Logia Luffy: Yami edition

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Chapter 9: The town of beginnings...and I don't mean Pallet.

Beginnings are always messy. - John Galsworthy



"You've been staring out at the sea for over an hour. You OK?"

"Gurara do you think me too feeble to simply admire the ocean without it concerning my health?"


"I'm fine son. Just an old man reminiscing."

Among other things. Not the least of which was the hernia, sciatica, arthritis and bad eye sight that he felt every hour of the day. The only thing that was still working as well as it did fifty years ago was ironically enough his liver.

Edward Newgate known to the world at large as WhiteBeard continued his watch out towards the east. The gentle sea breeze flowed over him carrying more than the sting of salt.

The end of this era is fast approaching. I wonder if I'll get to see the next one?'

Looking at the Going Merry one would imagine that the shipwright new nothing of either tradition or superstition. Why else when fitting a figurehead chosen what looks like a baboon what had tried to swallow a toad.

It wasn't till you got closer that you realized the dummy wasn't made of wood, he was just leaning over the real figurehead fast enough to drop in with his tongue sticking out a good foot and wriggling like a polygraph hooked up Monkey D Garp...long Story.

"Luffy for the last time will you pull back!? The fishmen are sick of saving you!" The beligered Navigator yelled once more only to fall on still deaf ears.

"Maybe he won't fall in again. He's actually gripping the wood this time." Said Ussop from his work station, tinkering away on whatever trinket or tool he had in mind to close the distance between him and monsters.

Luffy had been like this ever since the red line had came into view over the horizon. The Straw had armada (more or less since several more pirates who they hadn't cared to name had decided to give up the jolly Roger and help rebuild Namis home islands back to their former glory) were making for Logue town with arrow precision and full speed, the recent additions to the crew had been ordered by Nami their defacto leader to help speed up the ships so Luffy didn't die of anticipation.

I won't even try to put sown what he thinking, given that his thoughts were so rapid at the moment that it would have been like an arthritic being dictated to by the micro machines guy. They did however pertain to Logue Town, Gold Roger, One Piece, plenty of meat and for some reason what he'd look like with a if man chug.

He'd been waiting almost his entire life for this. Everything he'd done so far had been building up to what he would soon be doing. This place were the pirate king was born, lived and died and was where his own legend would be born.

Meanwhile on one of the growing armadas other ships the crews two most intimidating members were locked in the blood soaked super destructive mortal combat they called 'light sparring'. Gin and Zoro stood across from each other panting quite heavily while grunts looked on with a mix of fear, respect and greed as beri exchanged hands. Both breathing raggedly with both sweat and blood covering them to various degrees.

"Your starting to drop." Huffed Gin. "That shot to my leg should have toppled me."

Zoro smiled, the arm holding his remaining practice boken held steady at his opponent. "That would've been a lot less impressive if you'd had more power in your hits. Felt like a babies rattle."

The two demons wearing human skin just grinned maniacally at each other, neither willing to make the first move...because That would mean showing their opponent that the last attack did a lot more than they were bragging about.

Back in the flag ship the small group of sailors on this expedition who where actually competent outside of a battlefield had given up on their captain were going over there plan for when they get to Logue town.

Ussop and Nami sat in front of a large crate with a map of the city on top of it. A dozen assorted pirates and fishmen surrounding them with only marginal discomfort between the two.

"This is Logue Town." Said Nami. "The place widely known as where Gold Roger was born and executed..."

Ussop continued "...but Even before that it was still 'the town of beginnings' because as the closest settlement to the Grand line entrance anyone going into that sea from the East blue almost always has to stop here, almost all of those guys being pirates..."

Nami motioned to a place in the center of the map dotted with a large number of buildings she'd circled. "Logue town is home to the largest Marine base in this part of the world. It has more than 5 times the amount of troops than anywhere else does and many times the resources in case they have to nip any would be 'pirate kings' in the bud."

They motioned to several other points on the map. "From the central base, here here and here..." She pointed to several well spaced buildings "...Are The official town police and guard posts while these posts..." She pointed to the gallows, the dock and a spot she'd marked as 'Gold Rogers'. "...Are Areas that rookie pirates are known to visit before leaving for the grand line, like a rite of passage."

