This is my second Twilight story, I got this idea the other day and had to go with it. It takes place in the timing of Twilight, AU, Twilight done completely different. It will go back and forth between Bella's POV and Edward's. I hope you will read it and review and I hope its something you want me to continue.


Chapter 1 The Night I Died

I needed to escape; I needed to get the hell out of my house. The funeral had worn me out past the point of functioning. The past three weeks had been excruciating. I knew that once everyone left, it would hit how utterly alone I was. As of now I had my mom's sister, my aunt, that my mom literally hated there trying to control every situation and every person there. We had friends of my mothers, distant relatives that had never given a crap about me or my mom ever, but now they were there, offering support and sympathies. I didn't want their sympathy or their help, especially my aunts. She cared enough to order me around and criticize me but not enough to want me. As of now, I was seventeen years old and was scheduled for court to become an emancipated minor. Most people didn't realize I had been taking care of myself and my mother for years. I was more of an adult then anyone I knew. The biggest problem was my bitch of an aunt was planning to sell my mothers house. She had no intention what so ever in taking me in or keeping the house so I had somewhere to live. I had money and my mother's estate so I was planning to get an apartment and finish high school then get a job and try to support myself. I made my way to the front door, I tried to sneak out, get away and go for a walk but then I heard her voice.

"Isabella dear…where do you think you are going?" she called out.

I took a deep breath and turned slowly, "Just for a walk Aunt Sue…just need some air." My voice was neither friendly nor rude. It was robot like, it had been for days.

"Come here…now." She called out again.

I grumbled under my breath as I walked toward her. She was ordering people around the kitchen, setting up more food for the stupid ass people that came to show their sympathies but looked like they were just there for a free beer or cocktail and food. "Yes." I said a bit more cheery.

"Why don't you ask Walter if he needs a refill and you shouldn't go for a walk on your own, if you insist on going, take Joseph."

I quietly moved toward my uncle Walter and asked if he needed a refill, of course he did. I retrieved it and moved back to my aunt. "Aunt Sue, I appreciate your concern but I would really rather be alone. Its been a hard long day, I wont be far, just around the neighborhood." She was about to shut that idea down, I could tell my her facial expression so I cut her off, "If you don't feel comfortable with that then maybe a drive would be more appropriate." Kill her with kindness, the stupid bitch.

She looked at me with her pouty old face that was set in a perma frown and exhaled loudly. "God Isabella why do you have to be so difficult, we all lost her, it's not all about you." I bit my tongue, I was always polite and respectful, why to her I had no idea, I was just raised by my mother and I didn't want to let her down, even with her gone.

"Huh Isabella…huh…why?" she was asking me? Before I could say anything someone I had never met came up to my aunt to give her condolences.

"Aw Lanie, thanks for coming…this is Renee's daughter…Isabella…this is an old friend Lanie." She introduced me.

"Nice to meet you Isabella." The friendly woman said.

"It's Bella…and its nice to meet you too." I said politely as I shook her hand.

I saw my aunt roll her eyes with my name correction as she continued to talk to Lanie.

I eyed Kevin in the living room. He met my glance quickly and gave me a sympathetic smile as he pretended to listen to who was talking to him. Kevin was my mother's best friend, the only one that deserved to be there, the only person that I liked there at all. I gave him a soft smile back and focused on my aunt who had begun to talk to me again. I saw Kevin out of the corner of my eye, he never took his stare off me and got up from the couch. He was closer now, close enough to listen to my aunt.

"You know I never met such a selfish child as yourself, these people are our guests Isabella…they loved your mother too, they deserve our hospitality. You are fine, if you don't want to take a walk with your cousin then you can stay here and help me."

I looked down and took a deep breath.

Kevin came over and looked at me, he looked at my aunt and the expression he gave her was anything but nice. "I think she will be fine Sue, if Bella wants to get some air, I'll go with her." Kevin said matter of fact looking at my Aunt Sue. He led me away to the front door with his arm around me. We took a seat on the porch and I stared out into the night. "Ignore her Bells, she is a bitch, she always has been."

"I know." I absentmindedly played with my hands. I felt his stare again.

