Author's Foreword:

Well I just got finished playing through Mass Effect 2 for the first time. I've wanted to write a fanfic for a while now and though I've already come up with a few ideas, I really wanted to use the Mass Effect universe.

That said I'm a big fan of crossovers as well. So I've decided to use both Mass Effect and Stargate. Personally I think they fit well together and I'd like your opinion as well.

This story is set just after the end of Mass Effect 2 and around the end of season seven of SG1, just before Anubis attacks Earth.

Just to cover my ass here, I don't own anything in any of the universes I might be mentioning/using in this story. They all have big corporations behind them and I really don't want to be sued. Not worth the trouble anyway.

So without further ado…