"Our safest bet is for only the Sunny make port while most of you head out into a remote spot to avoid detection. We go in, buy supplies and return without anyone being suspicious of the lamb headed ship."

One formally grubby looking sailor (formally grubby meaning the kind of man who's tried to bathe but is one too many years out of practice to do so successfully) raised his arm. "Beggin yer pardon Ms Nami. But wit De ye mean most of us?"

The two 'officers' looked at each other. "Well since you asked so nicely." Her smile turned coy, causing the men's own grins to turn stupid. "I need a few of you for a spe-ci-al assignment. Can you do that for me?"

Stupid grins spread like wildfire among the men. "Suuurrree. Whatever ye want..."

Nami's seductive smile grew more so. "While we go shopping. I need you to watch out for our captain."



She got up and leaned over just a little, showing just enough that it sent the formally scurvy sea dogs back into salivating horn bags.

"Pleeease? We can't do any of the really important stuff if we have to watch him all day."

Their stupid grins were enough for her.


She heard a loud flap of wings before something hit the rail.

"Mmm? Oh it's just you." She sighed and fished around her pocket for a few beli coins.

If it wasn't the only way for people to get today's paper in a world that was 80% ocean then the sight of an Albatross in a little hat with a sack full of papers and money around it's neck would seem unusual. The creature shook its head at the offer of payment and gestured at its satchel, saying 4 beli where Nami knew it had said 2.

"If hitting you wouldn't curse us you'd have been dead the day you got this job."

The bird lowered his head and caw'ed. Nami fished out two more coins and dropped them in the bag before drawing her paper. The albatross beating a hasty retreat.


A scuffling of feet and a deck chair was underneath her before she reached "h"

"Now lets see wha..." She opened the paper.

A flyer fell out.


Logue town certainly didn't look any different from any other port town in the world, at least on first glance. It was busy, but so was any other town beside the seaside. People bustled up and down the busy streets, merchants sold their wares of mostly fish. Bars made up more than half of the businesses so that no sailor ever had to go dry even on land.

That being said...it was completely obvious right from the get go that this town was anything but ordinary.

I mean seriously. The marine presence in this town alone was, like way higher than in any other area of any other blue.

It was a right of passage for new comer pirates. As if this place where the greatest man who ever live was born and died was a holy site to them. Anyone who wanted to hoist the jolly roger with the big boys in the grand line almost had to fight is almost required to come here as a matter of principle...which The marines capitalized on and were able to make hundreds of arrests every year thanks to the criminal scum quite literally coming to them.

Which is why despite the many, many, many, MANY reasons why it was a bad idea to come here, the strawhat's pulled up at the dock.

Nami blinked several times in the vain hope that the thick lenses she was wearing would hurt her eyes less, but since the laws of physics seemed content to remain the way they are the glasses stayed the same.

Behind her were a group of likewise disguised individuals. The toothless had perfect smiles, the unwashed reeked of soap, hair had been straightened, cloths washed. They looked less like pirates and instead looked like almost perfectly normal people.

They hated it.

"How did ya get these so itchy?"

"It took me forever to build up that stink."

"I can't hide a pistol in hair this straight!"

"Would any of you rather walk around town screaming 'I'm a pirate'?"

"...Well When ye put it like that..."

She nodded curtly. "Now as for the rest of you..."

Her lip thinned at the sight before her. Or rather the lack of a site before her.


The man was only a few inches away from her, his eyes shaped like love hearts.

"Yes my beloved angel?"

"Where are Luffy and Zoro?"

"Dunno. I was to busy finding you even more gorgeous with those glasses!"

"...I see." Breath. 3..2..1. Breath "Ok. Ussop?"

A wide frame waddled out from between the nicely dressed gentlemen. Bulky in all the wrong places and sporting a nose so crooked the tip was almost brushing his upper lip.

"Zoro jumped off the other side of the ship. Said he was going to replace those two cheap swords of his."

"And Luffy?"


