To whoever wants to take this idea:

I know it's been quite awhile, and no, I'm not going to update this story. The truth is that I just lack the writing talent and drove necessary to actually make a good story. And this story, while poorly written, is completed. However, I am allowing anyone who is interested to take the idea for this story. Just contact me via personal message, so I can check out your story. You don't even need to wait for me to say you can do it; this note here is your permission, provided you tell me. I just want to read whatever you write.

Thanks to those few people who read this story before this note, and a special thanks to the 13 people who left reviews.

As for what the idea for this story is, there are few requirements. Obviously, it has to be NaruSaku. Next, there has to be that scene on the bench, where something happens to make Naruto dispel his henge, from his own guilt, indigestion, etc. Sakura doesn't have to already like Naruto (though it would be nice), and she can react however you want her to when Naruto looses the henge, as long as it ends up NaruSaku. No bashing, no yaoi, no yuri (to be fair), no giant ass harem (more than 3 girls), and try to make it different from canon (not mandatory). As an example: I tried to write another chapter about the wave arc. Naruto ends up killing one of the Demon Brothers, because his determination to protect Sakura was stronger when his feelings were reciprocated. Mix it up a little, this is fanfiction, do what you want (just have a good reason for it).

As I said before this idea is open to everyone, so long as you tell me about your story, so I can read it. Doesn't matter if you're writing a oneshot, or an epic.

Oh, almost forgot, Ino can still have her crush on Sasuke, or you can make her like Naruto, whatever. My plan was to leave it open to interpretation.