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I quickly found that there was absolutely nothing to do in the log cabin themed motel room. The TV was crap, as were all motel TVs, and it was apparently too early in the day for anyone to pick up my calls. My brother was working, God only knows what Bobby was doing, and Pastor Jim was probably in the middle of a mass. I cleaned half of a gun and stared at the stuffed deer that adorned the wall for most of the day. There was also a boar and a couple of fish that hung on the wall but I was particularly fond of the deer. The fish just looked like a fish and the boar had the look of fear frozen on his face. The buck was the only one that seemed to have had any thought process when he was alive. He stood tall and proud that he'd made it as long as he did. Wow, I really was going to go crazy and start talking to these dead animals if stayed in this room too long, and I hadn't even been in here that long. It didn't take as long as I thought it would for the guys to get what they needed and come back to the room. They looked disappointed though. Sam was still in his full priest get up, but Dean had pulled the white thing from the collar. I made a mental note to ask Jim was it was called later, but I had to quickly turn over and face the wall as Dean once again began stripping down in front of me. One of these days I was just going to keep looking and enjoy the show, but I was too shy to openly stare at him. Right now at least. I heard Sam scoff at Dean's lack of shame, as he walked into my line of sight and entered the bathroom to change properly.

"What did you find?" I asked after I felt him sit down on the bed I was occupying and I turned to see him picking up the gun I'd only halfway cleaned. He was wearing all his usual stuff that made him look better than any fancy suit ever could. I pulled my knees to my chest and turned so that I was sitting right next to him, but instead of letting my feet hang off the bed I folded them and sat indian style. My left knee was resting on his right thigh and I could feel the warm of him, but he didn't move so neither did I. I quickly grabbed the cleaning kit from the bed opposite us and put it on the pillow on my right so I'd have an excuse as to why we were so close. He watched me from the corner of his eye as I began disassembling a gun to clean it.

"Zip. I was bored out of my mind. Had to keep excusing myself from my spiritual support to go snoop around another area only to find nothing."

"So no idea what it is?"

"Nah, Sam is gonna do some digging." I just nodded and on cue Sam exited the bathroom and made his way over to the little table that held his computer. He glanced at us as we cleaned silently, but I focused on the gun I was cleaning and didn't see anything else but my work for the next hour. For that hour the only thing I was aware of was the smell of the gun oil, the sound of the brush scraping away the gun powder and the heat that radiated from Dean that made me want to scoot closer to him. That is until Sam got up from his seat to tack something on the wall and broke my concentration. I looked up to see that me and Dean were almost done cleaning all the weapons and Sam was adding something to the weird collaboration of information they was decorating the wall underneath the frightened boar.

"So what do you have?" Dean barely looked up from the sawed off shotgun he was cleaning as Sam answered.

"Whole lot of nothing. Nothing bad has happened in the Miller house since it was built." Sam turned to us with a frustrated sigh. It took me only a moment to remember the book I'd stolen from Bobby and that it said bad things could be tied to things other than people so before either of them could continue I asked a question.

"What about the land?" They both looked at me like I'd grown another head or something. "What? I listen when you guys talk. Paranormal things can be attached to land or objects too right?"

Dean smiled at me before turning back to Sam with an expectant look on his handsome face.

"Right, there are no graveyards, battlefields, tribal lands or any kind of atrocity on or near the property." Sam said as he sat on the bed across from us and jostled the guns that made up the 'already cleaned' pile. Dean kept talking about how he thoroughly searched the house while I leaned forward to catch a pistol that was sliding from the opposite bed. It took me a moment to realize that I'd placed my other hand on Dean's knee to brace myself so I wouldn't do a face plant off the bed. I blushed and pulled my hand away quickly but he didn't seem to notice as he was still going on about possible theories with Sam who was now turned to face us. How did Dean not notice my hand on his knee? It was connected to his thigh which was connected to another area that was dangerous to think about. A touch like that was all it took with all the other guys I'd been with, including Sam, and before I knew it they were on top of me.

"So what? You think Jim Miller killed himself, and my dream was just some sort of freakish coincidence?" Thank goodness something had broken me from my train of thought.