A blur shot over them. Hitting the ground running and vanishing in the crowd of the town in an instant.

"LufGHY!" Several hands covered her mouth at the same time before she knocked them away "That idiot! What was he thinking running into town wearing his normal clothes?! Is he trying to get spotted again."

Ussop patted her back with a pseudo meaty palm. "Relax Nami. I made sure he took a disguise before he left.

She snorted "Like what? A curly fake moustache?"


*Phooo**Phooooo**PPHHHOOOOOO* "Ugh forget it." He grumbled and grabbed the thick, ugly moustache dangling over his mouth before tearing it from his face.


Luffy edged around the weirdo rolling around in agony with the profusely bleeding fulcrum, patting his fake beard down while he continued his search for the gallows.

"Ok now lets see if I can find those gallows."

The map Nami was working from had been reduced to an ink stained mess that was barely eligible. The men scratched their heads in frustration from the rapid revision Nami had made to her plan.

"Team one will be headed by myself and head straight through town. Team two, your heading with Sanji round the island from the left."

"How about we let them group together and we make up Team one Nami-swan?"


"Team 3 will be led by Ussop and will circle the town round from the right, and we all meet at the gallows."

"Arrr. Why does everyone I now always end up sayin' that?. Always 'Team 3, led by Ussop and ending up at the gallows." One pirate muttered dejectedly

"Ye know more than one person named Ussop?" Another asked.

"Aye. And when I was a lad I wanted te be a mystery novelist. But nobody cares about that neither now do they?" The first pirate grumbled.

"With any luck we'll have caught up to him before he reaches there and makes an ass of himself."

The young logia wandered the streets rather aimlessly. You'd think with them being such a historical landmark the gallows would be easy to find, but nnnooooo. He'd past countless bars, merchants selling 'Pirate king Bobbleheads' (which he bought) 'Genuine Roger fake moustache' (which he put atop his other fake facial hair) and a food cart selling 'Gol...den Delicious Jolly Roger fried Fish cakes (He bought the whole cart), but no Gallows. How was he supposed to make an ass of himself if he couldn't find the gallows?

Little known fact, Luffy was not good at directions.

Zoro never had a problem with getting lost.

Well OK with you want to be 'technical' he couldn't find west with a compass. I meant he never really found his last of a sense of direction to be that big a deal. He always found what he was looking for eventually, and his hunt for Mihawk wasn't on any sort of schedule, so he was content just to drift about getting jobs to keep fed and hone his skills.

The last thing he wanted was a chaperone. Especially for this.

"Ok so it should be around here somewhere..."


Tilting his head in the direction of the commotion. He spotted two taller than average guys, one a near skeleton who looked like his head was too heavy for his neck and the other pair shaped with pigtails were harassing a young woman holding a cloth covered package.

The thin one pointed the tip of a blade as long as she was at her neck and sneered "I knew we'd find ya nwithout that smoke stack around. We've got a bone to pick with you."

The fat one snorted. "Yeah its cause of you that our boss is in jail."

"Your boss is in jail for piracy. I just happened to be the arresting officer." She answered back without a hint of fear. "And if you two insist on fighting me I guarantee you'll be joining him."

The pear shaped one cracked his knuckles "Is that right? Well now that sounds like a challenge don't it?" He unsheathed his own massive blade and hefted it behind him.

"Yep It does." The lanky one grinned and mirrored his friends move.

Without giving pause they pulled their weapons back and swung them with all the grace of baseball bats. "OUR DREAMS WERE BROKEN BECAUSE OF YOU!"

In an instant His hands were on Wado, and in another instant those freaks would be on the ground in horrible agony.

It came as a surprise when that horrible agony was not caused by him.

In the blink of an eye the young woman had dropped the wrapping from her sword, got past the non existent guard of the two pirates, slashed them both in one swing and spun just past them as they fell to the ground, unconscious from shock.

Numbly he let go of his sword, he hadn't seen a woman with that kind of talent since...

"WHOA!" She caught one foot with the other and fell flat on her face, totally ruining the epicness of her move.