"How are you doing Bella? You doing okay? Am I the only person who's asked you that today?"

I looked at him and I felt my eyes strain, I hadn't cried in weeks and at all since my mother had died. She had battled colon cancer for 3 years. She lost the battle three days ago. My father left when I was little, I didn't know him and my mother was all I had. We did fine though but when she got sick it was trying. I made sure she attended her doctor appointments, took her meds, arrived on time for her chemo treatments. Truthfully now that she was gone, I felt helpless; there wasn't anyone to take care of anymore. After several moments I answered him, "I am…I am as good as I am going to be I guess and no…no one has asked me." I noticed Kevin shake his head in disbelief, "You know what's weird Kevin? I haven't cried…I feel guilty. I am not glad she is gone, but I can't help but be glad she isn't suffering anymore."

Kevin nodded, "I know kid, I think she was holding on for you. I know its stupid but she is in a better place." He exhaled, "God I miss her already." His voice broke and I didn't have to look at him to know he was crying.

"I do too." I took a much needed deep breath to interrupt the sadness and silence. "So…when do you leave to go back to California?" I asked honestly interested.

Kevin looked at his watch, "three hours." He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into him, "You know you could come with me. I mean Bells…I don't know how much of a father figure I would be but you know how much I love you and how much I loved your mom. I would be more than happy to have you move in with me."

I looked up at him and gave him a smile, "I know…and thank you. I may take you up on that, but until my court date unfortunately I should stay here for now. You also know my Aunt would never go for that."

"Fuck Sue." He said bitterly. "It isn't about what she thinks anyway, I don't get it Bells, she doesn't want you with her, she has something to say about me, she is selling your mom's house, what does that nut job expect you to do?"

"No clue…I guess she wants me to suffer." I said it with humor behind it even though neither one of us really thought it was funny.

"Let's not talk about her, how about that walk?" Kevin gave me a smile and I nodded in return as we rose up from the porch steps.

We talked about school, my mom a bit and about his work. It was nice having Kevin there, he had moved from Arizona a few months ago but him and my mom were so close he practically came down every weekend since. They adored each other and even though my mother never felt more for him than friendship, I knew Kevin was madly in love with her. They had known each other since high school, always been close. He even took my mother to the senior prom, she was five months pregnant with me then, he was a good guy. As I listened to Kevin talk about his new life in California I heard rustling coming from the open desert that hugged my neighborhood. I looked out into the darkness but didn't see anything. We kept walking when this time we both heard it and saw something white flash about 30 yards in front of us.

"What the…" Kevin said as he instinctively drew me closer to him. "Let's go back Bells." he said looking out into the distance. I felt a sudden fear wash over me, I felt scared and I wasn't sure why, whether it was the unknown or the still of the desert night, it was creepy and I went ahead with Kevin as he turned us around. We started walking back toward the house when again the fast motion of white went across us again, this time it stopped.

"Hello." Kevin said cautiously as we both froze. The women tilted her head and smiled as she stared at us, "Can we help you with something?" Kevin asked hesitating as he took a step forward shoving me protectively behind him.

"Hmmm." she women cooed, she was beautiful and her voice rang like bells. It almost hypnotized us. With in a flash the women was in front of Kevin's face. "I think you can help me with something…most definitely." she said with a smile as she winked at him.

"Ok…" Kevin said confused by this beautiful young woman, was she flirting with him? "Are you lost?" Kevin said nicely. Another flash and she was behind us. Kevin wrapped his arm around me from behind and pulled me to his chest, "What the fuck are you?" he said in awe at how fast she was.

She threw her head back and laughed. "You would like to know wouldn't you…you're kind of cute." She stared at him, her stare was so intense I almost felt uncomfortable being there. The women walked slowly almost stalking us as she walked around us, soon she was on the other side again, she flashed in front of him and ran her fingers through his hair, moving down his face stopping at his neck. She caressed him gently and them gripped it hard. Kevin let go of me for an instant as he tried to squirm away.

"What…ever…you want…let the girl go." he grunted out, it looked like she had a firm grasp on his neck and it was hard for him to breathe.

