I wake into a lab filled with weird looking tools and tubes. Everything was in a strange blue and a weird screened appeared in front of me with weird numbers. What happened to me? Who am I? I thought. It was then that I realized I was in a glass tube. I banged on the glass for awhile and then two people appeared in front of me, both wore black lab coats. One was a guy with long purple hair. He smiled at me. "My beautiful creation." He said. He then touched the glass. "Creation?! What?" A woman with long pink hair looked at me with a smile, she had a clipboard. "You don't know who you are?" She then wrote something on the clipboard. "Ah, complete memory wipe." She said happily.


Delete...delete...delete. I knew this was a dream, it had to be, cause everywhere I looked was the word delete in neon blue colors and darkness. Dark. Delete. Memory gone. I must have something to do with these words. They could be my past or the answer to my loneliness...why am I alone? I tried to speak but I couldn't hear..and I was muted. It was then that I saw words appearing in front of me. World is mine is what I saw. World is mine. What world? Mine? Me or you? Who is this you, if there is no one else, but me. Though if the world was mine...wouldn't it say World is yours? The next words I saw was errors...system error scrolling across my eyes. Where am I? In my mind? Asleep? I saw the words Failure and delete, then I could only see white.


I wake to find myself strapped to a table, a bright shining light in front of me. "Ah...she has awaken." The bright light went away and a girl with long blue hair appeared. A man with blue hair appeared in my view, who then said. "Experiment...successful." "Experiment?" I asked, my ears started to ring. "Yes." The girl said. "Experiment." I could then feel my body get hotter and hotter and hotter. The two looked at me with shock, as I started to see color spots and heard beeping. The one with dark blue hair turned. "Oh no! Experiment failing!" She said before colors spots took over my vision and I saw nothing.

I am queen

For some reason I felt...happy at the scene laid before me. There was a crowd below me, I wore a long rich fancy dress, had a crown on my head and sat in a fancy chair on a balconey overlooking a courtyard at the bottom of the courtyard two girls, one with short brown hair another with short green hair was walking up the steps toward two nooses set up just for them. I opened a fan and fanned myself as I laughed silently. That's what they get for defying me.I thought. It was a thought I didn't think of my own will. It was like...I was someone else. A couple of men, men who were lower than me, who served me loyally. Was it their own fear or did they really liked serving me? I do not know. I watched as they wrapped a noose around the two girls heads. I smiled. "Do you have any last words?" I asked silently. I felt a stare coming from the side of me. I turned my head and saw my servant, a guy who was older than me. He wore his usual black attire. "Is there something you want to say Hiyama?" "Nothing." I looked back down at the courtyard, I then stood up from my seat as I shouted. "NO!" Down in the courtyard a young girl with black hair and a girl older than her who had long pink hair and a strand of hair sticking up had just cut the nooses and now all 4 girls were running away. Miki...yuki..Meiko..Gumi. All running away! I must stop them! I thought. I lifted up my hand to give the signal to get the girls, but before I could I felt a knife on my throat. "Hello...your majesty." I looked behind me out of the corner of my eye. "So, you finally came." I said. "Yes." "My sweet executioner." He lifted the knife off my throat and took a step back. I turned my head and saw a guy with orange hair, wearing a suit of armor. I took a knife from my sleeve I then pointed it at him as he pointed his at me. When then plunge toward each other..then..darkness..

Candy shop Wonderland

I wake to find myself in a candy shop. I explored and looked everywhere, until I found myself at a counter. There was a single silver bell on the counter. Right next to the bell, a sign said:Ring for assistance. I picked up the bell and rang it as I looked around. Silence...I turned to put the bell down on the counter and saw two people, a girl and a guy with a similar face, both had blond hair. I jumped. "Did we scare you?" They both said. "Just a little surprised." "How can we be of assistance to you?" Asked the guy. "Are you looking for a certain thing?" Asked the girl. I shook my head. "Wondering if we're having a sale?" I shook my head. "Wanna know the owners?" I shook my head. "Hmmm.....well brother. What do you think she needs help with?" Asked the girl. "I dunno. Let's ask her!" "Okay." The girl said before turning back to me. "What do you need help with?" She asked. " find the exit." I said. "Okay! Just follow us!" They said before going around the counter. They then lead the way and I followed. We walked through a hallway, went through a forest and even had tea! We continued to walk and walk and walk. I began to think...maybe they don't know where the exit is. We walked and walked and walked. I then decided to say something. "Do you even know where the exit is?" I asked. "Uh...." "You don't know where the exit is?" "No...that's not true." They said and continued to walk. I followed them and we finally stopped walking and was inside a castle. "Uh...this doesn't look like the exit." I said. They said nothing, then the lights went out.


I opened my eyes and looked around myself. It was my room and I was laying in my bed. "Lare! I made some soup for you!" The door to my room opened and in came Citrus, carrying a tray with a bowl and a glass of water. There was a hat on top of his orange haired head. I looked at him. "What?" He asked as he dragged a table to my bedside and put the tray down on the table. "What happened?" I asked. I touched my head and felt a wash cloth. "Hmm? What do you mean what happened? Man, that virus must be one strong one to affect you this much!" He said. "Virus?" "Yeah, your sick cause there's a virus running through your system. Even though they may look like they won't, even programs can get sick." He said. "Its probably giving you weird dreams." He said. I sat up and he handed the tray to me. I started to eat the soup, it was some type of vegetable soup. When I was finished I put it back on the table. I then pulled the covers off of myself and tried to stand up, but the world started to spin and I began to fall. Citrus caught me. "Even a program can get sick eh? Is that even possible?" Citrus shrugged. He then helped me back into bed and started to sing a soft melody, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.