Chapter 3 The Cullens

The tingle between Edward and I was pulsing through my whole body as we approached his house. Why did I trust this total stranger and why had I so willing gone with him? The smell as we neared the house was enjoyable. I wasn't sure what it was, floral and strong, I couldn't keep up with my senses now. Edward kept peaking at me through his peripheral vision and I pretended not to notice. Running with him through the forest was exhilarating. The electricity running through me with the touch of his hand and the wind against my face made me smile. It had felt like months since I had smiled. The one thing I had noticed since that dreadful night was my memories were fading. I remembered being robbed of my innocence so clearly but other memories such as my mom and Kevin were fading and I didn't like it. In the last few days I tried to think of her and special moments to remind myself of her. Whatever I had become, whatever had happened to me was not going to make me forget my mom. We were getting closer now and Edward slowed his run to a walk and I did as well. A hiss caught in my throat as I smelled something, what I smelled I saw after a minute as I noticed someone approaching us. The girl's eyes scanned down and stopped on our hands intertwined and I let go abruptly. The electricity zapped back and gave me the most empty cold feeling I had ever felt. Edward looked at me suddenly, his eyes confused and sad, I then wondered if he felt the tingles too. My focus went back to the small woman standing in front of us. I hissed as she stared at me, with an obnoxious knowing smile that I did not understand.

"It's ok." Edward said calmly, "This is my sister…Alice." he smiled at me and my one track mind focused on only him and his lips. I was easily distracted and it bothered me. I shook my head out of the trance his smile had put me in.

"Hi Bella." Alice said nicely. She stepped toward me with her arms extended. I suddenly found myself in a crotch, a low growl escaping my lips.

Edward held out his hand to me and stared at me. I kept my eyes on the little woman in front of me.

"Alice…what are you doing?" Edward said suddenly worried.

"Don't worry Edward." her voice rang out, "She wont hurt me…Bella and I are going to be great friends."

"How…how did you know my name?" I wanted my voice to sound strong and sure but it came out shaky and anything but.

Alice and Edward stared at each other. The silence was deafening to me. I eased out of my stance and looked back and forth between them. I wanted to be filled in on the silent conversation they were having in their heads or tell them to get a room. I wasn't sure which exactly but Edward had said Alice was his sister so that just grossed me out. Whatever was going on, it made me feel uncomfortable like I wasn't suppose to be there.

"Do you guys…want to be alone?" I said confused as ever.

Alice giggled loudly, "No…no silly Bella, I am sorry to be so rude. I brought you these." Alice held out a folded pair of pants in her small right hand. "I knew Edward wouldn't want you meeting the family dressed like that." she eyed my attire as Edward glared at her.

"Edward?" I questioned, "Why would Edward care what I met his family in?" I took the pants relaxing a bit, shouldn't I be the one who cared if I was meeting people in my underwear? I didn't sense danger from her and I could hear the whispers from in the house. They didn't answer me about the clothes, but I didn't dwell on it as I pulled the velour lounge pants on quickly. They fit perfectly and I wondered how this little pixie looking girl knew my size, or knew my name or didn't seem surprised by my presence. I looked up at the enormous house, it was huge and brilliantly lit. The side of the house we were facing was three stories and lined with huge pane windows instead of walls. It had balcony's and a wide porch, it was one of the most beautiful homes I had ever seen. I noticed a small group hovering and watching us from one of the main windows. There was six of them, none looking overjoyed to see me. I suddenly became nervous and I wasn't exactly sure why.

"Come on Bella." Edward's voice eased me a little, he held out his hand again. Alice looked down at it and her smile widened. I took a couple steps toward him but didn't take his hand. He looked at me sadly as it dropped but after a second he forced a smile. "Don't be nervous, we wont hurt you." his voice was soft and gentle as we began walking to the house again. "you can trust me." he whispered and brushed his fingers against my own as we walked side by side. My breath hitched as the current zapped me again. What the hell was that? I didn't look at him even though I felt his eyes on my face. I kept my eyes on Alice who walked in front of me. I took a few deep breaths to calm me, I was nervous to meet these strangers and because of what had happened to me, I wasn't sure why I was trusting them. Alice opened the back door and flitted effortlessly into the house. Edward held it open for me as I walked in. I kept close to him and it eased me when I felt his hand on the small of back.

"Bella…this is my family." Edward said with a smile. The group of six was overwhelming as I came into view. They were beautiful and curious, they didn't look related but they all looked similar at the same time. I eyed Alice which I had met, she stood small, petite, pretty and dainty. She had beautiful small features and she reminded me of a pixie or fairy, something from a fairytale. Next to her was a young man who's appearance startled me. He was just as beautiful, tall and strong looking, his golden blonde hair set wildly on his head. His eyes burned into me like he was watching ever step I made. If I didn't know better I would think he was trying to read my mind or something. He frightened me, he had scars over his face and body. Then I felt calm and I wasn't scared of him anymore. It was a rush that swept over me and I was scared one minute and totally and completely calm the next. It was weird. "You know Alice." Edward continued, "And next to her is Jasper." I gave him a small smile and he nodded politely.

