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Haruno Sakura was once again sitting on the bench she went to when her offer for a date was rejected by Uchiha Sasuke. If anyone she knew saw her, they would know that her offer was rejected as well. However, the people who knew her would also think she was depressed over the fact that she would probably never get a date—a fact Sakura herself knew quite well—and was probably think of other ways to attract the Uchiha's attention. In fact if anyone knew what she was thinking, they would be very baffled.

Sakura was not thinking of the Uchiha, rather a certain blond haired shinobi, Uzumaki Naruto. She was at first depressed that Naruto did not pass the exam, yet when he was there today with a hitai-ate, (AN: spelling??) smiling, she knew something had let him pass the exam. Yes, Haruno Sakura, alleged head of the Uchiha Sasuke fan club had a crush on Naruto. And she could finally tell him, they were now on the same team!


Sakura was walking home after spending the day at the park with her new friends that she met because of Ino. She had two routes to get to her house, the one that cut through a few public training grounds—a shortcut—and the longer one that took the road by the river (AN: I don't know anything about the layout of Konoha, so if I make a mistake, don't yell at me). Today she felt like taking a walk in the woods instead of looking at the river, which was full of mud today because of the rain. As she was admiring the scenery of the verdant woods, she heard panting. Upon inspection she saw a boy about her age doing push-ups, fascinated she watched for half an hour seeing him do various exercises, when she remembered that she needed to get home.

When Sakura came home her mother was saying how worried she was, and then yelled at her for coming home late. She was sent to her room early. She had spent that whole night thinking about the blond boy she saw, she even remembered several times she met him before. There were all these people surrounding him staring, and she was standing behind her mother, wondering what was going on. It seemed like everyone avoided or even hated him. Then another day she saw him, he was running down the street, yelling to the chuunins chasing him that they would never catch the "Future Hokage". From what she remembered, his name was Naruto. Sakura began to admire the fact that he was disliked by the villagers, from what she saw, but was still determined enough to train himself and achieve his claims of being the future Hokage.

The next day, Sakura came running to the park a little later than usual—she also coming had to do extra chores for summing home late. "Hey, you'll never guess who I like!" she cheerfully shouted, she decided that she also wanted to be strong enough to not care what people said about her, and was even more determined in succeeding in the Ninja Academy.

One of the girls, Hitomi, said snidely, "Let me guess, is it Sasuke-kun?" Sakura was confused when all the other girls agreed, and looked at her with anticipation. She briefly recalled hearing from her mother about how the Uchiha clan was massacred, and the only survivor was Sasuke.

"What? —" was all she could get out before she was interrupted. "Everyone likes Sasuke-kun; he's so smart and handsome. If you want to get him you have to go through us." Sakura, while annoyed for being interrupted, didn't know what to do, she knew from experience what being different could do, and she didn't want to go through it again.

Sakura decided that having friends was more important than telling said friends about her crush on Naruto. However, when everyone became rivals for Sasuke's affection, she had no way to stop, and eventually acted like a fan-girl like her "friends". She never wanted to go through her life without anything similar to friends again, so she kept up her act, even going as far as hitting Naruto. His obvious crush on her didn't make things any easier, but she wasn't sure whether it was worth loosing her friends to get Naruto, even if she found herself liking him more and more each day. This lasted all throughout the Academy, and she hoped that when she graduated he would be on her team, without Sasuke—she still didn't know why the other girls liked him—and she could tell him her feelings. She just hoped it wasn't too late, after all she hit him almost every other day.

End Flashback


Uzumaki Naruto was extremely excited. He started off with a great day. He was able to smell the rotten milk before he drank it, actually had some decent fruit in his fridge, and got to sit next to Sakura, even if she was staring at Sasuke the whole time. He even got to be on the same team as Sakura, even if Sasuke was on it—he tried to forget about the kissing incident. And because of his new team he wanted to talk with Sakura about it. But after the kiss and how annoyed she seemed that day he knew he could just go up and talk to her.