"That wont be necessary." My head whipped around as a man appeared.

"RUN BELLA." Kevin yelled.

"But…" I gasped not wanting to leave him, then I saw the women lift him off the ground by his throat and I didn't stick around to see what happened with poor Kevin next. I took off into the dark desert. I ran and ran as fast as I could. I couldn't see anything and it seemed as though the man and the women weren't chasing me. As my breath became heavy I looked in back of me and stumbled to the ground, I knew I had tripped but from what I couldn't tell. I got up quickly and began running again. I got my pace up again then suddenly it felt like I hit a concrete wall. It knocked the wind out of me as I fell to the ground. Before I could catch my breath he was on me.

"You can't run from me." he whispered. He was cold and his breath was like ice. I closed my eyes and turned my cheek to him. I felt his stone hands touch my face, "You smell mouthwatering…floral." I opened my eyes and looked at him. He acted as though he was thinking about something, his features were hard to make out in the darkness. He leaned his face towards mine and licked my ear, "floral…with a hint of…fear." he growled. It happened so quickly as my shirt tore open. I tried to scream but my lungs were constricted, his solid chest pressing hard against me. I whimpered a cry as he shoved my legs opened and I closed my eyes knowing what was about to happen. I was a virgin and I began to cry knowing that this monster was about to take it from me, without permission.

"Please." I whispered. "Please." I begged. "Don't."

He groaned in my ear as he shoved his hand down my pants. His cold fingers shoved inside of me. He was rough and I tried to block out the whispers he breathed in my ear as he pushed his fingers in harder. Suddenly my pants were ripped, the strength of this man was a hundred times stronger than a normal person. I was completely immobile under him. It felt like he was hundreds of pounds and then I felt it. He took it from me, shoving himself into me and I cried out in pain as he continued to rape me. His hand went to my mouth and he continued harder and harder as I felt myself practically being ripped at the seams. Suddenly I heard a crack and I tried to bite at his hand as the pain seeped through me, his hand was like biting stone and it broke my jaw. My pelvis was shattered, I felt myself collapse. I couldn't fight him, I couldn't move, all I could do was lay there and let this monster practically fuck me to death. His growls became louder and I prayed it meant it was over soon. As he pumped himself into me again and again, all I could hear was his groans and my masked cries. I wasn't looking at him, it was too dark and I didn't want to see his face while he assaulted me. One of the last things I remember was a roar that came from him and in a flash I felt him bite into my neck. The pain was beyond my broken pelvis and cracked ribs I had sustained, it was worse than anything I had ever felt. Within a flash something barreled into him pushing him off of me. My hand went to my neck as that pain took over my whole body. I closed my eyes as my body felt like it was on fire. I heard the woman and man arguing, at least it sounded as though they were but the burning was all I could think about.

"How dare you fuck her." she said.

"Oh baby I was just having a little fun, you know you have all of me." he said almost innocently.

"She isn't dead yet, I'll finish her off." the women said through her teeth.

It felt like my body was trying to reject the pain and I was sucked back in from their voices. I tried to listen as the two argued but I was in agony. I couldn't move and I hoped death was coming for me. The more and more the pain moved through me, the more I thought maybe it was coming…but it never did. It was hot…then hotter…the heat had spread down my arms now…hotter…too hot…much…much…too hot. As if I thought it couldn't get hotter it was. It rose and washed slowly over me, soon taking over every cell of my body. I wanted to raise my arms to my chest and rip the burning from my skin but all I could do was wrath and fist my hands at my side. I felt the flames leap to my chest and I knew it had hit my heart. I tried to take myself somewhere else. Concentrate on the voices. It worked for a moment even though the flames still engulfed me. Was I being burned alive? And if I was how come I wasn't dead yet? I thought of my mother, and in my mind I called out to her. "Please…come and get me…please…I want to die." I thought in my mind. I couldn't move my lips to speak, I thought I was trying but I couldn't, I couldn't even scream. The weight was still pressing me and the blaze moved through me. I heard the murmured voices, I couldn't make out what they were fighting about. Their speech was much too fast. In the distance, I heard someone call out.

"Who's there?"

