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This was it. Countless years of patience had finally paid off.

Marshal D. Teach stared down at the Yami yami no mi, clenching his jaw and licking his lips in anticipation of the power he was about to gain (and bracing himself for the horrible taste he'd heard all these fruit have).

For decades he had been a part of the White Beard pirates. The fiercest pirate crew still alive on any of the oceons. Fighting along side the 4th division of the vast outlaw armada against monsters, marines and other pirates under the guise of loyalty to a relic who couldn't admit his time has log since past. When in reality it was all for this single piece of ugly fruit in his hand.

Of course it wasn't ordinary fruit. He didn't just snap commander Thatch's neck like a cracker just for an apple or an orange. This was a devil fruit, a cursed fruit which in exchange for his ability to swim would grant him great power. It wasn't just any fruit either, it was the Yami Yami fruit. The greatest of the logia. This fruit gave the user the power to negate both fruit and ll other powers. No one would be able to stop him!


Blackbeard twisted his head to face the door he never bothered closing. Several other members of the division were standing in the doorway with others behind them. Each with rage and confusion etched on their faces.

"Teach, What have you done?" The lead one growled out.

"ZEHAHAHAHA!!! What does it look like I've done. I've gotten rid of what was keeping me from ultimate power." Bleakbeard sneered, he opened his dentists nightmare of a mouth and to the hover of everyone watching bit down on the powerful fruit.

"BLECH!! Damn that's foul!" He moaned, but swallowed the fruit that tasted not unlike a mix of caster oil, vomit and rancid meat.

As soon as he did he could feel the effects start to kick in. His body was changing in ways that by all means should be impossible. Filling him with power enough to become pirate king.

"ZEHAHA!! At last, he power is mine!" He gave a crocked grin to the assembled pirates, who now looked slightly fearful at the power this lunatic might now possess.

"Time to test it out." He extended his hand towards the nearest of his now former crew-mates. "BLACK HOLE!!!"

….....the crew member who had tensed out relaxed considerably when nothing happened.

Blackbeards brow knit together in confusion, he looked at the palm of his hand. Then thrust it out again. "BLACK HOLE!!!"


He looked back down, slightly nervous. "Why isn't it working?"

To answer his question was the sound of guns being cocked and swords being drawn. The pirates who had just moments ago looked fearful now returned to looking murderous.

Bleackbeard just stared at them for a moment. "Probably takes longer to kick in than what I read about. Ah well." He muttered to himself before rolling up his sleeves and grinning at the crew. "Guess I'll just take you out the old fashioned way."

-On deck-


The whole ship shook as a crewman was launched up from below deck, flying over the crows nest and into the ocean.

Teach leapt out of the hole himself, a pirates head in each hand that he was slowly crushing the life out of.

"Weird. I ain't never been that good a jumper before." He commented at his rather astounding leap considering his size.

He looked around. The crew on deck had already drawn their weapons, and the ones he hadn't taken out from below were already rushing up and forming a tight knit circle around him.

"ZEHAHA. You think you can take me? Idiots. With the power of the Yami yami no mai I can beat you without breaking a sweat."

"The only idiot here is you Teach." A voice called from behind him right before a scorching hot fist was rammed into his face.

"AAAGGGHHH. HOT, hot hot!" In truth it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. Not many could have their facial hair set on fire and not feel a little pain.

Standing over him was a relativly new member of the WhiteBeard armada. Decked out in only a pair of black pants and a wide rimmed hat was 2nd division commander Ace 'Fire fist' Portgas. His fist outstretched where Marshel's jaw had just been was coated in flame thanks to his 'Mera Mera no mai' power over flame.

"How dare you. How dare you betray you're own Nakama like this. This is grounds for execution Teach." The other crew members backed of at the dull and neutral tone in the normally energetic voice.

Blackbeard slowly stood up, running his palms over where had once been the stubble of his namesake. Now only a charred and hairless surface.

"How dare I? How dare you! What the hell are people supposed to call me now?!"

Aces eyes narrowed. "You really don't get it do you Teach. Let me spell it out."

The crew of the 4th division jumped back as the and commander suddenly burst into flames. His very body actually merging with and 'becoming' the flames which danced menacingly in the wind.

"Your a dead man!"

Teach backed up a few steps. While he was hardly scared of anything. It would be a really good time for those powers to kick in now.

"Ya think I'm scared of you? Zehahaha, I've just been stalling for my new Yami yami fruit powers to kick in. Now it's YOU fire fist whose a dead man!"

Ace tilted his head to the side in confusion. "Yami Yami?"

"Yeah! One touch and your fire powers are worthless!!!" Blackbeard concentrated, preparing to end all this in one fatal strike. "Now, come here." He threw his arm back at shot it forward.



Wwaayyyy forward.

Marshall D Teach, along with the rest of his crew had their eyes bulging and their mouths hanging loose as his arm 'stretched' across the deck and 'through' the firey logia user before hitting a crewman behind him hard enough to send him flying into the distance.