"Nice to meet you Bella." he said with his strong voice, musical and confident, with a slight twang was it?

My eyes went down the line. The next was a big man, he smiled with deep adorable dimples. He had dark wavy hair and a broad chest. His size was overwhelming. He looked like a linebacker, bigger than any young man I had ever seen. "Next is Emmett." Edward added.

"Hey there." he said with a grin.

His smile was infectious as I returned it and gave him a nod. "My sister Rosalie." Edward continued. She was something out of a magazine. She was beautiful and tall. She had a figure that girls would die for and her hair was also golden blonde. It had a pretty wave to it and looked long and thick. She did not smile at me.

"My mother Esme." Edward continued.

"Mother?" I said surprised looking up at him. She looked to young to have any of them actually be her kids. She couldn't be more that 25 years old and even that was pushing it.

"Well." Edward laughed, "For all intents and purposes." he chuckled. I didn't get it.

"Hello Bella…welcome, please make your self at home." she said with a gentle smile and for a moment I felt exactly that…at home.

"Thank you." I breathed and the tingle shot up and down my body as I felt Edward caress my back gently. I wasn't sure if I would ever get used to that.

My eyes went to another woman, she didn't have a smile or the blank expression that Rosalie had had, was she scowling at me? What the fuck? I thought. Edward's voice caught and when he introduced me to her it wasn't as warm as the others. " Bella…this is a close family friend of ours Tanya, she is visiting from Alaska."

Her nostrils flared and her eyes ran down my frame as if she was sizing me up. What the fuck was this bitches problem? I mechanically moved closer to Edward and I felt his arm on my back tighten. "Just ignore her." he whispered in a breath in my ear. When she saw me move closer to Edward she hissed at me and suddenly I wanted to kick her ass. My instincts flooded me that this women didn't like me at all and I reacted quickly. Moving from Edward, I crotched a bit and matched her scowl.

"Tanya…stop." the last man in the line said. "She is a newborn." he said quick and quiet. I wasn't sure what he meant by that but it seemed to relax her. She kept her bitch face and we stared at each other.

"Bella…I'm Carlisle Cullen…and welcome to our home." his voice was quiet and calm. He was unbelievably handsome and his smile was warm. "I would like to discuss some things with you if that is alright. Now that you know everyone would you mind following me into my study?" He must have felt my hesitation right away because he quickly added, "Edward can join us, if that would make you more comfortable." I looked up at Edward and he smiled a crooked smile at me and I nodded not looking back at the man who called himself Carlisle.

He walked past me and Edward led me behind him. As I walked next to Edward I heard Alice, "Do you see how he is responding to her already?" she said quietly. I didn't think I was meant to hear it but I did well, and I could assume so did Edward. Was she talking about me? And who was responding? This family confused the shit out me.

An excited giggle came from someone, "I know…its amazing, you were right Alice." It sounded like Esme but I didn't turn around to confirm it.

"She isn't even that pretty." a woman huffed.

"Tanya." I heard Esme scold her.

We turned the corner and my eyes squinted, I was pretty sure I was going to have to kick that girls ass sooner than later. "Bitch." I mumbled thinking out loud.

Edward smiled and looked at me, "Excuse me?" he chuckled.

I shook my head shocked that I had said that out loud. "Never mind." I mumbled again.

As we climbed the stairs his hand that was resting gently on the small of my back moved so his arm fastened around my waist. He leaned in and pressed his lips to my ear, "You have to just ignore her, she is extremely jealous of you."

"Of me? Why? We have only just met." I looked at his face, his eyes were so warm and gold it made me swallow hard.

"You have something she wants." he whispered closely. What the hell was he talking about? I had shit, my mother died, my family all hated me it seemed, my trusty Kevin was gone, I was attacked and raped and now I had murdering thoughts and liked to drink blood, What the fuck did I have that that cunt wanted? My confusion disappeared though far too quickly as Edward ran his nose behind my ear. "Are you ok?" he whispered again, "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

I shook my head a bit too quickly.

He was evil, his lips were soft on my ear and is breath warm and inviting. Did he know what he was doing to me? I felt butterflies and my center tingled, how could he arouse me with only a whisper. I had forgotten all about the bitch as we finally entered Carlisle study. "I'm sorry if I am but its hard for me…not to want to touch you."

My head shot to him and I found myself giving him a dirty look. He dropped his hand from my back suddenly and it looked as though his feelings were hurt. Was he trying to get into my pants? He didn't say anything he just gave me a nod and seemed to have some sort of understanding in his face. What he understood, I hadn't a clue cause I sure as hell didn't understand any of this. God I was paranoid now, he had been caring and nice to me, I was absolutely attracted to him and he made me feel pretty comfortable considering he was a stranger to me.