"I had a guy in the ER once who tried to kill himself by running a hose from his exhaust pipe to his window and he blocked every other opening so he would die from the fumes. He said that he thought he would just breath it until he passed out and it would be a peaceful way to die."

"And what, someone found him and ruined his plan?" Dean asked.

"No, he couldn't go through with it. He said it was like trying to breathe smoke and was too painful. My point is that I don't think that Jim Miller was trying to kill himself. I don't know what could have locked him in there or what your dreams mean, but my opinion is that someone or something did that to him."

"I don't know what happened," Dean continued scrubbing a gun after a moment of thought, "but I'm pretty sure there is nothing supernatural about that house."

I looked away from Deans cute look of concentration when Sam's hand went to his face, pinching the bridge of his noise. I can't be sure if I thought it was weird or if I was just looking to him and waiting for his response but what happened next was definitely weird. Sam pulled his hand away, turned to us and tried to continue our conversation, but he quickly turned away again and clutched at his forehead. Dean wasn't looking so he didn't notice, but I didn't miss the way Sam scrunched up his face before he turned from us. I knew that look all to well. Something was hurting him. He tried to keep talking but he was soon stumbling over his words and hissing as he winced in obvious pain. I sometimes feel like I can be too critical and overbearing when I go into what I like to call 'clinical mode' but I just couldn't help it.

I jumped up from the bed and made my way over to stand in front of Sam as he tried to pretend nothing was wrong. I reached out and grabbed Sam's forearm to get him to look at me which he made an attempt to do until his face clenched again and he started panting loudly which got Dean's attention.

"Whats wrong with you?" He asked but Sam couldn't answer. I reach out with my other arm to grab his head to see if there was anything visible that could be causing the pain, but he reached out and grabbed that hand with his free one and started sliding right off the bed and was pulled me to the ground with him. He was clammy and panting so hard that I thought he was passing out.

"Whoa Sam! You okay? What hurts?"

"Ah!" He cried, "My head."

I was crouched on the ground in front of him as he bruised my arm and squeezed his head and groaned in pain. Dean was crowding in beside me and I wanted to tell him to back up and that Sam needed space and air, but he reached around me, grabbing Sam's hand and peeled his fingers from my arm for which I was grateful because it was hurting.

"Sam? Hey, hey what's going on? Talk to me." He sounded so worried that I didn't tell him to back up because I knew he wouldn't so I went back to trying to get Sam to talk to us.

I let go of his arm and started snapping my fingers in front of his face which he slowly turned looked up at, but I could tell he wasn't looking at my fingers or me or even Dean. His eyes were unfocused as his breathing started to even out. It seemed like only a second before his eyes suddenly refocused and he looked at me then Dean.

"Its happening again." He ground out frantically. He looked like he might still be in some pain. "Something is gonna kill Roger Miller."

Dean stood up quickly and grabbed a couple of the cleaned guns and his car keys. I was almost knocked over as Sam jumped up, but he thankfully took a moment to steady me before he grabbed his jacket and grabbed a couple things also. But I was confused. I obviously got that Sam had another waking dream thing, but who was Roger Miller?

"Wait who is Roger Miller?" I wasn't sure if I'd get an answer because they already had the door open and Sam was running to the car. Dean stopped in the doorway momentarily and pointed at me.

"You know the drill. Don't leave. Check the salt lines. We'll be back." And with that he was gone and I was alone. Wait, what just happened? One minute Sam was on the ground, in excruciating pain, and the next he and Dean are running out the door and I'm left alone again.

I could only assume that Roger Miller was somehow related to Jim Miller. They had the same last name so maybe they were brothers or something. I stood there for a second with a frozen brain from having so much going on to having nothing going on before I remembered to check the salt lines. They were for the most part intact, just a couple breaks at the door where the guys left. I quickly grabbed my phone to make sure it was charged and ready in case one of them called me and then continued putting the guns away and straightening up.