Of course being the genius that he is, he figured out how to ambush Sasuke and tied him up. He knew Sakura could resist talking to him. After finding the bench she sat on whenever Sasuke rejected her, Naruto went over his impression of what Sakura would want to hear from Sasuke. "You sure have a large and charming forehead makes me want to kiss it." Naruto knew Sakura hated her forehead, but he though if she heard a compliment about it from Sasuke she would love it.

Sakura, after hearing that line come from Sasuke, knew something was up. Those books paid off too, when she recognized Naruto's chakra. 'He's in a henge' was her first thought. Her next was 'Wait! NARUTO'S pretending to be Sasuke; he might try to kiss me!' She knew that she would have to play the part of a fan-girl, but she might get a kiss out of it.

"Heh, sounds like something Naruto would say." Sakura did her best to look sad. When Naruto sat down he said, "Sakura, there's something I want to ask you, what do you think of Naruto?"

It almost broke her heart to say this but she REALLY wanted that kiss, "He's so annoying, Naruto doesn't know anything about me, and is always getting in the way. All I want is for you to acknowledge me." She mentally added "Naruto" to the end of her sentence.

Naruto's thoughts were more along the lines of, 'I think I finally understand why I like her. Just like I want the village to acknowledge me, she wants Sasuke to.' Naruto, seeing her lean in to kiss him, began to lean as well, "But… I would never want someone to trick me like this. If she wants Sasuke, I can't do this to her.' "Sakura-chan, wait" he said just a few centimeters away from the kiss. "I'm sorry, I can't do this. It's just… I really like you, but I can't trick you into giving away your first kiss." It was then that Naruto released his henge. "I'll try to not get in your way anymore, Sakura."

Sakura, on the other hand, was amazed, 'He would give up his crush just for me to be happy.' She shouted, "Naruto, wait!" before he even got a few steps away. Naruto's immediate reaction was to close his eyes and yell, "Please don't hit me Sa—" Naruto was cut off before he could even finish. It took a few moments for him to realize that there was something on his lips. When he opened his eyes he was amazed. Haruno Sakura, the girl he liked since the start of the Academy, was hanging on his shoulders, kissing him! And it was awesome, he saw her beautiful face, smelt her strawberry hair, and could feel her soft lips against his.

When they finally parted, his first response was the intelligent response of, "Wha?" Sakura only laughed and whisper, "Follow me." He could only obey, as they walked through the woods, holding hands to one of the public training grounds.

Sakura explained herself, "This is where I first saw you Naruto," gesturing to the field around her, "it was a little after I first met Ino, and I always liked you since. And because people used to make fun of my forehead, when I saw you I wanted to have the strength to not care what people think of me. But all the other girls liked Sasuke, and I didn't have that strength yet, so I had to pretend, and I just never stopped. It was killing me to keep rejecting you, and when Iruka said we were on the same team I was so excited, I could finally tell you… but I guess this is a little early, huh?"

Naruto, on the other hand, couldn't believe Sakura had liked him all along. He had no idea how to feel. So he settled with telling Sakura his situation, "I was always dislike by the villagers, and I had no idea why, but I thought I could earn their respect by becoming a great ninja like Hokage-jiji, and then it became my goal to be Hokage too. But even in the Academy, no one really liked me, so they wouldn't teach me, and to even get any attention, I had to be the clown. Heh, to tell you the truth, I probably could have pulled of the graduation exam if I tried a little harder at the history stuff. But then the year after I failed twice, I got Iruka-sensei, and I got a different recognition, and you were finally in my class too. I saw you a couple times out during recess and on the training grounds. I always thought you were pretty, and you were so assertive that I couldn't help but notice you, and you were a pretty good ninja. You had friends and everyone knew you, most of them talked about you positively, being the first kunoichi in your clan or something. But besides being pretty, I had no idea why I liked you, Sakura-chan. Until on the bench you said you wanted Sasuke's acknowledgement. That's what we both want, I want the villagers to acknowledge me, and you want Sasuke to acknowledge you."

Sakura smiled at his reasoning but she said, "But you're wrong, Naruto," he looked surprised at this, "I never wanted Sasuke's acknowledgement, I want yours." At that Naruto blushed, and Sakura took that as her cue to give him another kiss. And they both understood, when they felt the energy of the kiss, that they belonged together.