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The Nightmare Creature

Chapter One

A feeling

The summer holidays were starting to close to an end they would be back at Hogwarts in two days going into sixth year, just one week. Hermione thought. Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, me and my friends will be back after two months of being together with her friends and staying at the Burrow.

"Just one week" Hermione said in dream like way.

"W...what" said Harry very sleepily.

Then Ron spoke "Why don't we go to the village, down the road". "Yeah" they all said including Ginny.

A few minutes later they were walking down the road towards the village, the sun behind the cloud giving a silver lining, in was about to set. Then from nothing Harry's scar was on fire he hit the ground in pane the voices around him were going fainter and fainter.

Then Harry woke and heard someone screaming, Harry's eyes flicked open. The air full of popping, Ministry wizards appeared. Harry looked up to the sky as Hermione was being pulled up by a creature of some sort; it looked like a vampire or something like that.

He noticed that there were four creatures, the one that hold of Hermione was the biggest of the lot, and the other three were smaller than the one that had hold of Hermione. The ministry wizards raised their wands and all together said "One...two...three... Stupefy!" The vampire what had hold of Hermione let go Hermione shot towards the ground but slowed her down with a charm, she flowed to the ground and landed.

Ginny ran over to Hermione and said "Are you alright?", "I think so" Hermione said. Meanwhile the vampires had swooped down and landed, "Who's that Hermione?" said Ron. "He's name is Count Dracula, and his three brides" said Hermione. "Nice dress" said Ron. "This is not the time joke around Ron!" said Hermione.

Dracula had his eye on Hermione the whole time, Hermione was not making eye contacted. "Harry, Ron and Ginny don't look into their eye's." she continued. "Because?" said harry. "Because they can get into your mind and control you, and trust me it's not nice at all". Hermione still was not looking at the vampires.

The ministry told the vampires to go away, but they didn't move a muscle, they raised their wands once again but then the three women rose up turning into the creatures, but Dracula didn't move and then said "I will find you Hermione, and you will come to me and be mine". Hermione shook her head but, Dracula smiled "I will be waiting for you".

And Dracula rose into the air and turn into the winged creature, the four creatures flying off into the distance.

The ministry wizards disappeared and came over to them, and said "Are you alright Hermione?" Hermione looked scared at what happened and finally said "Yes, I'm ok but a bit shaken".

Mr. Weasley nodded, and they walked back to the burrow. as they walked back to the burrow, all were shocked of what had just happen Hermione seemed to be on the edge of tears, then Ron walk over to her and put his arm around her. They entered the Weasley's garden and saw a few gnomes who ran under bushes, the Weasley had the world's best over grown garden, nooks and crannies ever way.

The door to the kitchen open and Mrs Weasley came out and almost running to see them instead of running to her husband, or her children not even Harry. But put her arms around Hermione as if she was was her own child.

"Ooooohhh...HERMIONE!...Hermione are you alright? Did the vampires hurt you?" she said in a worried tone look at Hermione's pale face. Meanwhile Hermione was looking at Mrs Weasley and nodded, and as if Mrs Weasley was on orders she pulled Hermione in to the on they were joined by members of the order to have dinner.

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