Thirty minutes later found me nervously sitting on the crappy motel chair bouncing my knee and biting my fingernails. There was nothing interesting on TV to help distract me from my worry and my brother was on a date night with Lily and couldn't talk. We'd exchanged a few texts while I was looking for something on the TV. This sitting around in the rooms was getting really old, but at the same time I was very leery about being out in the open with all the bad things.

I was zoned out watching some dumb medical drama when I heard the low rumble of their car pull up. My heart skipped as I ran and opened the door for the two downtrodden men to walk through. I knew from the looks on their faces that they were too late. The man died.

Sam gave me short version of how the guy was decapitated with his window and that they were worried that the son named Max might be next.

"We're gonna go talk to him tomorrow morning." Dean said as he laid out the priest suits on the little desk so they wouldn't get wrinkled. "Lets go get some food."

"Oh thank God. I was hoping one of y'all were hungry cause I'm starvin'." I had a momentary lapse into my light southern accent that I'd gotten rid of so long ago. It was probably because I hadn't eaten all day and my blood sugar was low or something. I grabbed my jacket and slipped on my shoes and ran after Sam and Dean who were already making their way to the diner that was part of the motel.

"So still no idea what it is?" I asked.

"No. We're thinking it might be a curse that attached to the family or something." Dean answered as he held the door for me to walk in for which I was glad. I usually have the awkward decision of choosing who to sit by. This way I could sit first and they could decide. Dean must have held the door for Sam too because Sam reached the table I'd chosen first and took the seat next to me, squishing me into the wall. I was both disappointed and relieved that I wasn't sitting next to Dean. I secretly wanted to sit next to him so that I had an excuse to be close to him, but I also wanted to be spared from the awkwardness of doing just that. So I passed them the syrup caked menus from the holder behind the salt and pepper shakers and soaked up the heat that Sam was putting off. Dean got some kind of huge burger with extra onions, Sam got a very large breakfast platter and I just got a stack of pecan and chocolate chip pancakes. It was the only time I'd ever heard of that kind of pancakes and I figured that I like pecans and chocolate so I decided to try it. I was not disappointed. Neither was Dean when he stole a couple of bites. Sam declined to try when I asked if he wanted some.

The guys seemed satisfied with their dinner but I was down right miserable as we walked back to the room. I couldn't believe that I ate all three of those huge pancakes.

"Ugh...I feel like I'm going to have a food baby." I moaned as I held my stomach and hobbled over to the couch that would be my bed as soon as I pulled the bed part out. Dean laughed at my complaining as he threw his jacket in the chair and plopped onto his bed and Sam retreated to the bathroom.

It took me a minute to find the strap after removing the cushions but when I did I found that I had another problem. Sam had made it look easy when he pulled it out the night before but now I was seeing that it wasn't easy at all. The hinges were stuck or something because no matter how hard I tugged I couldn't get it to come out. I huffed and stood up, fully prepared to give up, return the cushions and just sleep on it like a couch but suddenly Dean was there pushing me aside and grabbing the strap. I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at him for making it look so easy.

"Looks like I have the upper body strength of a humming bird." I mumbled. Dean chuckled.

"Nah, you're just a girl."

"You're lucky I'm too miserable to care how sexist that comment was." I glared at him as I lay down on my back, successfully alleviating some of the pressure from my full stomach.

"Yeah like you could do anything to me Miss Hummingbird." He smirked and I rolled my eyes at him. When Sam left the bathroom I made quick work of brushing my teeth and getting my pajamas on. Sam was on his computer again when I came out and Dean was back in his original place on his bed, on his back and fully clothed. I got in my bed, curled up under the covers and watched the boys. Dean eventually got up and turned the TV on before he started taking his pants off. Both boys usually just slept in a shirt and their boxers, at least when I was around. I didn't look away this time. I watched as he removed his jeans and admired the view as he walked to the bathroom and out of sight. I turned my sights to Sam who hadn't moved an inch except to type something.

"Don't you ever sleep?" I asked.

"You sleep enough for the both of us." He grinned at me.

"I have to make up for all the sleep you guys lose. It makes me tired just thinking about staying up that much." I yawned as Dean exited the bathroom and I got the full view of the front of his boxers this time, but I still didn't look away. He didn't notice me and began watching whatever was on the TV. This was how they were when I eventually fell asleep.

