Okay, here's the thing.

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I'm sorry to the people who were still reading. I really am.

But it's unfair to just leave it incomplete.

"I'll be back soon. Okay. Bye." Claire said into her cell phone to her father, who was on the other line.

She looked up to see the former fugitives waiting in line for the teleporters to take them back home. They were exchanging information with each other. Phone numbers, addresses. Telling each other, almost tentatively, to add them on Facebook.

Mr. Tratrolt, the man who's daughter had died, was offering his dead daughters' boyfriend the extra room in his home.

Therese was taking to Micah. They were mourning Adelinde, their lost friend; they were celebrating being able to start their lives again. Therese was thanking Micah for helping her control her power better.

Neviah was listening to anyone who came up to her, answering their questions and waving of their thanks. She leaned into Alan, who had a arm wrapped securely around her, tell them that if they ever needed help, Neviah would see it and they would come.

Matt was standing next to Daphne, a hand on her shoulder. He was holding Molly's hand with his other.

Janice was holding Mattie, watching her ex-husband, nodding in acceptance and happiness for them.

Hiro was leaning against a wall, Ando by his side.


Everyone that had been in the building except for Peter, Ziva, Tony, Samantha, Amanda, Gabriel, Claire, Adusia, Danko, Neviah and Alan.

"What are we doing with Danko?" Claire asked.

"No one will miss him." Neviah said. "Well, he has a girlfriend. But she doesn't even know his real name."

Adusia licked her lips. "May I please kill him?" She asked.

Neviah sighed. "I am not going to tell you its alright to murder him. But... I will not stop you."

Adusia smiled and returned to the room where Danko was locked in.

Tony looked away, and he could feel something inside him shift. How long had he been here? Long enough that he ignored a murder.


Noah was sitting on a couch. Nathan was sitting on it too. Gibbs, McGee, Abby, and Ducky were waiting for Tony and Ziva to arrive.

"When did you say they would be here?" McGee asked.

"Anytime now." Noah told him.

Suddenly, four people appeared in the room. Ziva, Tony, Claire and Peter.

Nathan shot up to go see his brother and daughter, as did Noah, well the NCIS people joined Tony and Ziva.

"Tony! Ziva!" Abby yelled, throwing her arms around them.

"Well, its good to see you two," Ducky commented.

"Hello, Abby. Ducky. McGee. Gibbs." Ziva greeted them tiredly.

"Yeah. Hey." Tony said, his tone matching Ziva's. "Hey, boss."

Gibbs smacked him on the back of the head. "No more joining groups wanted for terrorism."

Tony smiled halfheartedly.

Abby guided Ziva away from the men. "Ziva?" she asked. "What's wrong?"

Ziva looked away. "I am pregnant," she began.

Abby's eyes grew huge. "Pregnant? Like, kid growing inside you, getting huge, giving birth, and becoming a mommy, pregnant?"

Ziva nodded slowly.

"Oh my GOD!" Abby exclaimed, very loudly, causing all people in the room to turn towards them.

"Abby," Ziva started.

"Oh my GOD!" Abby repeated. "Who?"

Now their co-workers were joining them, Tony with a worried look mixing with the exhaustion, well Claire shook her head and moved her family members away from them.

"Abby? What's wrong?" McGee asked.

Abby spun towards him, wide eyed, then back to Ziva.

Tony turned to Ziva. "Are you okay?"

Ziva frowned. "You must stop asking that, Tony."

He rested a hand on her shoulder lovingly.

Abby watched the exchange with ever wider eyes. "Oh my-" she cut herself off.

"Abby!" McGee exclaimed.

Gibbs narrowed his eyes. "Rule number twelve has been broken." he said.

Tony moved his hand from Ziva's closer shoulder to her farther one, wrapping his arm around her.

"To be fair, we were exactly sure if we were co-workers anymore." Tony pointed out.

Now Abby looked like she was about to scream.

"Abby." Ziva said.

Tony looked down. "Why does she look like that?"

"I told her."

Tony nodded. "Ah."

McGee narrowed his eyes. "Told her what?"

Tony looked at Ziva, and she nodded. Tony opened his mouth, then covered it and moved rapidly to the nearest trash can, and promptly vomited.

