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Olivia and Casey had been dating for about year, they had kept their relationship a secret from their work colleagues but it wasn't always easy. The odd look, the slightest touch could let their secret out of the bag.

The past few cases had been really tough; Stabler had noticed that ADA Novak was being extremely tough on Benson. Each time she went for a warrant Novak would demand more and more evidence. The others were getting the items they needed easily.

After a few weeks of this happening Elliot mentioned it to Benson, "have you noticed the tension between you and Casey, she seems to be making the simplest of tasks difficult".

Benson replied "yeah I had noticed I think I am going to have to chat to her about things and find out what her problem is". A concerned look came over her face, thoughts started to run through her mind, does she not want to be with me anymore, is there someone else ...............

When she arrives home that night she finds Casey going through a few files. "Casey I'm home". Casey just mumbles as she reads the files. "Casey we need to talk, I am sick and tired of you making my life so difficult at work, I know we are dating and it's hard to keep things quiet from our friends. But you seriously need to stop making people suspicious about us." she looks over at Casey, her anger rising "Are you listening to me or not"

Casey Looks up with a puzzled look on her face "sorry what were you saying; I'm just so swamped with work"

"Jesus Case I am trying to talk to you and all you want to do it work, our relationship is on the rocks and all you care about are the bloody files, I give up. If you want me you know where I'll be." Liv starts to walk out to the door; she's fighting back the emotion bubbling inside her.

"Olivia wait I know things have been tough lately but ........... "Her voice cracks as she takes a deep breath "I can't explain what's going on, because if I tell you the truth I risk losing everything. I can't lose what I have got." A tear starts to roll down her cheek as she walks to the kitchen. She grabs a glass and pours herself a shot of jack. "Sorry Olivia, maybe once I have sorted things in my head then" She sighs "Who know". She grabs her files and head's out of the apartment if you need me then I'll be in the office". She closes the door and leaves.

Olivia goes after her "Casey, you can't just walk out on this, why can't you just talk to me about things, for god sake case just trust in me". Casey leaves the building unable to talk as she is crying.

Olivia sits on the sofa and cries. Her thoughts wonder what's going on, has she got someone else, is this just a game for her, does she actually love me. I was going to propose and now this. Why do all my relationship end like this, it must be me.

She spent the night on the sofa in and out of sleep, thinking crying and just wondering why life could deal her such a rough hand.

Mean while back at DA's office, Casey is showering and getting ready for court. Her mind all over the place wondering has she now lost Olivia is this over anyway because she can't be honest. As Casey is sitting there. Elizabeth Donnelly knocks on her door and walks in. "Casey why in the world did you spend the night in the office, I mean I love your dedication but this is not healthy" She looks concerned.

Casey looks up from her files; her tired eyes say it all. "It's nothing just a bit of trouble in my personal life" she sends a half hearted smile. Her mind wonders back to Olivia, wondering what she is doing now. Connelly sits on the edge of Casey's desk "this doesn't have anything to do with a certain detective Benson does it?" She sends Casey a knowing smile.

Casey just looks away, "no it doesn't" she says with a little anger in her voice. "Look I know its hard being in a relationship with someone at work, especially with someone who is a private person but this situation is not doing you or her any good, take it from someone who knows" she leaves her office, so Casey can think things over.

Back at the precinct Olivia is woken from her daze, as she hears Cragen shout Olivia my office now, she shakes her head and wonders over to his office.

Captain – Olivia says

He hand's her a letter, "this has been hand delivered for you, and also I have heard from the guys that there is some friction between you and ADA Novak, What's going on?"

She takes the letter, and recognizes the handwriting on the envelope as Casey's. She looks at him and smiles, "there is nothing to worry about captain just a little bit of rivalry" she smiles at him and starts to leave his office.

"Don't let it interfere with your job or one of you will have to be transferred alright", his face is concerned but he has a twinkle in his eye.

Olivia left his office and walked straight to the changing rooms. She held the envelope in her hand, fighting the tears and fearing the worst, is this the end of the relationship that's she's wanted and longed for. Her silence is interrupted when Elliot walks in. She looks up "You alright Liv?" His eyes questioning with a hint of concern.

She smiles and shakes her head "yeah I am fine, just give me five minutes and I will be out OK". She takes and deep breath and opens the letter.