I woke before the boys and again ventured down to the diner. I drank my coffee at the breakfast bar and just watched the people as they went about their business. I ended up getting my 'protectors' some burgers for their breakfast and went back to the room. They were still asleep of course. It was close to eleven so they must have stayed up pretty late. I put their food on the desk that sat in the corner by the door. They groaned when I threw open the curtains and let the late morning sun shine in, brightening the room considerably. It took a while for the sleeping hunters to wake, but when they did they both jumped up, ate their food, and got ready quickly in their priest costumes.

"Can I go?" I stood as I asked and watched them both stop what they were doing and look at each other. "I'll stay in the car."

"Yeah but what if whatever is doing this is at Max's house?" Sam asked and Dean went back to struggling with the white thing that went in the collar of the suit. I can't believe I haven't figured out what that thing is called.

"Like I said I'll stay in the car. Its just that its day number two in here and I'm starting to feel like a lumberjack or a mountain man or something from the theme in this room." By the time I was through explaining they were done getting ready and instead of saying anything they just walked to the door. Sam walked right through and before I could get frustrated that I was being left again Dean motioned for me to follow as he held the door open for me. I gave him my most dazzling smile as I rushed past him and slid into the backseat of his beloved car.

They went over things that they were going to ask while Dean drove and I silently listened and reveled in the sunlight and fresh air. Apparently they thought that Jim and his brother had gotten into something bad and somehow curse the family. I was fuzzy on the details of how that could actually happen but I let them go with it. After all they were the experts and I couldn't even be called a student with what little knowledge I knew of this world.

The Miller house actually looked like a nice house in the day and in the absence of red and blue flashing lights. It didn't even seem like something tragic had just happened there. I jumped at the sound of my phone receiving a text as I watched Sam and Dean make their way up to the Miller house to impersonate priests.

When I looked down I was surprised to see that the text was from Bobby. He knew how to text?

How are you and the idgits? He wrote. I laughed. I'm sure it took him five minutes to type that out. I thought about texting him back but thought better of it and just called him. It would probably just frustrate me to wait for his responses.

"Since when do you text?" I asked as soon as he answered.

"Well I figured I'd give it a try, but it takes too damn long." He grumbled in pure Bobby fashion. I smiled at his complaint.

"Yeah its much easier to just talk sometimes. My brother is like Speedy Gonzales when it comes to texts. I can't keep up with him."

"Yeah, well, how are the boys?"

"Oh ,well, they are currently dressed up like priests and questioning a man who is part of a cursed family or something. I dunno the whole story." I left out the part about Sam's visions.

"Sounds like fun. I wonder the lengths those two will go to to get all the answers?"

"You got me, you know them better." That's when said 'idgits' walked out of the house. Wow that was fast. "Hey Bobby lemme call you back."

"Bye" I heard him say as I hit 'end call' on the screen and leaned forward on the seat as they got in the car. Dean was yanking the white thing from his collar when he climbed in, making the car shake. Sam left the white tab in his collar and explained what had happened while Dean drove us back to the motel room. We were going to canvas the neighborhood that the Millers used to live in because something in Max's story seemed off. Dean insisted that he was lying because no one's life was ever normal. That, I had to agree with.

We grabbed a quick meal to go from the diner after Sam and Dean changed and ate it in the car on the way. The houses were nice, if not slightly cookie cutter. They all had the same basic layout and not very big yards, but the stone walls that separated the lawn from the sidewalk were nice looking. Despite the cool weather there were a few people walking the streets and one man was sweeping off his front steps. It occurred to me that I didn't know how Sam or Dean knew where Max used to live. They must have seen it in the background check Sam did on the family. I really needed to start paying more attention.

When Dean saw the man who was sweeping he must have thought he was a good person to ask because he pulled onto the side of the road right in front of the guy. I sat for a minute, pondering if I should get out with them or stay put. In the end I decided that it couldn't hurt to just stand there and smile while keeping my mouth firmly shut.

