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Even though Laura was almost 3 years younger then Eddie she was always the 'older' sister. Harriet was once asked how old her children were and she joked, "Laura, my oldest is 12. Eddie, my middle child is almost 15 and my youngest, Judy is 6"

However sitting in the hospital while Eddie was getting a bullet dug out of his leg Laura thought back on all the times Eddie had been a big brother' to her. Three particular incidents came to mind.

Eddie had first become a cop and he was working traffic beat. Laura had the worst day ever. To top it all off some girl in her school called her the "n" word. In tears Laura ran a stop sign failing to see it when she heard a knock at her window. She looked up to see her brother.

She opened the car door and allowed him to get in. Seeing her in tears had him very worried.

"Laura what happened," he asked.

She told him about what happened and about how one of her school-mates called her the "n" word. Anger flashed in Eddie's eyes for the one who hurt his little sister but he just hugged her and rubbed her back until she calmed down then he drove her home and took her out to dinner that night.

Another time Laura was dating one of Eddie's co-workers and she broke up with him when he tried to get too pushy. He tried to get even by falsely arresting her. Eddie saw what was going on and didn't believe his co-worker's story for an instant.

"Oh no," he said calmly, "you do not pick on my sister. If you want to pick on someone you pick on me… someone your own size"

The guy backed down. He didn't want trouble and he knew picking on Eddie's sister would mean trouble. Eddie put an arm around his sister.

"Laura," he said, "I'm so proud of you for having pride in who you are and not letting Evan bully you into doing what you're not comfortable with"

"Thanks Eddie," Laura said hugging her brother.

The third time was when Laura was 14. Harriett and Carol were going away for a few days and they left Laura in charge because they didn't think Eddie was mature enough. Eddie was mad at first but then when things got out of control it was Eddie that saved the day. Laura was paid $100 for babysitting and she split it with Eddie. Eddie in turn brought her a porcelain doll that she'd been wanting for a long time with his half of the money.

The doctor came out smiling.

"We got it all," he said, "now Eddie will be in a lot of pain for awhile but we got it all and we don't anticipate a problem. Laura closed her eyes and thanked the maker of heaven and earth for her big brother.