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Tony was sitting in his chair, at his desk, when he heard Ziva's cell phone go off. He, being nosey and having a habit of ignoring personal boundaries, walked over to pick it up.

He opened it and saw a message saying 'one new text'. The text read; "They are coming for you. Run. -Rebel."

Tony looked up and saw Ziva walking up to him. She snatched the phone out of his hand.

"Tony, stop going through my phone!" Ziva yelled, and then glanced at the screen.

"Who's rebel?" Tony asked. Ziva looked up at him, then walked quickly to her desk, and pulled out her gun.

"I have to leave. Cover for me, please."

"You're not leaving, Agent David," Gibbs said as he walked up. "Dead marine."

"Gibbs, I really need to leave," Ziva started, but was cut off by a look from Gibbs.

"What's going on Ziva?" Tony asked as they walked up to the body lying on the ground.

"Nothing." Ziva answered unconvincingly.

"You keep looking around, and, honestly, you look terrified. And you got a text saying that you need to run. From someone calling themselves Rebel."

"It's nothing."

She walked over to the body. It was lying face down in the dirt, a single gunshot to the back of the head. Ducky walked over to it, chattering away about something. He leaned down and turned over the body.

Ziva took three steps backwards, whispering "no. No, no, no. Not him. Please not him."

McGee grabbed her shoulder. "What's wrong, Ziva?"

"I know him. He is my friend. He..." She trailed off.

Gibbs chimed in. "Do you know his name? No ID on him."

"But how did they know he was a marine?"

"He's not the marine," Gibbs said, and pointed to another body lying behind a bush, "He's the marine. But do you know this one's name?"

Ziva closed her eyes. "I knew him only by the name Flash. It was a namenick."

"Nickname." Tony corrected.

"Ziva!" came a call from where they had parked the car. They all turned to see three people standing next to the NCIS van.

The first was a young woman, no older than 19, with jet black hair cut short and uneven, like she had done it herself.

The second was also a young woman, with light wavy brown hair, and a kind smile.

The third was a young boy, in his early teens, with dark curly hair. He was carrying a laptop, and a backpack.

The three walked towards Ziva, but were stopped at the crime scene tape. Ziva ran to them.

"Flash is dead." Ziva said.

"We know. They got to him, and they're coming for you. You need to leave, go back to Israel. Your father will protect you, and Danko won't risk an international incident. Well, he might, but, like I said, your dad will protect you." The woman said.

"Who are you?" Tony asked bluntly as he walked up behind Ziva.

The woman looked sharply at Tony. "That information is on a need to know basis." She paused for a few seconds. "It's Adelinde. This is Therese, and this is Micah. We're pleased to meet you, you are pleased to meet us, we gotta go now, come on Ziva."

"I will not run and hide behind my father. Besides, I do not trust he will stand in front of me." She looked at the sky. "Go. I know there are others who need your help."

"You do this, you're committing suicide." Adelinde said, "Not to mention our precog said you save the world. You can't do that if you're tied to a table with a shunt in your brain."

By this time McGee had joined them. "Your 'precog' says Ziva is going to 'save the world'?" he said, raising an eyebrow.

Therese looked steadily at him. "You'd be surprised."

Micah pulled his laptop open and looked at the screen. "Guys, they're a block away. We need to run. Now."

"Run, then. But I do not run." Ziva said.

"Goodbye, Ziva. I hope you know what you're doing." Was Adelinde's goodbye, as she and the two others turned and ran into the forest, just as two black vans pulled up and several men jumped out.

Ziva stiffened, and took a deep breath. "Can we help you?" She said to the leading man as he approached her.

"You're Ziva David?" He asked.

She took a deep breath, than answered "Yes, I am. Who are you?"

"My name is Agent Danko, and you are gonna come with us."

Gibbs didn't like this. "Why?" he said bluntly.

"Ms. David is a terrorist. She needs to come with us."

"What?!" Tony exclaimed. "Ziva's not a terrorist."

"Then she should have no problem coming with us," he said, and reached out and grabbed Ziva's arm. The second he did, he fell to his knees, gritting his teeth and clutching his arm. The other men pulled out guns.

"I would not recommend shooting me." Ziva said.

"Ms. David, we don't want to hurt you. You need to come with us, though." A man with horn rimmed glasses said carefully, putting down his gun.

Ziva hesitated, and then walked up to him with her wrists together. "Do not drive in the car I am in. Your daughter needs you." She whispered as her put handcuffs on her.

"You are not arresting her." Gibbs said.

"I believe I am." Danko said, as he watched Ziva being loaded into the first car. He then got into the second car with the man in the horn rimmed glasses.

Gibbs, Tony, McGee, and Ducky all stood watching as the vans drove away.

And then the first van blew sky high.

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