Arthur was having one HECK of a day.

He had just caught his Best friend in the shower.

This friend happened to be a girl.

A NAKED girl.

It was an accident.

He was minding his own business when he had decided to go for a shower.

Who would shower after the Showering area was closed, anyways?

Apparently Selenia would.

He WASN'T being a peeping Tom.

Well, maybe a little.

To say she had a great body would be an underestimation.

She had hard muscles from working out, but they were graceful, smoothed over by perfect, pale, skin.

Perfect pale skin that covered her entire body, contrasting amazingly with the red curls that adorned her body in more places than one.

Well, at least, he thought they were in more places than one...He wouldn't know, since he didn't see anything.


He did, but no one tell his parents.

One last thought on her body before Selenia comes to kill him.

She had CURVES

Amazing Curves.

Perfectly rounded...






It was Beta who found out first.

Of course, Beta would tell Selenia.

Selenia would kill Arthur.

Arthur hid after Beta got it out of him, since he knew it would be only a short time before Selenia would be on the warpath.

He hid in a hollow tree, and crouched down so that no one could see him.

They found him anyways.

"What'cha want to tell me, Arthur?"


Beta hadn't blabbed?????

Oh Crud.

Now he had to tell her.


His time was running out.

Quick, make something up.

"Ah....Uhhh.....I just wanted to tell you that...."

He DEFINITELY had to try harder.

"'msorryand yeah...."

What the heck was that?

Even HE didn't understand, and it was HIS mouth.

It would probably take another try.

"Huh?" Selenia asked.

"I...Errr Saw you in the shower yesterday"

Selenia's face turned red, and Arthur thought he was going to get slapped, but then Selenia turned around and ran back to the Palace.

Beta had a look of pure triumph on his face.

Arthur felt miserable.

Beta giggled and ran off.

Arthur sat down on a rock.

He HAD to talk to Selenia.

Arthur stopped outside Selenia's door.

He had plenty of courage when he started out, but it had all eluded him now.

What the heck.

He knocked on the door, surprised when it swung open under his touch.

Selenia was there, sitting on the floor by her bed.

He didn't need to see her to know that she was crying.

Arthur gently cleared his throat, causing Selenia to jump.

"You okay?"

Selenia stood up, wiping the tears off her face and nodding.

"I-I'm sorry"

Selenia stepped closer, close enough so that he could see the remaining tears on her eyelashes.

"It's not your fault"

Of course, he had no idea what possessed him, but then again, what boy does?

He kissed her.

It was almost as good as seeing her in the shower.