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A vampire doesn't sleep, but if we close our eyes and settle our unneeded breaths in a pattern that resembles slumber, we can rest convincingly enough.

Lately, rest hasn't come so easy for me. My visions were coming in rapid succession compared to the usual rate of occasional weather updates and random everyday occurrences. These new visions played out like a storyboard but with large missing pieces I was left to contemplate. I'm a ball of radiating tension, which has forced me to keep away from the rest of the family, especially Edward and Jasper.

In nearly all of my visions, I see her looking desperate in her confusion and sadness, but I have no idea what the cause is. In a particular vision, Bella is sitting on a beach (I assume La Push) looking into the distance, her brows furrowed. Another, she is sitting on the bed wordlessly with a distressed Edward by her side. There are others of her crying softly to herself, sometimes alone and a few with me beside her.

Edward and the rest of us have returned for as long as we're able to stay in Forks without suspicion. Even when it would be time to leave, Bella would more than likely be coming along. Edward pledged to never leave her again and it was apparent he was set in his ways as usual. So why did Bella seem so miserable?

As I continued to try to block these thoughts from my mind, of course, I had another vision. This time it was of Jasper knocking on the bedroom door in three…two…one… "Come in," I said before he even had the chance. It was so silly of him to knock when it was his room as well as my own. Timidly, he opened the door and stepped in, smiling his small smile.

Immediately I felt a wave of compassion, something Jasper always seemed to send my way the instant we were in close proximity of one another. Sometimes his talent came in handy, I guess, since it temporarily relieved me of my current worry…but only for a few seconds and then it flared right back up. "Alice," he began hesitantly, one eyebrow quirked in thought. "Not to pry, but is there something you're concerned about?"

A moment went by before I answered. I knew that it was bound to come up sooner or later. I had been blocking my thoughts the best I could around Edward for weeks now, translating poetry and singing whole albums from different decades inside of my head while he was within earshot, but it was hard to hide feelings. I had to keep my distance from Jasper just so Edward wouldn't get anything from his thoughts. Remembering again that Edward was out on a hunting trip with Emmett, I released a heavy sigh. "I think Bella might be falling out of love with Edward."

Jasper's eyebrows rose slightly but quickly dropped. "I though that might be what was on your mind." He silently grazed the floor separating him from the bed I was currently trying to rest on and sat on the side. "I've been feeling doubt and confusion from her ever since you all returned from Italy."

I shouldn't have been surprised that Jasper already had a clue. I sighed again, thinking of my best friend and how she must still be hurting from our family's quick departure. Jasper still felt guilty, having taken part in giving Edward a reason to push us away from the only human we had all become close to. Bella was special, and I had missed her terribly while we were away. I desperately wanted to contact her, or even stay behind, but Carlisle and Edward talked me out of it every time I suggested it. Carlisle successfully respected Edward's wishes, but it just wasn't in me. I had focused my visions on her as much as I could, making sure she was safe from Victoria…and herself.

"Things will work out," Jasper said, breaking me out of my thoughts. He placed a reassuring kiss upon my forehead before retreating from the room again, leaving me alone to my thoughts. I nearly called him back to me but thought better of it when I heard a soft knock on the front door below. I couldn't help but smile. She had come to visit me!

I raced down the stairs at a quick speed to intercept Carlisle as he was about to answer the door, opening it to see a tired but beautiful Bella Swan. Though my visions were dark as of late, I couldn't help but feel enthusiasm swell throughout my body. I was immensely happy to be back in Forks to be with my best friend.

"Bella!" I wrapped her in the tightest hug I could manage without breaking any ribs and she returned it in kind, only spreading my grin wider. When we pulled away from each other, I could see a glint of sadness in her smile and this time I was sure why. "Hey Alice," she said in her soft yet husky voice. I loved it. "I came by to…" "Talk to me?" I finished her sentence for her as I grabbed her warm hand and lead her to my brand new yellow Porsche. Though I could've easily bought it myself, Edward was quick to reward me for bringing him his lady in shining armor after hearing my lustful thoughts for this car.

"Want to go for a drive?" I asked, swinging my keys around my pinky finger. I saw Bella's faint smile drop from her face immediately, and I could swear that her skin turned a shade whiter than my own before her signature blush arrived. As cute as it was, that little blush made venom seep into my mouth. I quickly swallowed it, noting to myself that I would have to hunt later this evening. "Alice, I will let you drive on the condition that you wont go over twenty miles per hour over the speed limit." She smiled shyly, knowing all too well that I was incapable of obeying traffic laws. I couldn't help but grin again, opening her passenger door before speeding over to the driver side and hopping in.

I could hear her heart begin to gain momentum as the garage doors slid open and the car, but for the sake of the chat I pulled out slowly…or at least slowly for me. She still ended up gripping the door panel as we left the driveway. I was driving aimlessly. Since I had already seen part of this conversation in a vision, I knew she desired no specific destination other than trying to vent her frustration.

Bella began to calm down, her heart rate slowed and her grip loosened. I had to bite back a giggle, but she noticed my smile and poked me in the ribs. I wondered briefly if I had once been ticklish there in my existence as a human…

"Alice," Her pretty voice broke my tiny distraction. "If I talk to you about something, do you think you could keep it a secret?" If I wasn't a vampire, I'm not sure I could've heard her she was murmuring so quietly. I nodded, "Of course. I'd do anything for you, Bella." I put a hand on her knee, rubbing it for a second until I felt her shiver slightly. I remembered that I felt like a piece of ice on her warm, human skin, but as I was about to pull it away her hands went to hold it tightly.

We drove in silence with her gently stroking my hand, finally putting me to rest in the way that I had so desperately desired the past few weeks. I couldn't bring myself to ask her anything. I patiently waited for her to begin, relaxing into the touch of her hands, but she didn't continue. Deciding subconsciously that I should park somewhere, I circled the car back around until we were heading back towards the house continuing up the hill past it until we were near my goal.

There was a clearing up ahead that looked over the rest of Forks. When we arrived there I regretfully pulled my hand away only to swiftly open the passenger door to hold her hands again. I lead her to the hood of the car, where we sat with our backs on the windshield. "So, what's on your mind?" I asked as we looked down at the few silent, dark buildings that made up the little town. It was peaceful there with her by my side.

"I think…I feel too at ease right now to even think about it. Honestly this is the first time I've felt well since Italy." She smiled her adorable quirky smile at me, raising one eyebrow slightly just the way I liked. "I think I'd just like to enjoy it with you."

I couldn't argue with that. She tilted her head onto my shoulder and we sat there for what might've been hours. I had missed her so much.