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It was around ten in the morning when I woke up from the feel of the car slowing down. I still had my head laid in Dean's lap and his hand was resting on my shoulder. In my head I let out a girly squeal and jumped up and down. I had my head in Dean's lap AND he was touching me! AHHH! Okay, okay...Lynn. Calm down. It's just the most convenient way for me to sleep. He was just being nice is all. Well...that didn't mean I was going to get up and break the contact just yet. Not until the car stopped at least. Sam was talking about some guy getting kidnapped in Minnesota and how the area was flagged in their dad's journal. So I guess we were going to Minnesota. Yay...another super long drive.

Dean's hand slipped from my shoulder as I pushed myself up and turned to look out the window. The major reason being so that I could fix my hair and make sure there was no drool on my face. Thank goodness I don't really drool in my sleep. We had just pulled into a gas station in some town I didn't care to ask the name to.

"How'd you sleep?" Sam's voice pulled me back to the car and I turned to see him looking inquisitively at me. Was he trying to hint at something about me sleeping with my head in Dean's lap? Or was he just being nice? Before we'd made nice and stopped fighting I would have suspected the former, but now that we were on good terms I wasn't so sure. Plus I'd never been too good at reading people.

"Like a baby." I answered as I let out a large yawn.

"Yeah and you snore like one too." Dean quipped as he climbed out of the car. Wait...what? I swiftly scooted over into his now vacated seat and leaned out the window to see him. He was messing with the controls at the gas pump.

"I do not snore like a baby!" I snapped. No one had ever told me that I snored and everyone knows that you don't just develop a snore one day. I mean, unless you gain a lot of weight.

"How would you know?" He smirked, "You were asleep."

Ugh. He had me there. How embarrassing was this? I spend the morning sleeping with my head on Dean Winchester's lap and come to find out that I snored. I looked to Sam for help because surely he could back me up and tell Dean that I hadn't uttered a single snore the whole time we were together, but he had gotten out and found his way into the convenience store.

"And anyways, how exactly does a baby snore?" By this point Dean was done pumping the gas and had put away the nozzle. He opened the door and motioned for me to get out of the car.

"You know...all high pitched and whistle-y." I stretched as I stood up and followed Dean into the store. I just rolled my eyes and ignored him. If I said anything else I might embarrass myself even further.

The gas station was on the tiny side with only two aisles, one cooler, and the counter that you pay at. Sam was already paying for his stuff and Dean was making his way down one of the aisles, grabbing random junk food on his way to the cooler. I grabbed some beef jerky because I was hungry for some kind of substance and water. I'm sure I already gained fifteen pounds with the way these two ate all the time, but there was nothing to be done for it right now. I would just have to get fat, unless I could get one of them to start running with me or something.

Before long we were back on the road and Sam was occupying the back seat again. This was still strange to me, because Sam was always in the front seat. I felt like the back seat was my lair...not his. I sat there silently for a while, playing games on my phone and listening to Sam and Dean talk about all the missing persons cases in our destination. It was all very boring and I tried my best to occupy myself with games on my phone, but Dean quickly got bored with the conversation and started tossing Funyuns at me. I just glanced at him while he tried to look innocent before taking the Funyun from my lap and promptly eating it. Dean got sucked back into his conversation with Sam and before I knew it the hours had passed and we were pulling off the interstate. As per usual Dean found a little crap hole motel and left me and Sam to get settled while he picked up some take out. There was just enough time, after eating, for the guys to dress up like policemen and go question some kid about the most recent missing persons case. I was going to stay in the room, of course.

It was another boring evening of flipping through the channels on the crappy tv from a remote control that was chained to the bed side table. I didn't feel like cleaning the guns...not that they needed to be cleaned again. I finally settled on a scary movie about demons possessing people. I'm sure Dean would argue with it's logic if he was here, but he wasn't and I didn't completely know how it all worked yet so by the time they got back I was scared out of my mind. Partly because it had gotten dark and I was alone, but mostly because I felt like I could have ended up like some of those people. All self mutilated and evil and not able to do a thing about it. It took everything I had not to run and hide in the bathroom when I heard the guys unlock the door, but I stayed put knowing that if it was a demon it wouldn't be able to get past the salt lines. Dean stopped in the doorway, looking around critically at all the lights on before his gaze falls on me...huddled under the covers of one of the beds.

