remus, Sirius put his former lover's hand in the boy's. The lesson was clear to Professor Moony. They weren't about to keep their distance from him, and were even less likely to tolerate his desire to create a barrier between them, even if it was for their own safety.

As his mind cleared, Remus gasped. "Where is she? Where is Jamie?" He looked around the infirmary anxiously.

"She's fine," Sirius soothed. "It just seems as if the curse does not only spread lycanthropy but also some good old-fashioned guilt and shame. She is afraid you will be angry with her."

"Ridiculous!" Remus snapped.

Harry was suddenly struck by the tragedy of such a man being cursed as he was. He could have been an excellent teacher at Hogwarts. In fact, Harry could almost see him as Headmaster after McGonagall. There were definitely shades of Dumbledore in this humble and yet dignified man. They were the only two people Harry knew who could face Snape down without showing a single reaction to the Potion Master's rudeness. Even McGonagall sometimes became irritated; Sirius, of course, could not stand the man.

Shaking off his introspective mood, Harry promised to call his cousin. They had spent some time together the previous day, and although she was in shock for most of it, they had begun to talk and realize that they would get along well.

As the door shut behind Harry, Sirius released the last of his control and buried his head in Remus' robes. "I was so worried, and then sunrise came…"

Remus tried to raise Sirius' head but found that he was too weak. "The transformation was difficult, wasn't it?"

"Yes," Sirius admitted. "The worst I've ever seen, actually. I changed into Padfoot; it helped calm the wolf. Poor thing, the entire experience did traumatize him."

Remus laughed. "He'll get over it. But I'm sure he'll first exact his revenge next full moon."

"Maybe not. Snape seems to have discovered a heart lying about and decided to appropriate it for a while. He's offered to brew you that sweet-smelling ambrosia to keep you sane. Just don't expect me to kiss you after you drink it."

"Can I expect you to kiss me?" Remus asked, suddenly serious.

"Always." Sirius smiled sweetly at his lover, brushing an affectionate hand over the werewolf's hair. Some day soon he would have to tell his lover that the ordeal had turned his hair completely silver, but he would leave such details for another time.

Remus had regained enough of his strength to sit up by this time. Werewolves had incredible healing powers, and when stirred Remus was always difficult to keep calm. "You've spoken to Harry then? He's not angry?"

"Not at all. It seems that you will be gaining a son, while I am gaining a daughter. When were you planning to tell me about her, love?"

Remus blushed and looked at his hands on the bedspread. "Eventually, I promise. I didn't know how, and I was afraid to say her name in public. I guess I thought that as long as no one here knew about her she was safe."

"That explains why you didn't tell 'people,' Remus. Why not me?"

Remus smiled. "If I asked you to keep it a secret, I would include not telling Harry since that means information is spread to Ron and Hermione and then before you know it the twins would be pulling pranks on my girl and unintentionally summoning Death Eaters. I know you could keep it a secret from Harry if I asked you to, but I thought it better that Harry and you establish a relationship based on trust and honesty. He has so little of it in his life."

"Now they all know," Sirius pointed out.

"Yes, but I think she will stay here, and be protected by Hogwarts magic for the next few years. During the summer you and I can protect her."

Sirius sighed, pushing his chair back and standing up. "If it's all so simple, why didn't you just do that last year?"

Remus tried to grab his hand to stop his lover's pacing and get him to listen calmly. "You don't know what it is like to be a werewolf at Hogwarts; I couldn't force it on her, No, listen! You know what it is like to be a werewolf's lover, but don't think that you have any idea what it is like to be a werewolf. All right, maybe now you know what it is like to deal with prejudice and people thinking you are capable of doing horrible things, but you have no idea how it feels to know that they are right. And when you are going through those confusing, traumatic adolescent years, it becomes that much harder. I was ready at eleven, but she wasn't, and I did not want anyone to know about her until she was."

Sirius sat down again, heavily. He nodded once in acceptance. "Where do we go from here?"

"Where do you want to be?"

"I see us in the future," Sirius started hesitantly, and then remembered that this was not the boy who would laugh at his sentimentality. That was James, who had never been able to get over at how love had changed his normally gruff best friend. "We have a home for the two children, and we're happy. We do normal things, such as preparing dinner and incapacitating everyone who dares to ask Jamie to go out with them. I don't have a plan for how to get us there…"

"We don't need one," Remus responded, kissing Sirius' hand. "If that's our goal, we'll achieve it in the end, I know it. Let Voldemort try to stand in our way."

Leaning down, Sirius kissed Remus, and raised his head quickly at a sound at the door. He looked straight at James' son and Lily's niece and laughed out loud. Two werewolves, a convict and The Boy Who Lived- what a strange family. And yet how absolutely perfect it was at the same time.


I know, not my best effort, but it was not an easy fic to finish.