Dean gave me a look when I squeezed in between him and Sam but otherwise just stepped to the side so I could stand there comfortably while they asked questions.

"Looking to buy?" The man asked while smiling at me. Luckily it was a friendly 'welcome neighbor' kind of smile instead of a creepy one.

"No. No. Actually, we were just wondering if you might recall a family that used to live right across the street, I believe."

"Yeah, the Millers. They had a little boy named Max." Dean added.

"Yeah I remember them. The brother had the place next door. What's this about? That poor kid okay?""

Wow, how lucky was it that we found someone right away who remembered them? But it was the man's reference to the 'poor kid' that set the guys on edge. From what they'd told me Max seemed somewhat normal, if not a little affected by the recent death of his father and uncle. When Sam questioned what the man meant by that we got a story we hadn't expected. He went on saying how Mr. Miller used to beat the little boy and the brother would join in and that the step mother wouldn't do a damn thing to stop them. Wait step mother? This was the first I was hearing about the woman being Max's step mother. Although I wasn't really having much to do with this case. Sam had pretty much been running the show since his first dream about it.

After a few more questions it was clear to me that Dean and Sam were just as clueless about the mother as I was.

"I think his real mom died in some kind of accident, car accident I think. Hey are you okay?" My head snapped in Sam's direction to see him grabbing his head and wincing in pain. I abruptly realized he was having another vision. He pulled his hand away and tried to put on a brave face but me and Dean both knew it was time to go. I turned and opened Sam's door while Dean thanked the man for his time but while I was helping Sam to the car he suddenly stopped and looked toward the sky, slipping into that trance thing when he was watching the vision. Me and Dean stood there for a second, unsure of what to do when Sam suddenly snapped out of it.

"Sam, are you okay?" Dean asked, his voiced laced with worry.

"We have to go. Now." And with that Sam pulled from us and jumped into the car. This was all very reminiscent of the night when he'd had the first dream, but I didn't hesitate as I climbed into the backseat and Dean into the drivers seat.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I took my usual spot hanging over the front seat.

"We have to go back to the Miller house and step on it." Dean didn't ask twice as he sped away from the the man who was still standing on his steps and watching us. "Max is doing it. Everything I've been seeing."

"Well, wait. What about Lynn?" Dean asked.

"There isn't enough time. We have to get there now!" I flinched as Sam barked at Dean. We kept our mouths shut as Sam went through the ways that Max had killed his father and uncle. Then he had the gall the compare himself to Max. Dean, of course, took offense to this.

"What are you talking about? The dude's nothing like you. Max is a monster." I sat back and kindly did what I always did when they got into fights. Stayed out of it. The fight was somewhat the same as the last couple times they fought about a hunt. Their opinions and views on why who did what and if it was right and all that. But what was almost comical was the shock on Sam's face when Dean suggested they kill Max. Don't get me wrong, I definitely don't want to kill someone who is in fact a human, but even I wasn't all that surprised by Dean's solution to the problem. He wanted to do the same thing to Roy, the faith healer, in Indiana.

"Dean promise me you'll follow my lead on this one." Sam begged his brother as Dean killed the engine in front of the Miller house. Such a normal looking house. Hard to believe anything evil was going on in there.

"Alright fine," Dean agreed reluctantly, "but I'm not letting him hurt anybody else." As he spoke he pulled his ivory handled pistol from his glove box and stuffed it in his jeans. My mind was temporary filled with thoughts of how lucky that concealed weapon was, but then I realized what I was thinking about. Oh lord I did NOT just think that! Oh god I did! Quick what laws do I know about concealed weapons? have to have license to carry one? Jeez, I don't know anything about gun laws and I still can't stop thinking about Dean's pants. Just say the Pledge of Allegiance then. I pledge allegiance to the flag-

"Wha- What?" I stuttered out, blushing profusely, when I realized Dean was saying my name.

"I'm serious Lynn. You stay in the car." Dean pointed at me and the tone of his voice was the same as if he were talking to a small child. It was really starting to pester me that he was always bossing me around, but in the end I guess he knew best and kept the bad things away from me. "No matter what you hear or see you keep your scrawny butt in that seat."