"We must go…leave her." he said hurried.

"I am…I am…I am here…kill me please…put out the fire." I screamed . I wasn't sure if I had said that out loud but the man and the women's voices were gone. All I could hear were my thoughts, maybe they had been scared away, I didn't know…I didn't know anything except the burn. The flames that licked through my veins now I felt it everywhere. It didn't decrease. It kept on, pulsing through me, second by second charring me alive. My mind was functioning fine, it was incredibly clear, my body was unmoving. I couldn't feel if I was fisting my hands anymore, I didn't know how long I had been burning. Surely if they had set me on fire someone would have put it out by now, right? Let me die…let me die…please let me die, I thought. I just wanted to die, that's all I wanted, I wished I had never been born, I wish I didn't exist. At that moment I had never wanted anything more than to curl up and depart this life. But to my dismay, the endless burn raged on.

I listened around me, my senses seemed stronger, I felt stronger. I listened to the hiss of something from the distance. I heart the tiny scamper, birds quacking, I could even hear their wings flapping in flight. I concentrated momentarily on my body again, the good thing was the burning was less in my fingers and toes. It was being put out. Slowly it weakened, slower and slower and then the heat raged in my chest as my heart became frenzied. How could this be? I thought it was done. My heart was about to beat out of my chest. I heard it, it was loud, it hammered furiously. I could feel no pain or fire in my hands and I twitched my fingers to make sure they were working. As the worst of it engulfed my heart, it pounded away faster and faster, hotter and hotter, sucking the last of the burn from the rest of my body. My back arched as the flames took over, it stammered as it tried to beat through the flames but neither seemed to be winning. Then…it thudded once…twice…and stopped. There was no sound but the world around me, no breathing, no pain and that was all I could understand. I opened my eyes suddenly to the clear dark sky. After taking in the sky around me I sprung to a sitting position. What had been pitch black now was bright. I could see for miles. Everything looked perfect and clear. My head whipped right as I heard a heart beat. Soon I was on my feet, crouched down as I zoned in on the sounds around me. I could hear the bumping of a car stereo in the distance. I could hear what sounded like people talking, I could hear what sounded like a television. I felt confused, I couldn't zone in on one noise as they all yelled at me at once. Again the heartbeat, then the scorch from my throat ripped into me, my hands flew to my neck, it was unbearable. Just as if it was instinct, I heard the heartbeats closer to me and then the smell of something moved with the wind and filled my nose. It was irresistible. The men's voices sounded so clear but as I saw them, it seemed they were a miles away. I saw the glow of cop cars and lights. They were huddled around something that lay still on the ground. I flashed a bit closer. The men smelt mouth watering, I wanted them, I needed them, there was nothing I wanted more than to quench my thirst with them. Suddenly I realized, "Kevin." I whispered. Suddenly the memory flashed though my head, I stopped mid hunt and ran. I ran away from the men farther and farther into the desert, I was about to kill them. I knew I was running north but other than that I had no idea where I was going. I had to get away, I wanted to kill those men, why did I want to kill them? What had I become? I didn't understand. I flung the remnants of my jeans off my legs and my speed picked up. I realized I was running faster than any person could ever run. I was never athletic or fast. I was slow and clumsy. I ran so fast I could barely see my surroundings. The wind blew across my face and through my hair. I was semi aware of what I was wearing. A black tank top and boy short type underwear and I didn't seem to care. I ran until there was no sense of civilization around me and I expected to be winded or tired but I wasn't. My throat was still on fire, I froze as I listened, the thud of paws sounded. I breathed in through my nose, the smell of prey filled me. I didn't even know what I was doing as I sprang up grabbing a coyote, sinking my teeth into its neck and the blood rushed into my throat, it put out the fire momentarily as I sprang again taking down the rest of the pack. I looked at what I had done, I didn't understand it. What had I become? I hadn't a clue, I wanted to kill, the blood quenched my thirst and I felt it sloshing in me. Without a second thought, I began running again. I had the attention span of a two year old. The deserts became mountains, the mountains became forests I ran day and night, it was the only time I felt in control, I ran for what I thought was days with no set destination in mind.

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