"Whats wrong?" Dean was reading this situation wrong. As if something had been here and actually threatened me. I opened my mouth to assure him that I was just being dumb when Sam came in behind him and quickly assessed the situation.

"Were you watching a scary movie?" I could feel my face flush at Sam's correct guess even though I was just about to tell Dean. These guys run into the room with the bad things and kill them and I get scared over a movie. They probably think I'm pathetic.

"Maybe." I mumbled as I threw off the covers and turned the tv off. They both laughed lightly as they fought over who got to change out of the cop outfit first. Sam won and I was left with Dean. I made my way through the room, switching off some of the lights so that my unease wasn't so apparent. I quickly stopped when I couldn't ignore Dean's gaze on me anymore.

"What?" I started making up the bed that I'd messed up, seeing as I would probably be getting the couch again.

"Nothing. You just seem a little wound up." He had taken a seat at the little round table that seemed to come in every room and was looking at me with a mixture of amusement and concern. I stopped what I was doing and put my hands on my hips and readied myself for the conversation that my next statement might bring.

"It was a movie about demon possession." And of course Sam walked out of the bathroom right as I said it so I had to deal with both of them.

"You know that most of the stuff in those movies are crap, right?" Dean offered as he stood. He only helped in making me feel foolish.

"I knew you would say that, but it still reminded me that I actually have a real demon hunting me down and trying to possess me." Sam stepped up and put a hand on my shoulder. He was getting more comfortable doing stuff like that since we'd worked things out, which was fine, if not a little weird sometimes.

"We're not gonna let that demon get anywhere near you Lynn." I smiled up at him for the reassurance and looked back over to Dean. He looked at Sam's hand on my shoulder before pulling his eyes back to mine.

"Yeah. As long as you don't go running headlong into danger like last time, we won't let anything bad happen to you." Concerned Dean was gone and cocky Dean had taken his place. "What you need is a drink. Let's hit that place near the highway, Sammy."

Thirty minutes later found us pulling in to one of those seedy biker bars that I pretty much never went into unless my car was broken down. Why did I think Dean would pick something a little nicer? Well at least I didn't dress up. Not that I had any nice clothes to dress up in. I just wore dark jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and my black jacket. I put a little eye liner on, but just out of habit. It's not like I was expecting to impress anyone. I originally left my hair down but I quickly pulled it up as we walked in to the smokey joint and followed Dean to a table in the back near an available dart board. Unless I wanted to smell like cigarettes later I would have to shower when we got back to the motel. The air was thick with the smoke and it gave the air in the small bar a blue tinge. Sam immediately sat at our table and pulled out their dad's journal so I assumed he was going to continue working while me and Dean played. Too bad their wasn't a pool table open. I would much rather play that than darts. I usually hit more wall than dart board.

"Wanna beer?" Dean asked me as he took his jacket off and draped it on the back of his chair. I wasn't a big fan of beer.

"I'll take a screwdriver if you don't mind."

"Really?" He made a face, reluctant to order it.

"At least I'm not asking you get me something like a Fuzzy Navel." I said with my hands on my hips. Sam laughed loudly and Dean threw his hands up in defeat.

"Alright, point taken." And he disappeared into the crowd of people. Sam was still chuckling to himself, but he had already turned back to the journal so I began gathering the darts from the dartboard on the wall. For such a crappy bar I had to admit that it was a nice dartboard. They must have regulars who come for the competitive darts. Yeah, right. I stepped back and took a couple of practice throws and boy, was I right. I didn't even come close to the board. Dean, who probably frequented places like this, was going to demolish me.

"You sure you don't want to play darts and I'll research?"

"Nah... I think I remember seeing something about this kind of case in my dad's journal. You have fun." Sam never even looked up from his books as he said all this. I just slumped onto the stool across from him and waited for Dean to get back.

It didn't take him long to emerge from around the crowd of people that were surrounding the pool tables with two beers and my drink. He didn't look too happy to be carrying it around, but he'll get over it. I wasn't going to drink beer just to make him comfortable. Next time I'll just go get my own.

I took the drink from Dean as he was sitting it down and gulped half of it. I was ready to do something other than talk about ghost and demons. Alcohol was a quick way to have fun. "Okay I'm going first!" I jumped off my stool and retrieved the darts, quickly dropping his three in his hand as he stared strangely at me. Yeah, I went from bored to bouncy in like three seconds, but I was happy to be out of the room and be doing something. Even if I was about to fail miserably at darts.