Sam just nodded in agreement and with the slam of the car door they were gone, marching determinedly up to the Miller house and barging right through the door. My nerves were immediately all over the car. It was one thing to sit in the room and wait. I didn't know what they were doing in depth so I wasn't so worried about them. But here...this is a whole different story. I actually know what is going on and know that they are walking into certain danger. I'm not even in the line of fire and I'm really scared right now.

I felt like one of those women who have someone they care about in the military and they are just waiting to hear bad news as I watched the house for any signs of distress. I really shouldn't be watching though. I mean, really, what could I do even if I saw something? Nothing that's what. And that's when I saw movement. I almost slammed my face into the window as I frantically scooted as close to the door as I could get to watch what was happening.

My heart was speeding out of my chest and the front door was opening at a snails pace until I could barely see Dean standing in the dark doorway. Could it be over that fast? Maybe the guy was as understanding as Sam thought he would be and they just talked to him. Just as the the thought crossed my mind the door slammed back shut, quickly followed by all the shutters on the windows. There is no way that is normal. It has to be Max using his weird mind power to do all of that. I truly felt like I was going into cardiac arrest, because something was wrong.

I had the door open and was standing next to the car before I remembered Dean's warning to stay put. Wait why was I even thinking of running in there? I'm not a hunter and I'm sure as hell not trained. But I can't just leave them in there if they are in trouble. But Dean told me stay in the car. Oh boy, what to do...Ack! I still don't know why I'm even thinking about going in there! I continued to fight with myself as I leaned back in the car and pulled Dean's keys from the ignition and made my way to the trunk. I'd never actually been in the trunk of Dean's car. I've only ever seen him going through it after he'd already opened it so when I lifted the hood of the trunk it looked like a normal trunk. A tool thrown here or there and a couple of flashlights, but nothing out of the ordinary...that is until I found the small slip of rope that disappeared under he base of the trunk. I eyeballed it uncertainly, unsure if I should go rifling through Dean's top secret junk much less attempt to get into this house and help the guys. If they even needed help that is. A woman screamed from inside the house almost made me lose my nerve and scramble back into the car, but I was already out of the car determined to be of some help for once.

With quick movements, so that I couldn't tell if my hands were shaking or not, I reached for the the rope and yanked up the false bottom of the trunk. It was heavier than I thought it was be and I had to reach out and hold it open with both hands as I got a good look at what those two kept in here. There was almost any weapon you could imagine and some you couldn't and plenty of things that I didn't even know what they were. A large variety of guns, but I wouldn't be touching those anytime soon. I might clean them, but grabbing one with the intention of harming someone else was not my cup of tea and I had no intention of doing it anytime soon. Aha! Off to side of the secret compartment was a completely ordinary looking crowbar. I guess it could be some kind of mystical ghoul killing crowbar, but who am I to tell the difference and this thing had duel purpose. I could hit the bad guy with it AND break into the house with it.

I momentarily lost my nerve when the house began rattling. Yes I mean like there was an earthquake and it was privy only to the Miller house. But my determined side won over my scaredy-cat side and I began my half ass march up to the front door of the house. I nervously looked around as I clutched the crowbar to my chest with both assuredly white knuckled hands. Could they see me walking up? Was I walking right into a trap? I don't know how Max could know I was approaching with all the blinds and shutters closed. Maybe I should have called Bobby. Oh for Pete's sake its too late for that I'm already at the front door. Should I try to barge in like they did or go for the sneaky approach? This is so nerve racking. I feel like I might throw up.

I peeled my fingers from around the crowbar and checked the door. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing but it is unlocked. The door doesn't make a sound as I take a deep breath and bravely push it open in front of me while holding the crowbar out to keep anything back that might attack me. Nothing seemed out of ordinary in the very quotidian household. Except the fact that there was a very large hutch in front of a closet door next to stairs.

