In the next few days, Kellie and the twins would be released from the hospital. As everyone went back home, they settled into their new routine as a family.

Kellie continued to work on the foundation which became known as Crossing Into Dawn. Over time, branches were opened in several states across the country to help foster kids and victims of abuse. Eventually, Crossing Into Dawn would add a division engaged in rescuing victims of human trafficking which Lorenzo would help run. Charles provided legal counsel for the foundation while Tyler continued to work with Ric in entertainment law.

Helena made sure her presence was known keeping Kellie and Tyler on their toes. But seemed more like she was toying with them. Once she did kidnap Jamie and Jared, returning them three days later. They were too young to remember the ordeal. They didn't seem to have been affected.

When Jared and Jamie were three, Kellie and Tyler welcomed a daughter, Alyssa Rose, into their family. Alyssa had Tyler and her brothers wrapped around her fingers and filled a piece of Kellie's heart she thought would never be filled.

While one would like to think there were no other threats, occasionally one would be crazy or stupid enough to tangle with Kellie and threaten her family. Needless to say those people learned the hard way.

Being the daughter of Sonny Corinthos, niece of Lorenzo Alcazar, and wife to Helena's Cassadine's grandson, a former spy and a former mafia queen, trouble will probably find Kellie and her family at some point. The truth is sometimes happily ever after can get messy and life will still throw in some chaos somewhere along the way.

Author's Note: Wow! This story with Kellie has been quite a journey. It took quite awhile to finish with a lot of twists and turns I didn't see coming along the way, sometime not even until I was writing a chapter. To those of you that have followed Kellie's story, thank you for sticking with me.

This story was intended to be the last story for Kellie and Tyler. They were not supposed to have to deal with threats once they started their family. It was supposed to a nice and neat happily ever after. However, different elements of the story began colliding in ways I hadn't envisioned.

When Steve Burton returned as Jason Morgan, prompted me to consider where Kellie and her family would be at today? Would they actually be able to live without threats? Was that even realistic? How would they interact with their friends and family now?

Interestingly enough answering some of those questions, helped in writing and finishing this story.

There is another Kellie Corinthos story in the works. It will take place starting in 2017. I'm not giving away any hints at this time. What I will tell you is that while "Crossing Into Dawn" took many unexpected twists and turns, the premise for the next one wasn't something I imagined when I created the characters and the story.

I will start posting that one in May.