He gave me a guarded smile and held out his hand for me to sit down. I thought he would sit next to me but instead he kept his distance and sat leaning against a side wall of shelves filled with books. I suddenly wanted him near me.

"I know you must be very overwhelmed Bella. Do you remember your transformation?" he said with a soft and gentle voice. Something about this man made me feel comfortable, like Edward had.

"Transformation? I am sorry Carlisle but I don't know what the fuck anyone is talking about?"

Carlisle's eyes widened and he looked at Edward. Edward smirked and again with the staring at each other and silence. What the hell was with this family? I cleared my throat and their attention came back to me.

"Do you know what you are Bella? What we are?" he asked curiously.

I shook my head and found Edward's eyes.

Carlisle took a deep breath, "You poor thing." he whispered. I didn't need pity and I didn't understand any of this. Before I lot my temper, which had gotten a lot worse in the last few days he spoke again. "Dear child, I don't want to upset you and we want to help you. Can you tell me what you remember, where you have been…anything?"

I wasn't sure I wanted to relive anything but Carlisle seemed nice and very fatherly. I was comfortable with him, and maybe he could explain to me what was going on, so I began. I started telling them about my mother, if anything I wanted the story and memories of her to repeat itself in my mind. I didn't want to ever forget her. After explaining my years taking care of my mother I started on that dreadful night. I told them about Kevin and our walk, I told them about the women and then the man. I cringed as I recalled the night.

"I ran from him and for a moment I didn't think he was following me. It was so dark I didn't know where I was going. I hit something or someone rather and it knocked the wind out of me as I fell to the ground." My face fell in my hands and my shoulders shook, I was crying but no tears came, it was odd but I tried not to dwell on it. The electricity was back as I felt a warm presence besides me. I knew it was Edward as I felt his arm wrap around me. He pulled me into his chest and gently caressed me. Without looking up I continued, "He was strong." I choked out. "It all happened so fast, my clothes were practically ripped from me. He was so rough and strong." I repeated. "He took everything I had kept sacred, my youth, my innocence." I felt Edward tense beside me and I had no idea why I couldn't look at him, I felt ashamed for him to know this about me. Without getting into too much detail, I explained to them that I thought he wanted to leave me for dead, that I was broken, my jaw, my pelvis but that the women had come and interrupted him. "She seemed jealous and angry with him and fortunately it was over just as fast as he began but not before he bit me and the pain was excruciating. As I listened to them argue it was hard to focus because of the burn." Finally I looked up at Edward, the pain in his eyes made me feel guilty. I couldn't explain it, I felt bad about it even and I didn't want to ever see that pain in him again.

His head tilted and his hand met me cheek. "I am so sorry Bella…" his voice caught and he didn't continue.

"Do you know the women or man's name?" Carlisle said, his expression looked pained as well. Not as much as Edward's but still painful and angry? I shook my head in response.

I finished my story and told them about the police officers and running away, I even told them about wanting to kill them. The look they gave me then was something totally different.

"You just…ran away?" Edward said looking in my eyes intently.

"Yes…the burn in my throat was unbearable, I caught a family of coyotes and it seemed to quench it a little. And then I ran…and here I am."

Edward and Carlisle stared at each other again. I was getting really sick of it, "Why do you do that with everyone?" I directed my question at Edward, "It's like you are having a moment with them, you are having a silent conversation with them…its rude." my tone was probably a bit bitchy but it really was becoming my biggest pet peeve.

He chuckled and it made me more angry, "You're frustrating." I murmured and this time both Edward and Carlisle laughed. I had just poured my soul to them and now they were laughing at me. I huffed and stood up and started for the door.

In a flash Edward was in front of me. "Bella." he breathed resting both hands on my arms. "Please forgive me…you were honest with us, let me explain."

I took a deep breath and found myself crossing my arms as I pouted. I didn't say anything to him as I moved back to the chair and stared at him.

He smiled, "I can read minds Bella. I hear people's thoughts."

My eyes widened, "Oh." I whispered, Oh fuck he could read my thoughts? Oh fuck fuck fuck, he was hearing them now?

Edward must have saw the look in my eyes because he chuckled, "I can't read yours…it's very frustrating, its never happened to me before and I'll be honest with you, it's driving me crazy."

"So you are having private discussions about me…with Carlisle…with Alice?" I didn't like that.

"No Bella dear, its totally one sided. I just didn't want to upset you…that's all." Carlisle seemed sincere.

My eyes danced between both of them, "So…? Tell me, what happened to me?"

"Bella…that disgusting parasite…turned you into a vampire….an immortal."

My eyes widened, I was speechless. A vampire? Impossible…vampires don't exist. Do they?

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