The crows who had previously been scared and then amazed at her action now started loudly guffawing at her. Clapping like they would for a clown "Couldn't stick the landing huh?"

She let go of her weapon and started groping the ground in front of her, her hair draping over her face to hide how red it was. Not being one to laugh at a lady Zoro picked up her glasses and got her attention.

"Looking for these?" He held them up.

"Huh?" She looked up.

Zoro's heart leapt into his throat.

More than when Kuro clawed him, than when Mihawk humiliated him, nothing was quite as painful as what he was seeing now.


The curtain pulled back and she stepped out.

"How's this?"

"Oh how beautiful Madame."



The curtain closed again only to open a split second later.

"And this?"

"The pinnacle of elegance."



It closed and opened again as she stepped out.

"What about this?"




She modeled outfit after outfit at a speed that any man dragged along on a shopping trip could only dream a woman could move at. The stack of potential clothing growing higher and higher. The clerk (who for some reason thought having hair shaped like a coat hanger would...because) Cheered for the young woman as the pile of outfits she'd tried on grew taller and taller. His eyes becoming more beli like with each second past. To the left and right of him several gentlemen who he could not say for preservative reasons may be pirates enjoyed the non explicit show, finding themselves rather enjoying this more than what they should be doing.

Only when the stack reached the ceiling, only when half the racks in the store were empty and the floor was moist with drool did Nami step out from behind the curtain. Wearing what she came in with.

"Done." She said curtly and headed towards the door.

The clerk was upon her in an instant. "Excellent Madam! You looked magnificent in everything."

"I know."

"Now how will you be paying for this? Cash or cash?"

"I don't want any of it."


She stuck her tongue out for a second before pushing the front door open. "That stuff is way to gaudy. I prefer something practical. C'mon guys, I saw a store down the street that looked good."

Like loyal puppies they hurried along after her, but not before one spared a sympathetic glance at thee poor shopkeeper. Small rivers of tears running down his face as he realized he not only put up with that for nothing, but every item in the store was stacked in a big pile in the middle of the room...but Who gives a crap about him right?

Ippon Matsu was not a good businessman.

His father had not been a good businessman.

Neither had his grandfather.

In fact none of the men in his family for the past two hundred years had been very good businessmen. Yet for that same amount of time they had been businessmen. For the simple reason that the kind of business they dealt with was one that was very close to them.

Sadly a passion does not always equate to a gift.

"The barging buckets over there." He sighed and jabbed a thumb at a couple barrels filled with old scabby looking swords that were so blunt they were more bats than blades. "Fifty thousand if its still sharp, or fourty nine if its blunt."

Zoro really didn't have the patience or the savvy to argue with the man and nodded. "It'll have to do." He said before reaching into his wallet (with a little sword like button on it) and pulled out the money, brushing past Wado and drawing Ippon Matsu's now rapt attention to it.

The mans eyes bugged to the size of balloons for a second before shoving them back into his skull. That guard, the pattern on the hilt! He'd have to be as stupid as he looked not to recognizes such a famous sword.

"Um excuse me son..." He said slowly and carefully so not to squee like a little girl. "But might I see that sword at your waist?"

"Mmm?" The swordsman looked back down at his one remaining blade. "Sure. Just be careful I don't have the money to replace it."

'Very few people have the money to replace one of these.' He chuckled inwardly as his cheeks pulled back against his will to form a dopey grin. "This sword..." He said in an absolutely ecstatic voice "...This Sword is complete and total crap."

Zoro smacked him one upside the head like a bitch. "Then why are you grinning like an idiot?"

That literally wiped the stupid smile of his face. 'Never been so glad to be assaulted.' "Sorry, allergies *sniff*." He didn't miss a beat. "But seriously this sword is absolute garbage. The guards worn. The sheath feels brittle, and I beat one WHACK against a rock would shatter the blade into tiny pieces." He unsheathed the blade, tutting at the flawless shine and perfect edge. "Such a waste of steel."

"Hey! That sword was gift and the most prized possession of my masters family!" Zoro defended.