Everyone in the room now turned to look at Tony. Claire distracted her family away from the issue that was not their problem. And they had enough issues of their own.

"Tony, are you alright?" Ducky asked.

He straightened up, grimacing. Ziva patted him on the shoulder. "Morning sickness." he muttered.

The NCIS employees stared, confused.

"My... Ability." Ziva elaborated.

"Shes pregnant!" Abby exclaimed, again loud enough that Nathan and Noah turned their focus, which, again, was changed by Claire.

"You... Make people who cause you pain feel it instead." Gibbs said.


Gibbs looked back and forth between his two agents. "Ah, hell, DiNozzo. You got her pregnant?"

Tony flushed. "Not like it was intended, boss."

"I think it was intended by Neviah." Ziva muttered.

Gibbs stared at her. "What are you two gonna do?" he asked softly. Then his phone rang. He frowned, flipping it open. "Gibbs." his face froze. "Uh huh. I see." he shook his head, then turned to the blond teenager. "For you, Claire."

Claire blinked, and caught the flying electronic as it was tossed through the air towards her.


Gibbs turned back to Tony and Ziva. "That was your Neviah, telling me what you two are going to do."

Tony blinked, then burst out laughing. Ziva paused, then joined in.

Claire wandered over, handing Gibbs back his phone.

"Sorry." she apologized. "I don't have a cell anymore. And I think Neviah wanted to scare you." she paused as the silver-haired man looked down at her, literally, not very figuratively, from his higher height.

"Ziva?" she said softly. The Israeli looked up from her laughter. "Neviah said she needed to speak to some of us. She wants us to meet her in this coffee shop. Apparently, its near the NCIS building?"

Ziva smiled. "Thank you, Claire."

"No, like, right now. Shes there right now. She wants us to come."

Tony nodded. "Then to the coffee shop we go." he sighed tiredly.

"I'm coming." Gibbs said.

"I am too." McGee added.

"Me too! I want to meet this Neviah mastermind." Abby put in.

Claire nodded. "Peter, she wants you too. Teleport us."

Neviah sat in silence, her hand making patterns she couldn't see on the table she sat at with Alan by her side.

"How long did they say they'd be?" Samantha asked the younger girl.

"Not long." Alan responded.

"How long is not long?" Amanda piped in. "I have places to be, people to see."

"Everyone you know is dead, your last home is now inhabited by another family, and your father is avoiding you." Neviah told her.

Amanda frowned.

The door opened, and Claire Bennet came in, quickly spotting the table Neviah sat at.

She made her way over, followed by Peter, Ziva, Tony, McGee, Abby, and Gibbs.

"I hear more footsteps than I told to come." Neviah stated.

Claire sighed. "Agents Gibbs and McGee insisted on coming. As did Abby." she smiled at the uninvited. "This is Neviah, Alan, Amanda, Adusia, and Samantha."

Gibbs nodded. "I know. I read their files."

Adusia shifted. "Homeland Security?" she asked, picking at her elbow length gloves.

"NCIS." Gibbs corrected.

Adusia relaxed. "As long as you didn't shot my sister, you're okay."

"Its been a tough two months." Samantha murmured.

The door opened again, and a tall, dark haired man strode in.

"You invited Gabriel." Peter questioned.

Neviah shook her head. "No. He's come to speak with his daughter."

Amanda looked surprised, and a figure of a woman flickered beside her, coming then disappearing again.

Ziva shook her head. "Neviah, why am I here?" she asked.

Neviah pointed her blind eyes towards the direction of the voice. "Powers are genetic. And Eli David has much more power than just being the director of Mossad."

Tony frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Stay away from your father. That is all all I ask." she closed her eyes. "That and take care of her."

Ziva's hand crept across her stomach. "Her?"

Neviah smiled. "I don't see any problems coming any time soon. But if they do, expect me to show up."

She stood, Alan, Samantha and Adusia copying her actions.

Samantha turned to Tony. "Good luck. I hope your story doesn't get any more dramatic."

"I hope yours doesn't get anymore horrific." Tony responded.

The woman smiled, and followed Neviah out.

Claire pulled Amanda out of her seat and lead her to Gabriel.