Blackbeard screamed as the flaming arm retracted itself, it too was now badly burned. Biting back anymore yelps he stared at his arm in confusion.

"This isn't the yami fruit power. This isn't even Logia!" He said through gritted teeth. "But the book said...."

He didn't get a chance to finish as a fireball soon engulfed his face again. Courtesy of a flaming boot to the face. He shouted out in pain at the fire right before his face with driven into the remaining intact part of the deck. It didn't hurt since he was now made of rubber and could withstand blunt strikes, but Ace then chose to take a seat on his broad back.

Firefist reached down and pulled the book from the traitors scorched fingers, making sure not to set the book on fire he looked at it.

'Encyclopedia Akuma no mai' By Doc Vegapunk.

He skimmed through it. It was quite an old book, quite a while before the good doctor must have allied with the marines. It wasn't the thickest book in the world but it contained detailed descriptions on over a hundred devil fruit with at least three to a page. It wasn't til he got to the end that he spotted the name of the fruit whitebeard wanted so much.

"Yami yami no mai." He mumbled. "This isn't right, that isn't what I was told it...Mmmm what if.....let's check mine....HA!!!"

"Grr whats so funny you little....AGH!!" Teach growled. Trying to get up but sent back down before Ace flared his powers.

Ace got of the guys back and crouched to met his face. Snapping his fingers before hand to have the crew press their swords to Teachs still lade vulnerable back. "Hey Nobeard. Wanna know something.

Blackbeard glared at him for the nickname but said nothing. Ace opened the book to a page and pointed to a fruit.

"See this."

Blackbeard nodded slightly. "Yeah. So what? Thats yer damn Mera Mera fruit."

"Actually, it isn't."


Ace grinned wickedly. "It isn't the Mera Mera fruit. In fact, theirs hardly a right match up between picture and description. You've got a misprinted book!"

The crews laughter only increased the dread that the former blackbeard was feeling. No! It couldn't be!

Laughing along with the crew Ace flipped through the book, trying to match Teach's powers to a name. He found one in the Paramecia section.

"Heres your power Teach. The gumo gumo fruit with a picture of the Yami Yami fruit." Ace showed the horrified fat man a picture of a purple bunch of grapes looking fruit.

20 years, 20 years on board this damn ship. 2 decades of following that old fossils every command, of risking life and limb, and for what? So he can be a human condom joke? Half his life. His life. WASTED!!!!!! If this wasn't the Yami yami fruit then, where was it?

The man formally known as Blackbeard in one last rage filed act yelled up towards the heavens.


Some time before

A boy lay asleep in a dinghy which bobbed gently on the waves. His straw hat over his eyes to prevent sunburn. As if he forgot that couldn't happen.

The boy was dressed in a red vest, blue jean shorts and open toed sandals to go with his hat. He looked more like a fisher than what he dreamed of becoming.



The water surface erupted as a sea king, a massive eel burst from the ocean. Eying the boy like a bite sized snack

The boy, having been woken up from the sea kings roar, blinked away the sleep and confusion before glaring up at the creature that disturbed his nap. "Oh it's you."

The beast lunged for him, fangs prepped to bite him in two.

The boy raised his arms to a parallel position in response. "YAMI YAMI ABSORBTION!!!"

A swirling vortex of darkness appeared in front of him, pulling water, air, even the sea king towards him like a magnet. Now while it may be a bad idea for a normal person to draw a creature with teeth like swords towards you. The boy was not an ordinary person. Everything that pulled towards the vortex was sucked into it, including the massive beast who was gone in an instant.

The vortext vanished in an instant. Leaving the boy standing still on his boat for a few instant's as a dark aura covered him and slowly began to rise towards the sky. Then he threw his arms over his head and shouted "YAMI YAMI RELEASE!!!"

The dark aura exploded outwards as everything that had been absorbed was released. Including a seaking that looked like it had it's fair share of injuries and broken bones. It landed on the sea where it bobbed up and down on the surface, unconscious.

Monkey D Luffy eyed the creature, hunger evident in his eyes. "Lunch!"

So began the first day of Money D Luffy's career as a pirate, and the first page in the legend of the great Straw hat pirates. Or as many would call it...

...the tale of the black emporer.


What do you think? They're aren't that many 'Luffy ate a different fruit' stories so I thought I might as well right one.

Don't expect to frequent an update. I'm quite busy most of the week. If someone wants to co-author that'd be great. Or someone wants to start one of their own be my guest, that was the point.

If someones gonna complain about the names of Luffy's attacks consider this. The names Blackbeard gave his attacks don't seem like something Luffy would call them. So I renamed them as something he would say. 'Yami yami absorption' is 'Black hole', and 'Yami yami release' is 'liberation'.

The nickname for Luffy was originally the 'dark king', but someone reminded me that was Reyleigh's nick name so I had to change it. Something to do with darkness without being too complicated and not referencing shadows.