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Kathy well and truly hated how Andy made her feel. How his smile made her feel like she was melting, how his mere presence churned her insides. She had tried to deny the feelings that were brewing inside of her, but now they were putting up a fight. Maybe she would just have to admit it, admit that she had fallen deeply in love with her partner.-

Brennan sighed. Why was she writing another book? She was definitely not going to publish another one, so why was she spending so much time writing? It wasn't like she had nothing to do. All week Brennan had been helping Booth solve one case after the other. To top it all off she was identifying the remains of over 200 unknown WW1 soldiers. She had not been home all week. Her back and neck ached from sleeping on the couch in her office all week. Brennan needed a break from work. But she couldn't. Not with so much going on. And besides she was having a break, she was writing. Brennan could write everything down, her fears, her desires. She was almost living in another world. No way is Sweets ever going to hear me say that. A loud knock on the door brought Brennan out of her thoughts.

"Come in" she called without even looking up from her computer to see who it was.

"Hey Bones we got a-" Booth started saying as he walked in the door "are you writing another book?" Booth took in the scene around him. There were notes and scrunched up pieces of paper scattered all over the office. The blanket on the couch was thrown back, and obvious sign Brennan had been sleeping on it recently. Booth looked over at Brennan who was glued to her computer at her desk. The glare she was giving the computer was enough to scare a mass murderer. It was the 'I'm-totally-focused-on-what-I-am-doing-and-if-you-so-much-as-breath-within-10-feet-of-me-I-will-kill-you' look. "Are you writing another book?" Booth asked again. Brennan looked up from her computer and at Booth. She looked extremely tired, under her eyes were purple, her bags had bags and her eyes looked like they were struggling to stay open.

"I'm not writing another book. I am purely writing for recreational purposes." Brennan explained quickly and calmly. "Do we have a case or did you come here for some other reason?" Booth clapped his hands together excitedly.

"Pack your body bag Bones" Booth chuckled. "We're going to Vegas baby" Booth said with an Elvis accent. Brennan raised her eyebrows questionably.

"I don't get it."

"It's Elvis Bones. You know the guy who- you know what, don't worry about it."

"I wasn't worrying. I just don't understand why you said it like that."

"Just go home and pack your bags. Enough for about 4 nights. Maybe more. I'll meet you at your place in-" Booth looked at his son's Transformers watch on his wrist which read 9.45pm "one hour." With that Booth left her office. Brennan picked up a pen and scrawled down on her to-do list 'Google Elvis.' She then quickly gathered up her bag and jacket, walked out of her office and headed to her apartment.

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