Gabriel looked down at the girl at he shared DNA with. Now that he knew, he could see certain things that were the same with them. The shape of her nose matched his, the colour of her eyes and hair.

Amna had always had dark looks, though. Eyes like dark chocolate and hair like night. It would have been surprising if Amanda had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin still held some of the middle eastern darkness that Amna had.

Besides, if Amanda had been his, Amna would have told him. She was his best friend, roommate and lover.

"So, you know." Amanda said.

"When did your mother tell you?" he found himself asking.

Amanda sighed. "The day you last saw her." she frowned. "She was never ever going to tell you. She wouldn't tell me in case I let it slip."

Gabriel watched her sadly. "I would have been as good a father as I could. I don't know if I could have done well, but I would have tried." he took a deep breath. "Id like to start now. If you want a father, that is."

Amanda blinked. "I-" she didn't finish that thought, but settled with wrapping her arms around her dad.

"Aw." Abby said quietly.

"Serial killer, Abby." McGee muttered. "Should we be arresting him?"

Gibbs shook his head slowly. "They've- very uneasily- agreed to leave him be unless he starts killing again." his voice had a strange hollowness to it. "A thank you for helping end the Presidents obsession."

Tony looked away. "There's no official way to connect him to the deaths."

"If it was at all possible to arrest him." Peter joined in the conversation. "He's damn near impossible to fight, let alone beat. He killed me the first time we fought."

There is something wrong with your world the day that starts making sense. Tony couldn't help thinking wryly.

Ziva smiled softly. "What do you think you will do now, Peter?"

Peter sighed. "I guess Ill go beg for my job back. Paramedic. And I have to see if my apartment is still mine."

"You should have asked Neviah. She probably knows."

Peter smiled crookedly. "Probably. What about you?"

Ziva looked at Tony.

Tony looked at Gibbs. "Your jobs are still open."

"We've been wanted for terrorism..."

Gibbs looked at Peter. "You can thank his brother."

Peter frowned. "Its the least he could do. He should be doing the same for everyone. Everyone that isn't dead."

Claire sat back down, watching Gabriel and Amanda sitting at a different table. "He is. I already talked to him. He's making up paperwork and vouching for people well we speak."

Peter stared at her.

"I helped them escape, helped them hide, helped the hunt stop. My dads a powerful person. I should at least help them get their lives back."

Peter smiled proudly at his niece, then paused. "What about you?"

"What about me?"

"What are you going to do now, Claire?" Tony explained.

"Oh." Claire said, then shrugged. "I should get my GED, I guess. I haven't really been at school, so much lately..."

"Going home?"

Claire frowned. "Its not going to be home anymore." her face flushed. "Now that my dads not going to be there."

A few tables away, Amanda stared at her father.

Gabriel stared at his daughter.

"So, what now?" Amanda asked.

"I don't have a house," Gabriel began. "But I think I should probably get one. I'm not- I'm not going to have the life I've had for a while. The kind of life where a home isn't necessary." he sighed. "And, uh... You're welcome to stay with me, Amanda. You're only fifteen, right?"

Amanda looked up at him, her face blank. "I'm eighteen."

Gabriel smirked. "I was at the hospital the day you were born. Fifteen years ago."

Amanda smiled softly. "Yeah. I'm fifteen. But I can get away with eighteen."

"When was the last time you were in school?"

Amanda looked away.

"So, get a house, get my daughter into school... Maybe I ought to get glasses again?"

Amanda laughed.

Ziva and Tony came over to the table. "We are going to leave." Ziva told them.

"We are too. Neviah found a house for everyone who needs a place to stay." Amanda told her, standing up.

"Halfway house for super-powered ex-terrorists." Tony muttered.

"Halfway house for stubborn, slightly paranoid super-powered ex- terrorists who don't want the guy who made them terrorists helping them get their lives back."

Gabriel stood as Claire and Peter joined them. "I'll be coming with you, then. I just called my landlord."

Claire nodded. "And I'm going back to my fathers."

Ziva looked around at them. When this began she had been ready to die fighting.

She had to admit was much better this way.

Fugitives, federal agents, civilians, EMTs, homeless children- all free.

And they could rest.