Two more drinks and an hour or so later found me with a slight buzz and I hadn't even come close to beating Dean. There had been some more talk about the case occasionally. Dean seemed to think it was just a kidnapping and we should just move on, but Sam had latched onto it because their dad mentioned the area in his journal. Something about a phantom attacker, whatever that was. Sounds scary.

I was beyond being embarrassed about how bad I was playing and just let my dart fly where it may. They didn't listen to me anyway. Dean seemed to think he could teach me.

"Wait, wait. You're letting go too late. Here like this." He stepped around me and grabbed my hand that held my last dart. He was careful enough not to stand too close to me when he stepped up behind me, but I was hyper-aware of his body heat and I felt like I'd drank more than I had. His hand on mine was at first like fire and I almost pulled away, but after a moment it lessened to a pleasant heat that sent those lovely tingles up my arm. Leather and mysterious aftershave has never smelled so good...EVER. Sam just continued with his phantom attacker speech. Neither one of us was paying any attention to him.

It took me a while to realize that he was walking me through the right way to move my arm and when to let go of the dart. Regrettably he then stepped away and asked me to try with my new found 'technique.' I took a deep breath and tried to remember what he was talking about, but I really really wasn't paying attention. Who cares about darts when you have Dean Winchester practically pressed up against you. I slowly aimed and tried letting go kind of early. I'm not going to lie...I closed my eyes, but when I didn't hear the loud snap of the dart going through the wood paneling I opened my eyes to see that I'd actually hit pretty close to the middle. The closest I'd ever hit to the bullseye.

"Wooo! That was pure skill!" I hollered cockily, trying to shake off the tension from mine and Dean's closeness.

"Oh yeah, It had nothing to do with my instructions." Dean said sarcastically and he took a long swig from his beer.

"Look Dean I don't know if this is our kinda thing either, but it's very weird. This county has more missing persons per capita than anywhere else in the state." Sam butted in, ever concentrating on the case or...kind of case. Whatever it was we were doing right now.

"Yeah that is weird," Dean agreed. "but don't phantom attackers take people from their beds? This guy was taken from a parking lot."

"Wait they take people from their beds?" I squeaked. This, I was not okay with. Okay, well I wasn't okay with any of it, but this was by far the creepiest sounding. But in true Winchester brother fashion they continued without answering my question.

"There is a bunch of different kinds..." I didn't stick around to hear Sam ramble them off. I made my way too the dart board and collected all our darts so that we could play another game, but when I came back they were already talking about leaving. Well Sam was. Dean was kind of fighting it.

"We should get an early start." Sam said, standing from his chair as he packed up the journal and threw some ones on the table for whoever was going to clean up our glasses.

"You really know how to have fun don't you, Grandma." Dean asked him sarcastically as he took the darts from me and threw them all back into the board, even mine. Sam just chuckled at him and continued to get his stuff together. I was okay with staying or going. I'd actually had a good time tonight so I didn't want to ruin it by sticking around too long and getting bored.

"I'll meet you outside. I gotta take a leak."

Sam scoffed at Dean's choice of words and shrugged his jacket on. I waited patiently for Sam to finish gathering his stuff up before turning and making my way through the large crowd around one of the pool tables. I was surprised when Sam placed his hand on my shoulder as we passed through the doorway and out into the chilly night. I could see my breath in cold night air and Sam's hand was warm so I didn't remove it. Maybe he was just trying to make me feel more safe as we were the only ones in the dimly lit parking lot. I let him lead me over to the car and I could feel his grip get tighter the closer we got. I turned to look at him and he was looking around suspiciously. Something had him on edge. Something I was obviously oblivious to. I made a quick scan of the small parking lot and found nothing as Sam removed his hand from my shoulder and sat his books on the trunk of the Impala. I thought I heard something over near and old RV that was parked next to the building but my attention was captured by Sam as he crouched on the gravel to look under the white car next the Impala.

"What is it?" I whispered, afraid of what he would find under there. He didn't answer me but continued to lean lower until a loud yowl ripped through the air and a stray cat swiped at him. I yelped in fright and jumped back as the cat ran past me. Sam was on the ground laughing. Whether it was at me or cause he was startled also, I wasn't sure but it got me giggling at the situation.

"You're so jumpy." I joked at him as I put out my hand to help him up.