"And you use it for combat? Please do you know how old some family blades are? That this thing hasn't disintegrated is nothing short of a miracle." Huffing he put it down and steppled his fingers. "Tell you what. Because I like the look of it, purely for ornamental purposes of course I'm willing to buy it off you. Sayyyyyyyy two hundred thousand? I'll even let you take those swords you wanted on the house."

Zoro stopped for a moment, seeming to genuinely consider it. He opened his mouth to speak when.


They turned.

He bawked.

The same girl from before came stumbling in. Right into the sword barrel causing the swords to spill out onto the floor, one even shatter from light impact.


"*Groan* How is a klutz like you even a swordsman?" He rubbed his temples. He dipped behind the counter and pulled out a wheat stone and a bottle of polish "If your going to wear such a magnificent on small fry's then you should just hang it up for good!"

The girl bowed her head repeatedly "S-Sorry I WAAAH!"

Startling even the unshakable Zoro for a moment the Kuina look a like all but apparated in between Zoro and the Ippon Matsu, her bad eyes fixed entirely on the sword he was clutching like a vice.

"I can't believe it! I never thought I'd see one of these so soon!"

'Don'tsay it, Don't say it! So swear to me I will DESTROY YOU if you say...'

"This is Wado Ichimonji right?"


"Why yessssssss. I'm afraid it does go by that name. But as I've its just a ceremony style blade." He chuckled "Not really built for fighting. Your much better off with another..."

"Another?" The bespectacled young woman asked confused. Tearing her eyes away from the edge just long enough to whip out a thick book from the back of her (thankfully' thought Zoro) loose jeans.

"Are you kidding? This is one of the 21 Great swords! It's famous for its strength!"

"AW DAMMNIT WOMAN!" His fist came down on the table hard enough to really hurt his hands. "I almost had it! I almost had the great Wado! And you just had to open your big mouth!"

'Almost had it?' The grass haired one thought morosely.


"But I haven't got my..."


She reached into her pocket and pulled out a bill. "I only have a 5000 Beri note."

"NOT A PROBLEM!" Ippon opened the register and pulled out some coins. "AND HERE'S YOUR CHANGE! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE!"

"T-Thank you?"




Turning away from the girl and back to Zoro, he looked ready to Continue his tirade for an instant...but As he drew in breath his entire form drooped forward, his eyes suddenly very tired and his posture slack. Say what you will about anger not being good for you, Ippon Matsu was the sort of man that 'needed' a good scream every once in a while.

"Look." The man said in a bored tone. "The girls right. This blades an absolute masterpiece. I try to buy this for what its really worth and It will likely be the only thing I have left, even if you were willing to part with it."

"I'm not." Zoro stated bluntly.

The man nodded and sighed. "Just, just grab a sword or two from the bin and get out."

When the young man complied Ippon slumped on the table. Head in his hands and eyes firmly on Wado. So close. He was so close.

I mean what are the odds Roronoa Zoro would just walk into his shop?

Maybe if he was lucky Mihawk would wander in.

"Hey. This one looks good. You sure this is the right bin?"

He tore his eyes away from the thing dangling from the young mans waist (heyooo) to see what piece of crap he'd fished out.

From a guard shaped like a rounded cross a curved razor of darkness sprung forth. Its edge capturing even the smallest fractal of light as if to devour it, evil black flames etched into it and seeming to flow as though alive with even the smallest movement of the now doomed boys hand.



"I don't."

"Aww C'mon. It's not going to kill ya."

"Shouldn't we be looking for..."





The force of the belch blew the young man backward, his chair already pierced on to legs tilted backwards as he collapsed to the floor.

The entire room was still for a moment. Nobody spoke. A hand shakily rose up over the tangle, a pint glass clenched in it. In a slow and unsteady fashion he turned the glass over and sat it on the table.

Nobody moved.


The room exploded into frenzied cheering. A young pirates first drink! This calls for a party!

Ussop pulled himself back into a sitting position at the table. His men either laughing at him or slapping him in the back in congratulations.

"Damn boss. Your a right little boozer ain't ya?!" A squat faced man with a scruffy beard slapped his back a little too harshly.