I could hear some movement upstairs, but I wasn't sure I had an more courage left in me to venture further into the house. It was at the very moment that a resounding "NOOO!" bellowed from the doors behind the hutch and said hutch also flew away from the spot it was resting and left the doors closet doors completely unblocked. I got my crowbar ready because it suddenly occurred to me that whoever was locked in that closet just used their mind to move that hutch and the only person I knew of that could do that was Max. But to my complete and utter relief Sam emerged and almost had a fit when he saw me.

"You're supposed to stay in the car!" He hissed and my anxiety level spiked because he was obviously trying not to be heard.

"I heard a scream." My voice is small and I'm not sure that he hears me.

"Nevermind there is no time. Stay close to me." I let the crowbar drop to my side as Sam grabbed my arm and dragged me up the stairs. We went quickly, but quietly so I assumed we were sneaking up on someone. Were on earth was Dean? I heard his voice as we neared a closed door at the end of the hall. I was startled when Sam suddenly charged the door, but so was everyone else in the room. Dean was standing protectively in front of a blond middle aged woman and a very scared and on edge Max stood menacingly at the foot of the bed, Dean's gun floating in the air in front of him. It was aimed right at Dean.

Sam was begging Max not to shoot and offering help while I was trying to remain unseen, but Dean spotted me hiding behind Sam and didn't look too pleased about it. Well he didn't look to happy about the whole situation so it was kind of hard to tell what was the major cause of his displeasure. Anybody could see that Max was an extremely unstable individual as he stood there, shaking and sobbing. The pain in his eyes and across his face was so great that it even upset me and I didn't even know what his story was. The lightly shaking gun that was mysteriously floating in the air was also making me increasingly nervous. And then right when we thought Sam was getting through to him, Max suddenly turned the gun on himself and took his own life. I dropped the crowbar and screamed as the sound from the gun stung my ears and the shock of what just happened tore through me. Max just crumbled to the floor in pile of his own pain and self hatred. What had happened to him that made him think that this was his only way out?

"Max!" The woman yelled as she ran across the room to him, but I was pretty sure that the hole in the back of his head meant he was gone. I just stood and stared at the woman crying over what I assumed was her son when Dean's voice snapped me out of it.

"Go get in the car." He was pissed. I could hear it in his voice and hesitating only made it worse. "Now, Lynn." He shoved the crowbar in my hands and turned away from me and pulled his phone from his pocket. I didn't stay to see how they handled this kind of situation. I've seen plenty of dead people, but watching someone kill themselves in front of you was a whole lot different. I threw the crowbar on floor as I climbed into my seat in the back and slumped down letting the darkness conceal me. I could already hear sirens so it was safe to assume that the ambulance wasn't that far away to begin with. It seemed like forever as I replayed the whole scene in my head and watched the cops filter in and out of the house. The blood spraying the wall popped into my head when I saw they were bringing Max's body out and I slid lower in my seat. A guy just died and I was nervous about being in trouble when Dean got back to the car. I'm a horrible person.

I sat up a little straighter when I saw Sam and Dean exit the house a few minutes later. Neither one of them looked happy, but I could tell that Sam would blame himself for this for a while to come and that would do nothing but give Dean stress.

Dean POV

"Are you kidding me?" I asked as I got in the Impala and slammed the door behind me. I turned to see Lynn in the back seat, slumped down and fully aware that she was in trouble. "I tell you to stay in the car and you decide to come running in the house after I deliberately told you not to!"

"I-I thought you-both of you where in trouble..." She stumbled over her words while playing with the sleeves of her jacket. If I wasn't mad at her I would feel a little bad about yelling at her. But, she shouldn't have put herself in danger like that!

"You don't put yourself in situations like that! I'm-Sam and I, are trying to keep you safe and we can't do that when you go barging in where the monsters are! You don't know what you're doing and you could have gotten yourself killed. Hell, you could have gotten all of us killed." The anxious look that was on her face fell away to form a frown.

"Look I appreciate the concern and everything, but I'm not a child." Was she seriously going to argue with me? "I ran in there because I was worried about you two, not because I wanted to."

"Thanks, but no thanks. Me and Sam can handle ourselves. You on the other hand are not trained and it could have gone really bad." I was surprised that she thought highly enough of me and Sam to go running into danger to help us. The thought was warming and very unsettling at once. I was suppose to keep her from getting her, not put her in right in the line of fire.