"What? You screamed." He argued as he almost pulled me down with him. He was able to pull himself up with assistance but I started stumbling forward so he ended up steadying me. We had a short moment where my hands were on his chest and his on my arms. It was hit by the undeniable urge to close the gap and hug him. I could use a good hug with everything going on. But I thought better of it and stepped away from his warmth and into the crisp night. Why did I think I could help him up anyway? He was ginormous.

And suddenly this metallic shrill noise split through the still night and I peered around Sam with just enough time to see a man bash him in the back of the head. Sam crumbled and I jumped away from the guy and tried to scream but a dirty hand clamped over my mouth. Even though I couldn't scream I still tried to as I struggled to get away from this second man. He was trying to get his other arm around my neck to possibly choke me, but I kicked and hit and clawed at him. I was able to get my mouth open enough to sink my teeth into his filthy hand. I was going to try and take his finger off, but a blow to the back of my head jerked his fingers out of my mouth and me stumbling to the ground. Black spots swan in my vision for a moment, but I focused on the pain of the gravel digging into my skin to keep me awake. I flipped over just in time to see both dirty men jump on me.

"Get off me!" I hollered as I tried to fight them off but they were obviously much stronger than me. The gravel was digging into my hands as I tried to grab anything to keep them from getting me off the ground but it was useless. Where was Dean? Why didn't anyone hear me scream? I was kicking furiously and randomly while one man hooked two arms around my stomach and hoisted me off the ground. He swung me around to face the other guy and I opened my mouth to scream again, but his fist slammed into the side of my face and my world went black.

Third person POV

Dean's mood had fallen in the toilet since Sam ruined the party. He was actually having a good time playing darts with Lynn and having the occasional chat about whatever this case was. Sometimes he wished they could have one day without devoting all their time to a hunt. If only Lynn had spoken up and said she wanted to stay. That is if she wanted to stay. Dean did his best not to take out his frustration by bumping into everyone who was in his way while he made his way out of the building. He didn't feel like going back to that dirty motel room. Sometimes his job, no his life, really sucked. Especially with Sam being the Terminator version of a hunter. All he saw was his current mission and would not deviate.

The temperature had dropped dramatically since they got to the bar. Dean could see his breath in the air as he made his way over to the Impala where he assumed Sam and Lynn were waiting. His blood ran as cold as the night air when he saw his father's journal and Sam's papers laying on the back of his car, but there was no Sam to be found and there wasn't anyone in the car. No Lynn either.

"Sam?" Dean yelled, thinking that maybe he was roaming around the parking lot with Lynn. There was no answer. Dean's heart rate increased dramatically as he yelled for his brother again and again received no answer. What had happened to him? And what about Lynn? Were they okay? Please just let them be walking around somewhere. Dean all but ran down the people that were emerging from the bar to go home for the night. A woman was struggling to help her biker boyfriend walk to their ride when Dean ran up to them.

"Hey have you guys been out around here in the last hour or so?" They both shook their heads and Dean quickly moved on to the next couple, but he had the same luck with them. As the last of the people in the bar trickled out and left Dean with no more information all he could do was stand in the street. Unsure of what to do as fear and despair gripped his heart.

Lynn POV

This was the best playground that my Dad had ever brought me to. There were so many different things to do and the equipment was all brand new. My Dad left not long after we got there and left my brother in charge. My parents were fighting again so I assumed Dad was just going to talk to Mom. Chance was fifteen now and I could tell he wasn't happy about having to watch his kid sister at the playground.

"I'm going over there," he said as he pointed to some benches that other kids his age were crowded around, "try not to bother me too much until your dad gets back." He didn't even wait for me to agree before turning and sulking away. I hoped I didn't act as weird as him when I got that old.

All the kids were so nice and let me play with them right away. What seemed like forever later me and a couple of girls were showing each other how well we could do a cherry bomb off the jungle gym when someone called my name. I looked over to where my brother had been, to see him missing. I took a quick look around the playground and didn't see him anywhere, but I did see a strange man standing near the woods, waving. Was he waving to me? I looked behind me to the girls who continued playing and none of them were even looking my way. When I turned back to the man he motioned for me to come over to him. Now I normally would never go talk to a stranger just like my Dad taught me, but I really couldn't stop myself as I climbed through the jungle gym and started towards the man. He was a lot taller than my Dad and his hair was longer. It went down to his shoulders and was almost the same color as mine. He had a nice smile on his face, he didn't look scary at all and I wanted to meet him. I liked making new friends. As I got closer to him he crouched down to my level, his long coat getting dirty on the ground. I didn't know why he was wearing a big coat like that because it was a really warm day and the sun was shining.