"Uuuuuhhhh *urp*." His vision was already swimming in front of him as a pleasant tingle spread across him from his stomach. "Tha the ell wus that?" He slurred "Fels like I drk 20, no one? *hic*."

A taller yet wider pirate gave a deep belly laugh "Yeah I remember my first drink..."

"Yeah. It barely touched your lips and you went down like a mighty oak!" The men just laughed at the site of his reddening face.

Ussop just giggled and reached for another drink "So, this is what my dad does for fun eh?"

Another member of his crew. An older gentlemen who looked like he'd made a long career out of being a professional nobody rubbed his beard "Well from what I hear yer father is a member of Red Hairs crew, and their parties are a legend second only to their power. Though if your 'is son when he can't be that much less of a light weight."

There was another round of laughter at the young pinochio's expense. The boy did not rise to it however and just continued looking into his mug. They'd started out trying to find Luffy, and they'd headed straight for the gallows (a few of the older and sneakier ones among them not for the first time). However on his march Ussop had found himself pulled backwards by the collar and towards a busy looking tourist groan causingly named 'The Jolly Roger'.

They'd plucked him down on a stool and ordered a round of drinks for each of them. The bartender, a man who had been professionally down up to look like the sort of slimeball you'd expect in a den for cutthroats and murderers didn't even ask for ID when he poured the 17 year old the paint thinner he'd just chugged.

He'd brought up the problem of being spotted as a gang of pirates, disguise or no disguise. One member of the crew, a somewhat scruffy man in his 30's by the name of Old John (Son of Young John) calmly reached into his jacket took out his flintlock, cocked it in full view of everyone, turned over his left shoulder to a pretty young woman and pulled her roughly towards him.

"Gives a kiss a'for a put a bullet tween your pretty eyes."

The blonde beauty stared at the man for a moment, before giggling and giving him a peck on the beer stained cheek.

"AYYY!" He cheered

"AAAAAYYYYY!" The rest of the tavern cheered with him.

That's the beauty of Log Town. Roger's legend had turned this place into a pirate themed tourist trap. The nearness to the Reverse mountain was only the secondary reason it was so heavily policed. With every stall selling discount eye patch's, and every visitor trying to roll there 'R's it was near impossible trying to see who was a tourist pretending to be a pirate, was a pretending to be a tourist, and who was a pirate pretending to be a tourist pretending to be a pirate. All they had to do was put on a limp and say "Aaaarrrr." Every few minutes.

Ussop sat his throbbing head on the counter top, his blurred vision mostly focused on the pint tumbler. "Ya know...Maybe...maybe I'm not cut out for all the piratey stuff."

The young grizzled man next to him gasped "You?! The great cap'n Ussop? Unfit to be a pirate?!"

"No no I'm...(he paused for about 10 seconds before a tap on the shoulder kick started him again)...Pirate Material, captain material. I just don't think I need to do 'all' the stuff. Like this." He said before quaffing the glass, which of course meant his overall's drank more than he did.

The men exchanged a look of utter confusion. Be a pirate and 'not' drink? The concept was as bizarre as one plus one equaling Thursday.

"I look like some gangly kid, I sound like some gangly kid. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be this drunk right now...what Good is a dashing adventurer when he's looks like he'll blow over in a strong breeze?"

Now that they understood "Lad. No every pirate needs a peg leg an' a eyepatch ta be called a pirate."

"No *hic* but who'd respect a lightweight captain who any of his men can drink under the table?" He murmured to the bottom of his glass."

"The rare few are born with an iron liver Cap'n, the rest of us had to learn ta be drunkards." The larger pirate slapped his back "Trust us. Someday the mere sight a ya will make grown men shake in their boots."

"You sure?"

"As sure as me beard is itchy. Now enough mopping. DRINK UP!"

"AAAAYYYYY!" Echoed loudly from the bar and down the street as the party got into full or PASTE your text here...

And that's as much as I have written for the chapter so far. I figured I'd at least get it out their instead of leaving it in my hard drive any longer. Hopefully I'll get the rest of it out one day soon, but until then you can consider this part 1 of the Logue Town visit.