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Tabitha came into the nursery where her mother was holding her little brother Adam.


"Yes sweetheart," Samantha responded

"Can I hold him?"
Samantha had expected that but it caught her by surprise anyway. She hesitated just for a second.

"Of course," she said, "sit down on the rocking chair please"
As soon as Tabitha sat on the rocking chair Samantha carefully placed the infant in his big sister's arms. She looked down at the little baby in awe. Just at that moment the doorbell rang.

"I have to get the door sweetheart," Samantha said

"Can I hold him while you get the door," Tabitha asked pleadingly, "Please. I won't stand up or anything."

"Well alright," Samantha said, "as long as you just sit on the rocking chair"
Then she cast a spell to keep Tabitha glued to the rocking chair. She left to go get the doorbell but when she heard Tabitha talking to her little brother she had to stop and listen.

"Hi Adam. I think you know who I am and I think you know that I love you. You are the sweetest little brother ever. Now I just want to tell you that no matter what, through the good and the bad I love you. There will be good and bad and I will still love you. After you've had a bad day there's one thing you can could on. You can count on the fact that I love you. When you annoy me I will still love you."
Samantha couldn't help crying as she got the door. It was Darrin. He forgot his keys.

"Samantha what's wrong honey? Why are you crying?"

"Nothing's wrong Darrin," she said, "everything's right. No matter how I'm going to feel later I know everything's right"


"I let Tabitha hold Adam… and magically glued her to the chair for safety sake"
For a second he considered getting mad. He didn't like her using magic but it was for the sake of their children's safety so he would let that slide.

"Anyway," she said, "I came back and I heard her talking to Adam about how she'll love him forever. It really touched my heart."
He put an arm around her.

"That touched my heart too… and I just heard about it. I didn't even see it"

"Well one thing's very clear," she said

"What," he asked

"Tabitha loves her baby brother"