"Hello." He said when I got to him. I couldn't really see his eyes because the sun was high above us and there was a shadow on them from his eyebrows.

"Hi." I said back, waiting for him to tell me why he called me over.

"My name is Sean. What might yours be?"

"Lynn Mar-. Lynn." I blushed as I stuttered. I might want to talk to this man, but I knew better than to tell him my whole name.

"Its very smart not to tell me your last name. You don't know me. But I know you Lynn Marlin." He turned his head just the right way when he said that and I could suddenly see his eyes. One was blue and was was green.

I was suddenly scared of this man and took a step back getting ready to run and scream as loud as I could just like Dad always said.

"Its okay Lynn. You don't have to be scared. I know your mother. I'm not going to hurt you."

"You know my mom?" I didn't know if I believed him.

"Yes, we were good friends. You look so much like her." He reached out and touched my face and for some reason I let him. He lightly touched my check with this look on his face like he was thinking of something else. He suddenly looked so much older than he seemed. I mean, he didn't look any older than my dad, but he looked a lot older at the same time. It was weird.

"Hey what do you think you're doing?!" The man, Sean, pulled his hand away suddenly and stood up. I backed up because he towered over me. I looked over to see Chance walking over to me quickly. He didn't look happy. He probably thought that Sean was hurting me.

"Get out of here before I call the cops!" When I looked away from my angry brother I saw Sean was already out of the park and across the street. He turned and looked at me one last time before he disappeared into the crowd of people.

"You was only 'spose to get one guy!" A loud voice jolted me from my dream and hard reality hit my like a ton of bricks leaving my head aching. Or was that from getting hit over the head? It was hard to tell because this situation was the worst I'd been in by far.

I had been watching as Sam checked a weird noise under Dean's car when these two guys came out of no where and pistol whipped Sam before he even saw them. I tried to scream but a dirty hand clamped over my mouth and the one who had taken Sam out quickly did the same to me. I didn't even have time to get scared or panic. No, that was for now.

The two men from the parking lot were here as well as another, older man. He was obviously their leader or their father the way he was tearing into him. Probably both. I was tied to a chair in the filthiest house I had ever seen and these three were arguing about how I wasn't suppose to be taken.

"I can't let you two do anything for risk of ya messing it up!"

It was starting to sink in that I was in big trouble here and I didn't know where Sam was. Who were these people? What did they want? They didn't have black eyes like a demon, but I didn't know any other way of telling what they were. They just looked like a bunch of hicks. I tried to wiggle my hands free but all I did was irritate the skin on my arms and attract the attention of a young girl I hadn't even noticed.

"She's awake, Daddy." The girls voice was almost too soft for me to hear, but she pointed right at me and the others stopped their argument and turned to me. I didn't even know what to do. Fear gripped my heart now that their eyes were on me. I stopped my struggles and stared at them, waiting to see what they wanted. They just looked at me for a second and turned back to each other.

"What're we gonna do with her now?" One of the younger ones asked.

"We'll have to take care of her like the others. You better hope this doesn't bring the law down on us." The older one was scary beyond belief. What did he mean take care of me? What others? Was Sam and Dean here? How in the hell did they take out both Sam AND Dean? How are we going to get out of this now?

"What do you want with me?" I hated bringing their attention back to me, but I couldn't take it anymore. They were just talking about me like I wasn't here, which I really wish I wasn't. They ignored my question. And went back to whispering.

"What do you mean take care of me? What others?" They didn't even acknowledge me this time and kept talking. I was scared and stressed out and just really tired of ending up in these kinds of situations. Some people only ever had stuff like this once and they didn't make it. I've had this happen like two or three times now. Odds were that I wasn't going to make it out of this one.

"Throw her in a cage." I heard the older one say and then the younger ones were coming towards me. I couldn't help but start to struggle as my panic rose.

"No! Leave me alone!" I yelled as they started untying my hands. As soon as my arm was free I lashed out, trying to hit one. They just laughed at me and one of them practically sat on me until they got the ropes off. I tried everything I could think of to get away. Going limp didn't work because they just picked me up. So I yelled, screamed, kicked, and just made it at hard as I could. Unfortunately they still were able to handle me easily, but they were getting frustrated. When we got outside it was chilly and raining, but the sun was up somewhere behind the grey clouds. I realized I'd been with them all night.