She seemed defiant, like she wanted to keep arguing and I wasn't really sure why. She hadn't gotten upset the last couple of times that I'd laid into her for doing something dumb. "Remember what I told you back in Indiana when those crazy townies tried to sacrifice us to that scarecrow? I told you not to worry about me. You get out of danger and you get help."

"Well, see if I ever run in and help you again." She grumbled as she folded her arms and started pouting. I wanted to make a comment about her being a five year old because she was annoying me, but I just turned back around and started the car. Sam was watching us curiously but looked away when I glared at him. I didn't need any of his 'touchy, feely, pessimistic' crap right now. I was angry at him for thinking that this situation could have turned out any different and I was aggravated at Lynn for putting herself in danger and then arguing with me about it.

Lynn POV

I can't believe Dean gave me such a hard time about going into the house after them. Okay, maybe it was a dumb idea if I really thought about it, but still. It was embarrassing having Dean chew me out in front of Sam. Or I was just upset that Dean was mad at me. I liked being in his good graces and having him joke around with me. I felt a little childish for arguing the way I did and pouting, but I just couldn't help it. It took a lot of guts, that I don't have, to go in there, because I thought they needed help. And here I am getting in trouble for it.

When we got back to the room we decided to get a couple hours of sleep before heading out in the morning. It sounded like a great idea to me as I crawled onto the sofabed, clothes and all. When Dean woke me in the 'morning' it felt like I'd only been asleep for five minutes. It was still dark outside! Sam wasn't even up yet so I decided to get a quick shower while they were packing their stuff. Maybe it would help wake me up.

The warm water was making me more tired and the sound of the shower reminded me so much of rain that it was helping to lull me back to my vegetative state. I washed my hair and cleaned myself quickly and did something that I used to do in high school when I would take a shower before school. I turned to hot water completely off and braced myself for the ice water that was about to pelt me.

I couldn't help the shriek that escaped me when the cold water hit me. The groggy fog in my head cleared instantly as the water woke me up and I frantically tried to shut the water off. Goosebumps riddled my body as I tried to dry off and warm up. I was wide awake now. I jumped when someone knocked on the bathroom door and Dean's voice rang out.

"You alright in there?"

"Yeah...the water went cold." I finished drying off when Dean walked away and quickly got dressed. They were mostly done packing when I exited the bathroom so I rushed to get my stuff together while they finished their conversation. I heard Dean reassuring Sam that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to him. I left them to their private conversation as I grabbed my toiletries, but when I came back out Dean was saying we needed to go the Vegas for Sam's premonitions. Now this was more like it. I would love to go to Vegas.

"We're going to Vegas?" I asked, grabbing my bag and waited at the door for the to answer, but Sam just looked at Dean in a disbelieving face and scoffed before grabbing my bag from me and lugging our luggage out to the car.

"What? Craps table? We'd clean up."

It was then that I realized Dean was making a joke about using Sam to win at gambling. "Real smooth Dean."

"Yeah yeah. You comin' or what?" Dean asked and reached around me to grab the door. I scooted out of the way for him to close it and followed him to the car. I stopped short when I saw that Sam was in the back. Wait, that was my seat. Sam poked his head out of the still open door.

"Hope you don't mind riding shotgun. I'm gonna try to get some more sleep."

He didn't leave much room for argument before closing the door and leaving me at a loss. I wanted to go back to sleep too. I tried not to pout when fell into the front seat. This seat did have its perks I guess. I got to sit next to Dean. But I was still tired and it was completely silent in the car except for Dean's rock music which he was keeping relatively low.

I must have nodded off, because before I knew it Dean was lightly shaking me awake. I was still sitting up and my neck was a little stiff.

"Come on. Lay down." Dean said softly and I didn't even resist when he helped me lay across the front seat and put my head in his lap. Thank god I was already half asleep when he suggested it, otherwise I would have been too nervous to do it. I dosed off almost immediately when I got comfortable, but not before I felt Dean brush my hair back away from my face.

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