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Count to Ten

After his dad bailed for the last time Pucks' mother insisted that he talk to someone about his feelings and shit. That had only lasted, like, one session, and his mother had been too busy working and mothering that she just didn't have it in her to force him to go to weekly session with some kooky shrink. And yes, the entire thing was a crock of shit but that didn't mean that some of it didn't stay with him. Like how the therapist had suggested that when his emotions were trying to get the better of him it was good to count to ten before taking any action.

He had been married to Rachel Berry for three months and he found that he was counting to ten a lot these days.


Puckerman, you will not walk out that door. Even if you want to bail, even if it's just to let off a little steam. You are not your father and you don't just leave, even if you wife is being an unreasonable...


Just because she cocks her head that way and taps her foot with her arms crossed over her chest is not a reason to yell even louder then you were moments before.


Even if you know she's doing it intentionally to piss you off.


It's not your damn fault anyway, you had strictly warned her that you'd help do dishes and shit like that, but laundry was not something you could be trusted with so it's not your fucking fault that her delicate whites are now pink.


Okay, so maybe you should have paid a little more attention to what you were doing and a little less attention to the game.


Hell, maybe you could pin this on all on Finn. He had been over and you'd been watching the game together, it was the perfect excuse. Rachel's always had a soft spot for Finn so it just might do the trick to get you off the hook.


Or it might have right up until her hands move from being crossed over her body to rest on her hips. Annnd you're fucked, admit it Puckerman, you are so freaking whipped.


Because dammit if you aren't kind of in love with the crazy girl that used to stand in front of Glee, in that exact position berating you for missing a step or a note or a million other imperfections.


Well hell, maybe this whole counting thing was really working because all thoughts of storming out or killing your new bride are gone and your emotions and thoughts are heading in a totally different direction.


There you go. You counted to ten and it's paying off as you kiss her mid lecture about dark colors and whites not mixing in the washing machine. She breaks away sputtering protests about not being able to sex your way out of a fight.

"Count to ten baby you might change your mind."

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Yup, maybe the kook knew a thing or two because it even worked on your crazy ass wife. Because after five you're already halfway to your bedroom.