"Let go of me!" I yelled and got a hand free. I used it to throw a sloppy punch at the guy on my left. I could tell that it hurt my hand more than it hurt his face, but it succeeding in pissing him off.

"You wanna hit? Okay." He grunted and took a step back. Next thing I knew I was seeing stars. I had never been hit so hard in my life. I could barely hold myself up, but that didn't stop them from dragging me somewhere. I couldn't tell where because there were too many dark spots swimming in my vision and my ears were ringing so loud I thought they would bleed. Before I could get my bearing we were inside somewhere and I could hear someone saying my name. The voice broke me out of my stupor just in time to see a big cage they were going to shove me in. I guess that's what they meant by 'throw her into a cage." I don't know what I expected though. There was no way I was going into that cage. I started fighting again.

I kicked one awkwardly which did nothing, but it didn't stop me. I tried to pull myself away from them and that, again, did nothing.

"No! Get off me!" The one I hit suddenly grabbed a handful of my hair and almost like a cat I couldn't move. It hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes.

"I can tell you're gonna be fun." He sneered as threw me on the ground in front of the cage. I tried to get up before they could attack me more, but a boot hit my back and I went flying into the cage. They slammed the door behind me and I heard an electronic buzz as it locked.

"Lynn! Lynn! Are you okay?"

I took a second to rub my face where I was hit before glancing over to whoever was calling to me.

"Sam?!" I pressed myself against the cage so that I could reach my arm out to him. He quickly did the same and when our hands touched I was flooded with such a sense of relief and dread. Don't get me wrong, this situation was so much easier to swallow now that Sam was with me, but I was also now worried about him as well as myself.

"Sam, are you okay?"

"Am I okay? What about you? What happened to your face?"

"I'm okay. I was struggling too much. Sam, what are we going to do? Where is Dean?"

"I don't think they grabbed Dean. He wasn't in the parking lot with us, remember? I'll figure something out." He let go of my hand and started surveying his cage.

Our cages were larger than I thought they were going to be, but it was still a cage. Thick metal made up the whole structure and a thick locking device secured the door. It looked like they might operate the door remotely, but I was only guessing and I became distracted when Sam started beating on his cage door. Like a monkey he hung from the roof of the cage and tried to swing into the door to get it open. I threw my hands over my ears as he kept it up. The noise was earsplitting and I was worried that the guys would be attracted to the sound and punish Sam. He only tried a couple more times before dropping back the floor of his cage, resigned to the fact that it wouldn't work. But the noise had done something I didn't expect. Mostly because I never noticed there was someone else in here. That person groaned loudly and I tried my hardest to see them through Sam's cage. It was difficult, but I could see them stirring and trying to get up. Sam suddenly blocked my line of sight.

"You're alive? Are you okay?"

After a couple of seconds of groaning the man was up.

"Does it look like I'm doing okay?" I think I wouldn't like this guy if I knew him outside of a situation like this, but I cut him some slack. Everyone handles things differently. The man said he thought we were in the country somewhere because of the smell. I took a deep breath. All I could smell was musty hay and rain.

"You're Alvin Jenkins aren't you?"

"Yeah." Oh wow. The very guy they were looking for and Sam ends up trapped the same way and me along with him. I've probably said it before, but traveling with these guys seems more harmful than anything else. I really hoped that Dean was trying to find us. If anyone could find us it would be him. But Dean and Sam are a duo, would Dean be as successful without Sam doing the research? I didn't know what to think, except to try and find a way out. As far as I could tell there was no way out of this cage. Maybe I could rush one of the men when they opened it. Yeah, and do what? I couldn't fight so I don't know what I hoped to do. But maybe Sam could do something. I...I...can't take this.

The tears stung my eyes as I hugged my knees and started to cry. Sam was trying to comfort me from his cage, but I couldn't get it together. I was just a nurse. A normal nurse who was unlucky enough to think that Blue Earth would be a nice small quiet town. Who knew that I would somehow attract a demon and then get stuck with these two brothers who just kept getting me into these positions? Yeah they got me out of them too, but my life sure did take a dangerous turn when I got into that black muscle car with them.

I was jerked from my pity party when the barn door flew open and the two men came in. They had rain coats on this time. I pushed myself as far back into the cage as I could go and tensed up, ready to fight. One of them had a plate They were feeding us? Or at least one of us. There was an electric buzz and one of the cage's locks snapped open, but I couldn't muster up the courage to check if it was mine. Sam was crouched, ready to spring if they were to open his cage, but the one holding the plate made his way over to the cage with Alvin in it.

The man banged on the cage to make Alvin move away from the door before he opened it.

"Leave me alone! Don't touch me!"

I couldn't see much from my cage and Sam was in the way but the man in the raincoat bent down and put the tray in Alvin's cage before slamming it shut. The other guy messed with something on the pole in the middle of the room and the cage door locked again with a buzz. Alvin only looked at the food for a second before lunging for it and stuffing it into his mouth. I don't think I could eat if they gave me something. Although Alvin had been here a lot longer so maybe this was the first time he was given food. Would I eat what they gave me if I was starved for a couple of days? I really hoped I didn't have to find out. I really hoped that Dean was looking for us and that he hurried. I yelped when they banged on my cage where I was watching the scene unfold. I backed away and looked up at the guy. He was sneering at me and it made me want to throw up. I looked away from him when the other man hit Sam's cage. He also backed away from the side of the cage and we watched the men slowly leave. The only sounds were the rain and the sound of Alvin eating.

"I'll be damned. They're just people." Sam said in disbelief. I'd completely forgot that Sam might still think it was some kind of creature. Well for as much as I knew they could still be, but I'd had some pretty close contact with them. They were more than likely human.

"What'd you expect?" Alvin asked with his mouth full.

Sam began quizzing him on how often they feed him and what not. Apparently they'd fed him once a day.

"That's the only time you see them?"

"So far, but I'm waiting for Ned Beatty time, man." Sam scoffed at him. I was pretty sure that Alvin was making a Deliverance reference. If I remember correctly Ned Beatty played the guy who got raped by the hillbillies that were chasing them. That sent a whole new kind of dread through me.

When Sam grabbed a hold of some electrical cable that hung near his cage I also began looking around for anything to help our escape. Unfortunately there wasn't anything near my cage. Nothing I could reach at least.

"Any ideas?" I asked as Sam struggled to break something by pulling on the metal cable.

"I'm working on it." He grunted as he concentrated. There was a loud pop and dust and debris rained down on Sam as he successfully tore the cable away from the beam on the ceiling. It didn't seem to do anything except drop something metal in his cage and make him cough.

"What is it?" Alvin asked.

"Its a bracket." I had my face presses against the bars as I tried to examine the small object in Sam's hands.

"Oh thank God, a bracket. Now we got them, huh?"

"Hey at least we're trying something instead of-" I was cut short when Alvin's cage suddenly unlocked. My adrenaline sky rocketed at the thought of escape, but this smelled fishy. Could there be another control panel that the rednecks controlled from in the house? Was this a trap?

I guess these brothers must have made me wary of an almost too good situation because Sam had the same idea as me.

"I think you should stay in the cage." Sam warned as Alvin somewhat cautiously exited his cage.

"Don't you wanna get out of here?" Alvin asked as he made his way to the door. YES! I wanted to scream but I was frozen in place as I watched him, waiting for something bad to happen any second.

"Yeah, but that was too easy."

"I'm gonna get help, okay?" Alvin reasoned as he started opening the barn door.

"No, it might be a trap!" Sam tried to convey his statements importance without yelling but it did no good as Alvin bid us goodbye and walked out of the building.

"Dammit!" Sam exclaimed as he banged on his cage.

"You think we'll see him again?" I asked as I leaned against the back of my cage, staring at the door he just left out of.

"I don't know." Was all he said. He must have found a semi-comfortable position and receded into his thoughts because he became quiet for a while. That was until we heard a far off scream. The kind someone makes when they are dying and it was Alvin.

How I fell asleep, I'll never know, but there was light coming through the holes in the barn wall when I woke up. I did not feel rested. I couldn't have slept that long because it was well into the night last thing I remembered. It sounded like it was still raining outside and the chill was seriously getting to me. It was hard to keep my teeth from chattering, but a new noise stopped my movements as I was filled with dread.

"Sam!" I whispered fiercely as I tried to wake him before the footsteps got the the door. Sam was usually a light sleeper so it only took my calling him one more time and he was up and ready to fight.

"What is it?"

"There is someone coming." I whispered and scooted to the farthest corner in the cage. I wasn't eager to tangle with these guys again. The two in the rain coats were back again, but thankfully all they were doing was bringing us food. Food that I wouldn't dare eat. I was hungry, yes, but no where near hungry enough to fall into that trap. It could be poisoned or drugged. As much as I just wanted to curl up and cower in my corner I at least got up into a crouch and got ready in case Sam tried something. They man unlocked my cage first and stood there with his shotgun pointed at me while the other came over and threw the food on the floor of my cage and closed the door.

I stayed where I was, heart beating faster than a hummingbird's wings and watched as they did the same thing with Sam. He made no move to attack because there was a gun on him. This time we would have to wait. Me and Sam exchanged looks when the two men had left. Neither of us were going to touch the food.

"Any plans yet?" I asked as I settled back on my butt.

"Nothing yet. We're just going to have to wait for Dean to find us."

"He will right? Find us?" I moved over to stare at Sam through the bars.

"Dean will find us. He won't stop until he does." I just nodded and continued to look at him. I was so used to the way he looked now that I almost couldn't remember how he looked when I first met him. That younger more innocent image of Sam that I had was almost gone. Now you could tell he had emotional baggage just by looking at him. Would I begin to look that way after my time spent with them?

Another couple of hours went by pretty uneventfully until we heard the footsteps again. They were heavier this time and we could hear the men as they struggled with something. I couldn't even imagine what they were bringing to torture us with. Me and Sam were surprised and horrified when the door opened and they two guys were carrying in another woman. She was obviously unconscious as she hung limply from their grasp. I gasped and pressed against the cage, trying to see better as they opened the cage that previously belonged to Alvin and dumped her in their without a care if the fall hurt her. How could someone not notice that all these people were going missing? Sam and Dean noticed it, but they saw that there was an underlying issue with a lot of situations that most people would consider mundane. This was getting a little crazy though. Four people went missing with in the the same couple of weeks and no one thought this was strange?!

After the men were gone Sam tried to get the woman to wake up, but she was out cold. Could she be an intended captive or just a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time like I was. The older man made it clear that I wasn't supposed to be taken so maybe these two messed up again. After about thirty minutes of yelling and banging on the cage to try and wake up the woman she finally started to move. The position of my cage really kept me out of the loop. I could hardly see the lady in her cage as she started to stir but I could hear her movements and her groans. Maybe she could tell us something like where we were or that someone was looking for us. Hopefully that someone was Dean.

"Are you alright?"

The woman didn't answer right away. I caught a small glimpse of her face through mine and Sam's cages. She was looking from Sam to me, something akin to recognition passing over her features. I didn't now this person. Maybe Sam did, but I had no idea who she was.

"You're Sam Winchester aren't you?" She asked quietly and I again found myself pressed against the bars, trying to hear and see the exchange. I had a clear view of Sam's back as he tensed up at the sound of his name. He obviously didn't know this woman either.

"Yeah." Was all he said, unsure of what else to tell her. I would be the same way had a stranger come up to me and knew who I was when I had no such knowledge of them. The image of the mysterious man who talked to me in the park so long ago while I was little flashed back into my mind, but the woman was talking again and I turned my attention back to her.

"Your uh...your cousin is looking for you." Cousin? What? I was confused until Sam visibly relaxed.

"Thank God." He whispered, chuckling lightly. Wait...does she mean Dean? As far as I'd seen they were always honest in the sense of their relationship. Why would Dean lie now? Why was I even worrying about this. It didn't matter. What mattered was that Dean was in fact hot on our trail. I've never wanted anything so badly than to see him right now. I don't know how much more of being locked in this cage I can take.

"Where is he?"

"Oh, he, uh...I cuffed him to my car." Oh jeez. Way to go lady. I was just starting to get my hopes up too. I let out a great sigh before wiping the fresh tears out of my eyes. Sam also looked deflated as he sighed and looked over at me. I just ignored his gaze and continued crushing my eyes with my palm, trying to quell the onslaught of sobs that were about to come on and rack my body. But a loud creak of the hinges on the door stopped my tears instantly as fear filled the despair's place.

Despite my dread I didn't try to hide in the back of the cage like last time. I was just too weighed down with all of this. My nerves were frayed, I hurt everywhere, and I was tired. There was nothing I could do while in the cage, but they better look out if they opened my door.

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